Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Big boy bed

August finally fell out of the crib a week ago when his grandparents were babysitting, but before that he'd barely even tried to get out. And with Jeanie here we need the crib for her, so it was time. But it was a hard decision as he really seemed to not mind being in there and would just wait patiently for us to get him in the morning!
I had found this toddler bed on CraigsList I think even while I was still pregnant with him, so it had been stored at my parent's for a couple years.
It was in pretty rough shape.
Over the summer, the kids and I went up to my parents a couple times and mom and I worked on stripping and sealing it. It was my first time doing a project like that.
That stuff was so corrosive it instantly ate through my little vinyl gloves.
my worker bee mama
It was really time consuming to work that stripper around all the spindles, if even the slightest residue was left- the sealing stain coat would bubble up instantly and mess things up, so it was pretty time consuming.
But it looks so good!
So that was over the summer and we just transferred him the other day after several weeks of talking up the 'big boy bed'.
I assumed like most toddler beds it would just be as simple as swapping out the crib mattress from the crib to here...
But nope, it is apparently some random length and width, so that left us in a predicament.
After a lot of brainstorming, we found a place that sells foam (the foam factory) and Doug went over with our measurements and they cut a piece of foam, and even quickly sewed a outer covering for it, and fits like-a-glove
I was sad that his little crib sheets don't fit anymore because I loved the sweet woodland prints, but oh well. I ordered him some twin sheets because there is nothing that will fit this particular size, and they will just be tucked under until a couple years when he graduates to his 'real big boy bed' of a twin. And that's all the beds and mattresses I plan on buying for him! (unless he somehow gets gigantically tall, but I don't really see that happening)
He has been pretty good about staying in bed. The first night he came in to our room once at 5am, but went back to bed. Mostly we just hear him hopping out of bed to open the door "a little crack" and then running back over.
(there he was the other day while daddy was out buying the foam mattress).
He loves books. I love my boy, it's such a blessing to watch him grow.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Halloween cuties

From one of mama's favorite Disney movies (if not thee favorite), Beauty & the Beast.
I saw the Beast costume on FB marketplace and then had to get Belle's dress on ebay. So adorable.
It was cold and drizzling rain, so Doug and I pulled them around our neighborhood. I love chatting with all the neighbors. It was fun. And August is in a really friendly outgoing stage of life, always asking people their names, he has helped us meet so many new people and started friendships for us :)
I realized poor Jeanie had no mittens, so here she is sporting brother's socks. Her hands were ICE COLD at the end of the night, I felt bad, and we had to do some icy skin-to-skin nursing afterwards, the rest of her was toasty warm, just those cold hands.
My two beauties.
August ate a bunch of candy while we rolled him house to house, "Put the candy in my bucket!" haha, and it's been sitting on top of the refrigerator ever since, well, in a bag, he is loving playing with his pumpkin basket and putting other stuff in it.
Such a fun stage of life.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


My sweet boy is 3.
Wow, that was fast.
Man I love this boy so much. I feel so blessed to be his mama.
I was rocking him in his chair last night before bed, he doesn't sit on my lap anymore, no, "next to mama", but we sing and he kinda lets me snuggle him. I was thinking about his birthday coming up and just how quickly time is going. And I started to tear up and was talking about him growing up and how one day he's not going to live with me anymore, and he said "I don't want mama be sad" and I told him (and mostly told myself) that I am happy he's growing up, that's what he's supposed to do, just that I'll miss him.
Motherhood has been challenging, and I'm sure we have some of the toughest parts ahead. I'm just not in any rush. So many people tell me to treasure every moment and how they can't even remember their kids being young. And I'm trying. I keep my 5-year-journals and have one for each kid now, and I work on a family yearbook for the year, and write about them in this blog because one day I'll want to look back, but for now- I am trying to treasure it.
I'm so thankful for my healthy, happy son. And the lyrics aren't exactly right, but right now I've got this song in my mind as I hold my boy.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Chattenooga, Tennessee

We had a great trip to Chattenooga! I was becoming wary of the long drive with 2 little ones as it got closer, but they did remarkably well for a 10 hour trip.
Doug had planned the whole thing and we followed his itinerary pretty well.
First day was the incline railway
A mile up to the top of Lookout Mountain, the steepest railway in the world.
We came home for naps and later went out to Ruby Falls, which is a waterfall that was found in a cavern.
That was a really cool cave tour.
Rats, I forgot to take a picture of our AirBnB. It was over a hundred years old and had these amazing 10+ foot ceilings, it was on the bottom of Lookout Mt and the drive to the house was really steep and cool. The kids did well, we had packed some toys and they had some books there, every morning Jeanie woke up at 6 or so and Doug got up with her while I slept in, soooo appreciated.
The next day we spent at the Tennessee Aquarium.
We got lunch at this Greek/Mediterranean place downtown and then went to a railroad for a little train ride.
This train ride just went a couple miles out of town and then turned around on a turn table and went back, it was nice though.
My favorite thing we did was a trip to Rock City. A wealthy couple had turned this beautiful bouldered piece of property into a path that you walk down, there was music in spots and, it's hard to describe, but was just beautiful. At the top was an overlook over 7 different states.
After nap we drove across the state line to Georgia. Doug had been to pole climbing school there a decade or so ago and wanted to drive by his old apt, we also went to Canyonland State Park for a little hike to an overlook.
The next day was our last day in Tennessee, we packed up lunch and went on a hike to Sunset Rock and ate our lunch there.
Then we went on our longest hike, on Signal Mountain to Julia Falls overlook. I wore Jeanie in the front carrier and Doug had August in the backpack since it was a challenging hike.
It was a hard hike, but good to get some exercise after several days of eating too much :) the falls were also dry that time of year, but still a great hike.
I accidentally booked our stay one night too short, but it ended up being good because we drove halfway home to avoid a full-day drive on the way home again.
Beautiful sunset in Kentucky.
The next morning I had my first, and sadly only, Chick-fil-A breakfast of the whole trip! Due to an unfortunate GPS discovery that the previously planned Chick-fil-A breakfasts in Chattenooga were both on a college campus (closed for "fall break" (??)) and on a hospital campus which charged us $2 "parking" to just pull in and turn around after deciding we didn't want to try to find it in a hospital.
After that we drove a couple hours and squeezed in a visit to the Ark Encounter.
I'd been wanting to go here ever since I first heard about it, so I'm glad we went. We only spent 3 hours there since we wanted to get back on the road. Definitely could have spent a full day there. There were lots of exhibits and things to read and it was very busy, there was a whole outdoor section too we didn't see at all.
Back on the road and home by bedtime, spent an hour unpacking, clothes in the laundry, and back to real life :) But it was a great trip and I'm glad we were able to go.