Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Meals and Life Lately

Spending this day of August's nap doing quiz #5 (out of 7), and that's after I already did 9 really hard self-learning packets, and 56 hours of a rotation in the ER and still have to finish my 10 page paper because I stopped doing the ER rotation. Gosh this semester has been a lot of work! And I'm bummed because I'm having trouble importing pictures from my phone onto the laptop for safe keeping. So this post will be minimal pictures.
We survived our week without Doug while he was in China for work. I had several playdate days planned to get us out of the house so I wasn't home alone with a baby all day going crazy. That involved dinner at our neighbors and my first time having corned beef and cabbage for St. Patricks, dropping him off at his grandparents so I could go baby free to Liz's bday dinner, a play date with my friend Megan and two of her boys, a play date with Kim and her son, and a play date with Liz and her boys. It was actually a pretty smooth week. Doug had an iphone from work so we were able to facetime each day too which was nice. And I made a couple very easy meals and we just reheated them and had quick food available.
So, no pictures, but 2 super easy, very tasty new recipes. Sheet pan chicken fajitas and One-pan BBQ chicken that we ate over rice.
Other goings on. We offered and they accepted an offer on another rental property, but too much stuff was wrong at the inspection and they wouldn't come down in price so we are back to the drawing board. Otherwise hadn't really spent too much time together. Doug came back Friday night and I worked Saturday and Sunday. And he's back to work, but last night, both houses we planned to look at both accepted offers over the weekend, so instead, we had a little date night in and watched the new Jumanji.
I was surprised that I liked it, but it was light-hearted and funny. I actually wanted to watch it again today, but alas Doug already took it back to the redbox.
Also while Doug was gone I spent my nights, after August was sleeping, reading on the couch and finished:
Very eye opening and interesting.
Which kept me up until 1am to finish. I really liked it, although I could have done without the steamy sex scene. Honestly, it just wasn't necessary.
I also kept busy and picked up all the sticks in the front and back yard. I had looped my clothesline through August's belt loops and hooked it around a tree so he could be outside but couldn't run away :) and also finished the quilt for my new baby niece!
The only "to-do" while Doug was gone that was a failure was trying to wipe the hard drive on my old laptop so I could recycle it. I spent a long time researching how to do it, burning a program to a USB, downloading another program to turn ISOs into USB, then trying to reconfigure my bios system (whatever that means!!) to open the USB first upon starting and then I guess my laptop was too old to even have that option. Which doesn't make sense since it has USB slots. Anyway. So I guess I'll just spray it with water and throw it away. But it makes me mad because it still works, it's just old. Wasteful.
Tonight I'm making black bean burgers and we are looking forward to Easter weekend, we both have Good Friday and the whole weekend off so I'm thankful.
That reminds me my FB profile picture is from last Easter! So it will be time for an updated one :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Took August to JoAnn Fabrics with me the other day to get fabric for a quilt for my new baby niece. While I was there I saw this super cute woodland print marked down to $3 a yard. So I had to get it. Not that August needs any more blankets! But it's pretty much the only thing I can sew that usually works out well. My pants and outfits always turn out terrible. So he's got a new blanket.
I love those little woodland critters.
It was nice to have an hour to sew today, sitting crafting, listening to my Pandora on Indie, the sounds of my old favorites The Postal Service, Modest Mouse, Coldplay, Pinback, I feel like I'm 20 years old again. I still love all these songs and still know all the words to sing along.
Feeling a little low today with a slight fever, stuffy nose, and tired from staying up watching the Bachelor. Oh the heartache! The Bachelor picked a girl only to a couple weeks later break up with her and try to go get back with the other one. And yes, better a broken engagement than a broken marriage, but ouch, he was so careless with her heart. I know this is tv, but these are people's real lives and emotions! It was sad.
This little dude is walking all over the house and getting into everything. Things are starting to go missing. I found my alarm clock under Doug's nightstand table, and the baby monitor in the diaper bag... We have these earmuffs in his sock bin, he pulled them out and brought them to me, then wore them around the house for a good 15 minutes.
I love that little smile.
He got these little slippers as a new baby hospital gift and they finally fit. Not that he keeps them on at all, but they are cute for the few minutes until he pulls them off :)