Monday, August 19, 2019

dreams crushed

My parents sold their house so I've been working on getting all my stuff out of my old childhood room. These are the times I wish for a basement of my own! I went up on Saturday with the kiddos while Doug was on a guy's jeep trip. It was a nice visit with my parents.
It's so hard to get rid of stuff! I got a 18 gallon tub and told my dad I was going to be ruthless about throwing stuff away. It got pretty much 80% full of just old binders full of pictures and stuff, and there's more I still want to keep. I came home with an armful of prom/bridesmaids dresses that I don't even fit into right now (thanks nursing boobs) but Doug wants me to keep for who knows when. I think a friend will take a bag full of old loved stuffed animals to give them a new home, I feel so bad throwing those into a landfill. I remember being a kid and feeling like I had to tell each one goodnight or I couldn't sleep stressing that one would feel left out!
Anyway, I came across a gum wrapper chain that I made all through high school, each link is from one stick's wrapper. I brought it home and thought, I'm going to submit this to the Guinness Book of World Records, why not, how many other people are making gum wrapper chains? So I make a profile and go to apply and see this guy:
Oh my gosh, this guy spent 50 years making a 16+ MILE long chain wrapper?!?
So yeah, my almost 12 foot chain is not going to beat that record. Dreams crushed.

Monday, August 5, 2019


Another birthday in the books!
Woke up to these little love notes and wildflowers all over the house, so sweet.
My birthday morning was a nice one seeing an old friend and letting our boys play together.
He was all ready to test out his new pool floaty, but it was so cold!
Using their punching muscles
So adorable in her swimsuit.
Ended up mostly playing inside with trains.
Cuties. We had lunch together and were going to go out for icecream, but baby girl started to lose it. So we went home, kids napped, and I got some quiet reading time in.
In the evening we spent time playing outside and chatting with our neighbors. Then my parents, sister and brother-in-law, and bf Liz and husband came over for dinner. They all brought stuff so I didn't have to make food or clean up :) We ate, talked, and had birthday (my favorite oatmeal) cake and icecream and opened presents. It was very nice, and I am thankful for the opportunity to grow older!!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Last week

We've been busy lately.
Jeanie girl turned 3 months a couple weeks back
oh my gosh, these two <3
This guy cracks me up (he wanted his monkey to give him a hug)
We started potty training!
And failed.
He was squatting on the couch telling me, "I not poopin', I not poopin'." Turns out he WAS peeing. Whoops!
Love being with my babies. I have been back to work a couple weeks now, and it is busy. I am busy at work, and I am busy at home. Both places I am struggling to prioritize who needs me the most and managing time effectively! So that kinda stinks I can't really get a 'break' from that. But oh well. Two days a week does seem to be a good amount to work. (Unless it could be one day + health insurance, I'd do that in a second!)
Our biggest adventure this last week was being without power from Saturday to Wednesday.
After it had been 24 hours, closer to 48 we went out and got a generator. (under the tarp because of rain)
This beast was much more $ than it would've been to replace all our food, but 3 months frozen pumped breastmilk = priceless. It was also nice to have lamps and be able to use the toaster, haha. It was crazy how often I would go to switch on a light, over and over and over. It was also kind of nice because everyone was out of their houses walking, riding bikes, talking more with each other, very 'neighborly'. Anyway, power back on and back to normal life- with the lesson to be thankful and to look out for others.
Play date with friends:
This sweet innocent face woke me up every 2 hours all last night.
Such a pretty girl.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Summer family fun

After dinner family walk at this little nature area by our house.
Downtown Detroit morning on 4th of July
Doug's parents came over on Saturday to hang out a bit with both kiddos since they would be babysitting the 2 for the first time on Monday when I went back to work. We had asked them to spend a couple hours and were dreaming of going out to brunch or a matinee movie, but they got here and somehow didn't think they were going to stay more than an hour.... ok... no fun for us. Anyway, no fun for anyone actually. Jeanie was SCREAMING and wouldn't take a bottle or nurse or sleep. Everyone was very worried for Monday, I was even thinking I might have to quit. But, by the end of the day Doug got Jeanie to take a bottle, AND the binky! He says his secret was prayer! I don't doubt it. Anyway, off I went to work yesterday and so worried, Doug called in a couple times to check in, and they reported that Jeanie was "easy". Woohoo! It's already a struggle being away from them, and I'm so blessed that if they're not home with me they're either with Dad or their grandparents, so I was just glad that it was going well. Hoping it stays that way!
Sunday we went over to a friend's for dinner and lake fun. It was our annual time out on the lake, wish it happened more often!
I got to wakeboard (and am still SO sore 2 days later)
Jeannie and Jeanie!
And we had a little family tube
Pictures from our walk to the park today:
freshly picked roadside black raspberries!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Last week of maternity leave

These 12 weeks have flown by. That phrase the days are long but the years are fast is so true. My baby girl is 11.5 weeks, and on Monday I go back to work. I am 'ready' for some adult interaction and being challenged at work, but I know I will miss my babies. I find myself often wishing I could work just 1 day a week, but in all, I feel pretty blessed that I can work 2 (long 13 hr days) but be home 5 out of 7 days a week, that is a blessing.
I was reading this on facebook and it stuck out to me:
A lot of times that's 'all' I feel I do. But it makes me tear up just reading this. (Not that I'm searching for worth), but I matter to my children. So many times a day I hear "mama come play with August", "mama kiss it", "mama help you", "mama read it", and I'm so happy that I am here to do those things. Even thought a lot of our days seem like diapers, making food and cleaning up, household chores, and naps, it feels good to do life with my family. And I'm sad for the end of our 'carefree days' I've had during this maternity leave.
Last night I was sitting in the rocking chair with August during our bedtime routine, already he won't sit on my lap, "I sit next to mama", and I just looked down and see his little legs sticking straight out next to mine, and he hummed along while I sang our bedtime songs. He's growing so fast. It seems like just yesterday he was a little baby. And now my real little baby is already growing so fast too.
She learned how to rollover already
Doug put up another wall on the co-sleeper to keep her safely on her side.
This past week was fun with a playdate at Liz's new house build:
And we will have some family time together and see friends over the 4th, and then back to work.
We try to keep our expenses low so that I possibly can go down to contingent (only work 3 days a month), but I'd lose the health ins. for me and the kids (Doug's is terrible), and that would pretty much eliminate any extra padding in the budget for vacations or extras. Our house is starting to feel a bit tight with 4, but same issue, do I want to make-do with less and be home? Or 'have more' material things and have to work more. Anyway, this is a current conversation that Doug and I have quite often. For the time being, I am trying to be content with what we have, and to be thankful, and make these days matter with my children.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

weekend update

This past weekend was a good one.
On Friday we got to celebrate with my friend Kelly as she married our college friend Ed. She had lost her husband a few years ago suddenly and it has been beyond inspiring to see her steadfast trust in the Lord to get her, and her three children, through such a heart-breaking time. The theme of the wedding was 'faithfulness' and He truly is faithful.
It was fun for us to see lots of our old college friends too, eat delicious food, dance the night away, and celebrate with Kelly and Ed.
The next night was my 20 year high school reunion. Wow, that makes me feel old!
I found myself as I was in high school, but I guess I still am like that today too, waiting for others to approach me instead of reaching out. So, due to that, I didn't get to talk to everyone and left a little disappointed. But I did get to talk to a lot of people and have some nice conversations. Out of a graduating class of 49, about 21 came so not too shabby. Actually several more still live in the area and didn't come, so too bad. It was odd having some classmates with kids in high school and there was us with Jeanie, so I still felt young :)
It is crazy how time flies!