Monday, April 16, 2018


I made a quilt for my coming-soon new baby niece!
fabric in grays, yellows, and purples
washed, dried, and cut into strips
sewed all the strips together
backed it with a plain light yellow/cream sheet with the quilting sandwiched between
sewed a purple binding all around the edge and I'm done! Also made a little matching headband from the pretty purple floral fabric.
Mailed it off to my sister-in-law. And here are the big sisters sitting on it waiting for baby sister :)
Project number 2: burp cloths for my friend Kim's new baby girl
cute lamb and arrows fabric, and a towel for the backing
4 burp cloths, easy!
The last project I did stemmed from seeing this super cute irresistible fabric I found when I was looking for fabric for the burp cloths. I was wishing I could make something other than blankets with cute fabric, but all the clothes attempts I'd tried before had always been a little wonky. August was also growing too long for his sleepsacks, so I thought I would give making a bigger one a try
I don't know why, but I love this hot air balloon fabric so much. Got a little more than a yard and a yellow zipper
traced the measurements off a sleepsack that did fit him, and pinned up the edges and pinned the zipper in place. Then sewed it all.
Ta-da! Took a little more than an hour but was less than $10, which is cheaper than new, but not as cheap as getting lucky at the Salvation Army. Although it is getting harder to find as nice stuff as he gets bigger. Anyway, it's a flannel so its a perfect lighter layer for spring/summer, but he's still in the fleece one now.
I was really proud of myself.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Baby's First Haircut

August has been rocking some, what I like to call 'beachy waves' for the second half of his 17 short months, but it was starting to look more like 'baby mullet with some sweet adorable curls only in the very back'. So we got an overpriced baby haircut, and hopefully I can learn to do it myself next time.
my cutie before:
He got to sit in a little spongebob themed room
They gave him this little certificate about being brave for his first haircut and it said something like 'leaving behind his babyhood'. WAAAAAHHHHH!!! He does look so grown up now, sniff sniff. I miss it. He definitely looks older. You can see already it will have some wave, just like daddy's hair, so maybe beachy surfer dude hair is still in his future, we'll see. Hopefully it will grow nicely from here. Another first in the books. This little guy is definitely growing too fast.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, a few days late!
We celebrated Easter the day before by having dinner with Doug's parents. We hid eggs with cheerios and dried berries inside for August. He pretty soon got the hang of it and enjoyed his little treats.
The next day was real Easter and we went to the service at our church. We were a few minutes late and I was annoyed all the Chr/Easters had filled up the main area so we had to sit in the overflow, but then again, our fault for being late, and if you're only going to church twice a year it was a good service to be at, so I'm glad they had good seats. I'm pretty particular about the music for holidays like Easter and Christmas and I tend to want more traditional songs. That's what you get when you're a pipe organ builder's daughter and were raised Lutheran I guess. I'm pretty sure I've talked about it before, but it just doesn't seem like Easter without Lift High the Cross or Jesus Christ is Risen Today. And instead, to my horror, they sang some sort of punk-esque song from a megaphone. But by the end of a moving message and closing it off with a song that of course now I can't remember which one, but it was very tear-inducing at the time, and all over a very good message and Easter morning celebrating the risen Lord!
We headed home and Doug went and took a nap to get rid of a headache, I was on baby lunch-duty, and then made a salad to take to my parent's for Easter dinner. After the boys' naps we headed to my parents' house.
My parents had invited over an elderly man who they said was lonely. And we had a nice dinner together. This guy was interesting, 85 years old and "between wives." He found some lady through online dating "my lady friend" in her 30s and 2 months later they're planning on getting married. Hmmmm. I hope it works out for him! Kinda nervous for him, but he's a stubborn old guy that's for sure.
Doug and I have differing views on these religious holidays. I mentioned next year I wanted to observe Lent and Advent and he said he didn't really want to, "Jesus is alive everyday of the year" and that Lent is just "giving up stuff". But I said it's more the preparing your heart with specific Bible verses and anticipation, to really let the true meanings of Good Friday and Easter sink in. It'd be nice to do together, but I could also do it myself. These days there are so many apps and little devotionals. Last year I had the Advent candles and readings, but we barely ate dinner together that month for work or whatever reasons and never did it at all. Will try again this year!