Thursday, August 9, 2018

Birthday recap & Hocking Hills, Ohio weekend getaway

This year for my birthday I worked 2/3 a day, which was just about perfect. So another girl worked my last 4 hours and I was able to come home and we could go out for dinner. We went downtown to the Mills and I had salmon and sweet potato fries. Well, I probably only had half my salmon because August wanted it all! Man, restaurants make salmon so good. Mine is always dry :(
Walked to the Cupcake Station for dessert, they had 2 minis of my favorite flavor left, the German Chocolate. So good!
We drove by my grandma's old house on the way home, which had been for sale again the last time I drove by. This time there was a man in front, so I made Doug pullover and we talked to him. So many of the old houses on the block have been torn down and turned into these huge lot-filling monstrosities. (But understandable because in a very good city). Anyway, I asked him if he planned to knock it down and he said no. So I was glad. I told him it had been my grandma's house, but I didn't mention I had lived there for 10 years so was special to me too. And how my grandpa built the back section of the house, and they raised 8 kids in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house, and mostly before Grandpa build that back room! Also interesting was the house used to be the back part of the house that is now next door. I wonder if he knows that since I didn't tell him? So I thought maybe if I drive by again I'd tell him some of the history, I think it's pretty cool. Or, I know the address, maybe I'll just send a letter so I don't seem like a stalker!
Put this little guy to bed and ended the evening watching Only the Brave, a movie about those hotshot firefights, so of course it was a tear fest, but a very nice birthday.
The next evening we had birthday dinner at my parents.
With Liz and Mark and boys over for icecream and cake too.
The next day we headed off on our weekend getaway.
We went to Hocking Hills, Ohio. Which once I got there, I'm pretty sure I'd been there with Andrew, but it seemed like a new place.
We stayed at this great little cabin
And spent a little extra for 2 separate sleeping areas so we could put August down early and do our own thing. Which was WONDERFUL! Otherwise it's like everyone has to go to bed at 8pm or he'll see us watching movies or want to be with us. So that was great.
The weekend was a great mix of hiking, coming home to relax midday while August napped, more hiking, dinner out or at the cabin, and relaxing at night in the jacuzzi and watching movies.
Doug was a trooper carrying the baby backpack for mile after mile, and up and down all the stairs. But I think he doesn't quite agree with my thought of, I carried him for 9 months, you can carry him now! Haha. He gets heavy!
I can't hate on his independent spirit, but it's much easier to carry him that walk at a slow baby-pace when he's contantly stopping to pick up rocks and sticks. But he kept saying 'walk! walk!"
* heart melting *
I lost track, but I think we did 5-6 of the major hikes. It was really beautiful, I highly recommend.
And back home again. A great weekend!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Colorado family reunion/ vacation

Yikes I'm behind on blogging! Been busy, and having trouble with our modem/internet.
We went to Colorado to have a family reunion for my mother's side. The last one was when my grandma was alive, and I was in early college, so it's been awhile! We met at the YMCA camp in Estes Park, Colorado and it was gorgeous. It wasn't really structured at all, we tried to eat together, but the YMCA camp had a lot of activities and a bunch of us went out for a hike one day.
(p.s. Frontier is as bad as Spirit Airlines for nickle and diming you on everything, no movie screens, no free bags, no reclining chairs, no refreshments. But we did all sit together and arrive together, so it IS better than Spirit by a hair).
met my new baby niece Isabelle June!
I got to have good conversations with the cousins that went on the hike, but it was just a weekend reunion and I guess I kinda wish it had been a little 'more' structured. I guess one problem was in the Rocky Mts not many people had cell service, and the YMCA camp was huge so if you didn't know where someone was/what they were doing, you pretty much couldn't find out. There was another 'family night' of story telling and stuff, but Doug got to go out first with people while I stayed back to rock a fussy baby to sleep, and when it was my turn to go out, everyone had turned in :( so that was a bummer, some cousins I really didn't get to see at all. But overall, it was a good reunion.
The second half of our trip we went to stay a few nights at my brother's new house. It was fun to see the house they built and of course meet the baby!
Those evenings were filled with glorious family time and it was wonderful.
We got Ellie this hot potato game for Christmas last year, and Joel says it is a favorite among all the adults, lol. So we played. One fun memory was since he was playing one-handed and carrying the baby, we all held an item for our 'handicap' :)
cousin time
chillaxin on the new patio
Playing codenames
The bad part was August came down with a fever, and on the third day of on/off fevers, including up to 103+ we went to the urgent care. The PA didn't seem to concerned and thought just a virus, and to take Motrin. It just lasted one more day and was gone. Luckily he didn't have many symptoms besides not eating much.
They had this amazing park near their house. And another morning we went to the museum.
Do we even have a good museum since the Detroit Science Center shut down??
And fun in the pool.
Next thing you know, we were headed back home.
Good times!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

the changing of a changing station

Once upon a time there was a sweet little diaper changing area where I could lay my little baby and have wipes and a lamp within reach.
Fast forward a year and that baby is now 2 and a half+ feet long and swiping the wipe basket onto the floor and yanking the lamp cord. So then you go several months with things just piled on the floor.
Oh how that bothered me.
So, I finally got things in gear, made a couple floating shelves from some scrap wood and picked up a couple drywall anchors from Lowes and then Doug installed them for me.
Make sure it's level daddy!
Done and done. I like how it looked before a little better, but this look is ok, and more importantly it functions and keeps things off the floor. Go team!