Monday, April 16, 2018


I made a quilt for my coming-soon new baby niece!
fabric in grays, yellows, and purples
washed, dried, and cut into strips
sewed all the strips together
backed it with a plain light yellow/cream sheet with the quilting sandwiched between
sewed a purple binding all around the edge and I'm done! Also made a little matching headband from the pretty purple floral fabric.
Mailed it off to my sister-in-law. And here are the big sisters sitting on it waiting for baby sister :)
Project number 2: burp cloths for my friend Kim's new baby girl
cute lamb and arrows fabric, and a towel for the backing
4 burp cloths, easy!
The last project I did stemmed from seeing this super cute irresistible fabric I found when I was looking for fabric for the burp cloths. I was wishing I could make something other than blankets with cute fabric, but all the clothes attempts I'd tried before had always been a little wonky. August was also growing too long for his sleepsacks, so I thought I would give making a bigger one a try
I don't know why, but I love this hot air balloon fabric so much. Got a little more than a yard and a yellow zipper
traced the measurements off a sleepsack that did fit him, and pinned up the edges and pinned the zipper in place. Then sewed it all.
Ta-da! Took a little more than an hour but was less than $10, which is cheaper than new, but not as cheap as getting lucky at the Salvation Army. Although it is getting harder to find as nice stuff as he gets bigger. Anyway, it's a flannel so its a perfect lighter layer for spring/summer, but he's still in the fleece one now.
I was really proud of myself.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Baby's First Haircut

August has been rocking some, what I like to call 'beachy waves' for the second half of his 17 short months, but it was starting to look more like 'baby mullet with some sweet adorable curls only in the very back'. So we got an overpriced baby haircut, and hopefully I can learn to do it myself next time.
my cutie before:
He got to sit in a little spongebob themed room
They gave him this little certificate about being brave for his first haircut and it said something like 'leaving behind his babyhood'. WAAAAAHHHHH!!! He does look so grown up now, sniff sniff. I miss it. He definitely looks older. You can see already it will have some wave, just like daddy's hair, so maybe beachy surfer dude hair is still in his future, we'll see. Hopefully it will grow nicely from here. Another first in the books. This little guy is definitely growing too fast.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, a few days late!
We celebrated Easter the day before by having dinner with Doug's parents. We hid eggs with cheerios and dried berries inside for August. He pretty soon got the hang of it and enjoyed his little treats.
The next day was real Easter and we went to the service at our church. We were a few minutes late and I was annoyed all the Chr/Easters had filled up the main area so we had to sit in the overflow, but then again, our fault for being late, and if you're only going to church twice a year it was a good service to be at, so I'm glad they had good seats. I'm pretty particular about the music for holidays like Easter and Christmas and I tend to want more traditional songs. That's what you get when you're a pipe organ builder's daughter and were raised Lutheran I guess. I'm pretty sure I've talked about it before, but it just doesn't seem like Easter without Lift High the Cross or Jesus Christ is Risen Today. And instead, to my horror, they sang some sort of punk-esque song from a megaphone. But by the end of a moving message and closing it off with a song that of course now I can't remember which one, but it was very tear-inducing at the time, and all over a very good message and Easter morning celebrating the risen Lord!
We headed home and Doug went and took a nap to get rid of a headache, I was on baby lunch-duty, and then made a salad to take to my parent's for Easter dinner. After the boys' naps we headed to my parents' house.
My parents had invited over an elderly man who they said was lonely. And we had a nice dinner together. This guy was interesting, 85 years old and "between wives." He found some lady through online dating "my lady friend" in her 30s and 2 months later they're planning on getting married. Hmmmm. I hope it works out for him! Kinda nervous for him, but he's a stubborn old guy that's for sure.
Doug and I have differing views on these religious holidays. I mentioned next year I wanted to observe Lent and Advent and he said he didn't really want to, "Jesus is alive everyday of the year" and that Lent is just "giving up stuff". But I said it's more the preparing your heart with specific Bible verses and anticipation, to really let the true meanings of Good Friday and Easter sink in. It'd be nice to do together, but I could also do it myself. These days there are so many apps and little devotionals. Last year I had the Advent candles and readings, but we barely ate dinner together that month for work or whatever reasons and never did it at all. Will try again this year!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Meals and Life Lately

Spending this day of August's nap doing quiz #5 (out of 7), and that's after I already did 9 really hard self-learning packets, and 56 hours of a rotation in the ER and still have to finish my 10 page paper because I stopped doing the ER rotation. Gosh this semester has been a lot of work! And I'm bummed because I'm having trouble importing pictures from my phone onto the laptop for safe keeping. So this post will be minimal pictures.
We survived our week without Doug while he was in China for work. I had several playdate days planned to get us out of the house so I wasn't home alone with a baby all day going crazy. That involved dinner at our neighbors and my first time having corned beef and cabbage for St. Patricks, dropping him off at his grandparents so I could go baby free to Liz's bday dinner, a play date with my friend Megan and two of her boys, a play date with Kim and her son, and a play date with Liz and her boys. It was actually a pretty smooth week. Doug had an iphone from work so we were able to facetime each day too which was nice. And I made a couple very easy meals and we just reheated them and had quick food available.
So, no pictures, but 2 super easy, very tasty new recipes. Sheet pan chicken fajitas and One-pan BBQ chicken that we ate over rice.
Other goings on. We offered and they accepted an offer on another rental property, but too much stuff was wrong at the inspection and they wouldn't come down in price so we are back to the drawing board. Otherwise hadn't really spent too much time together. Doug came back Friday night and I worked Saturday and Sunday. And he's back to work, but last night, both houses we planned to look at both accepted offers over the weekend, so instead, we had a little date night in and watched the new Jumanji.
I was surprised that I liked it, but it was light-hearted and funny. I actually wanted to watch it again today, but alas Doug already took it back to the redbox.
Also while Doug was gone I spent my nights, after August was sleeping, reading on the couch and finished:
Very eye opening and interesting.
Which kept me up until 1am to finish. I really liked it, although I could have done without the steamy sex scene. Honestly, it just wasn't necessary.
I also kept busy and picked up all the sticks in the front and back yard. I had looped my clothesline through August's belt loops and hooked it around a tree so he could be outside but couldn't run away :) and also finished the quilt for my new baby niece!
The only "to-do" while Doug was gone that was a failure was trying to wipe the hard drive on my old laptop so I could recycle it. I spent a long time researching how to do it, burning a program to a USB, downloading another program to turn ISOs into USB, then trying to reconfigure my bios system (whatever that means!!) to open the USB first upon starting and then I guess my laptop was too old to even have that option. Which doesn't make sense since it has USB slots. Anyway. So I guess I'll just spray it with water and throw it away. But it makes me mad because it still works, it's just old. Wasteful.
Tonight I'm making black bean burgers and we are looking forward to Easter weekend, we both have Good Friday and the whole weekend off so I'm thankful.
That reminds me my FB profile picture is from last Easter! So it will be time for an updated one :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Took August to JoAnn Fabrics with me the other day to get fabric for a quilt for my new baby niece. While I was there I saw this super cute woodland print marked down to $3 a yard. So I had to get it. Not that August needs any more blankets! But it's pretty much the only thing I can sew that usually works out well. My pants and outfits always turn out terrible. So he's got a new blanket.
I love those little woodland critters.
It was nice to have an hour to sew today, sitting crafting, listening to my Pandora on Indie, the sounds of my old favorites The Postal Service, Modest Mouse, Coldplay, Pinback, I feel like I'm 20 years old again. I still love all these songs and still know all the words to sing along.
Feeling a little low today with a slight fever, stuffy nose, and tired from staying up watching the Bachelor. Oh the heartache! The Bachelor picked a girl only to a couple weeks later break up with her and try to go get back with the other one. And yes, better a broken engagement than a broken marriage, but ouch, he was so careless with her heart. I know this is tv, but these are people's real lives and emotions! It was sad.
This little dude is walking all over the house and getting into everything. Things are starting to go missing. I found my alarm clock under Doug's nightstand table, and the baby monitor in the diaper bag... We have these earmuffs in his sock bin, he pulled them out and brought them to me, then wore them around the house for a good 15 minutes.
I love that little smile.
He got these little slippers as a new baby hospital gift and they finally fit. Not that he keeps them on at all, but they are cute for the few minutes until he pulls them off :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

August's dedication

We'd pretty much been wanting to dedicate August since he's been born, but were in the throes of church hunting. We have been going to our current church pretty much since he's been 2 months old. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but we like the sermons, worship, we just wish there were more opportunities for connection. Anyway, we decided that we should just go for it. We believe in infant dedication, which is a public declaration that we trust our child to the Lord and are committing to raise him to know the Lord and asking for friends/family/church support and accountability. Our biggest prayer for August is that one day he makes his own decision to accept Jesus as his own Lord and Savior and will choose to be baptized to publicly recognize that commitment.
We chose this verse for him:
But you must honor the Lord. You must always serve him with all your heart. Remember the wonderful things he did for you! 1 Samuel 12:24 International Children’s Bible (ICB)
Our families and friends came to be there with us.
Afterwards everyone came over for my Mexican fiesta meal, and mom's delicious oatmeal cake she made for the occasion. Everything was very tasty and it was nice to have our friends company and support :)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

life lately

I can't remember if I blogged about it or not, but my Grandma died January 3rd. She had dementia the last 4-5 years, so in a way she's been "gone" for awhile, but now she is really gone. She was a wonderful woman who loved God and loved her family so much. Many a prayer and rosary I know she said for me as I lived with them on and off for 10 years as I went to college. Her funeral was beautiful and 36 out of 39 of her grandkids were able to come, and so many more great-grandbabies now, it was nice to see everyone. Including my own brother and sister who were able to make it. There was a brief window even where it was just me, Joel, and Elizabeth with no spouses and no kids, and it was nice to be 'just us' again for a bit.
January was a busy month for us.
Fell in love with this property, but coming to the realization it is very expensive to build, even a smaller house! So sadly this won't be happening for us this year. I even cried about it a little bit, it was a nice daydream.
However, staying in our home with it's affordable mortgage allows me to keep working part-time, and I do appreciate being able to be home this this little guy.
Who learned to walk in January!
peek a boo!
I've been doing an externship in the ER for my last class of my BSN and so August has had some extra babysitting days. This includes being dropped off at a friend's house and being essential boy #4 over there
My friend sent me this picture of her son's arm around August. Awwww!
And August turned 15 months, we had a check in with a growth specialist because he had fallen off the growth chart, and had some abnormal labs, but praise God everything is back within normal limits and the doctor said August is probably "just a late bloomer", that is a-ok!
I'm not very happy at my job lately, still understaffed and cycling through my patients feeling like I just toss their meds at them and run on to the next, no intrapersonal development at all, and I don't like that. So starting to look at some other options, we'll see, not seeing a lot out there.
Otherwise, life is feeling busy with school and everyday life, looking forward to spring and at least being done with school!