Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Life lately

So into this tiny house show. Could I do it? Probably not. But I like watching it.
Loved this movie, totally recommend.
Frivolous fun.
A good read so far.
This instant pot shawarma recipe. It was pretty spicy, but tasty!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

week on my own

I survived my first week at home alone with 2 kids!!
Doug worked out a pretty neat schedule with his work for after baby. He was home the first week all the time, then the next week he worked from home 6-8am, again at nap, and an hour in the evenings, the third week he went in to work one day and did the work from home the other days, then the fourth week he worked 2 days and from home the other days - so it was a very slow transition. I think it was helpful, although maybe it would've also been better to be 'thrown into the fire' because I did have a lot of anxiety in those days before he went back to real work. But anyway, we have a week or so under our belt so I'm feeling more confident.
It also helped to have had a couple friend play dates with another mom friend who is on maternity leave and with Liz and her kids.
So I've made it out of the house to playdates, but nothing too hard like being somewhere at a specific time or to a grocery store or anything with two. I feel a lot more anxious about it, which I hate feeling like that, but it is what it is. Jeanie is a carseat-crier, she just doesn't like it. And August, is mostly well-behaved, but also 2. It also is logistically hard getting out of the house. Physically it's hard to get the car doors open in the garage to get the carseat in if the other car is parked, and I can't both carry Jeanie in her carseat and hold August's hand while going down the steps into the garage (while also carrying diaper bag, purse, and anything else I always seem to have). So we've started doing one kid at a time, which I also don't like. Anyway, I don't know how twin moms, or moms of more than 2 do it!??
I know it seems like I'm complaining a lot. It has been a big adjustment for me one to two. Missing sleep, sitting around in pjs all day until they finally both miraculously sleep at the same time for 1/2 hour so I can try to squeeze in an exercise video and/or shower. I feel guilty also just 'passing time' till naptime for a little free time. I'm hoping it will get easier.
She was laying like this with her arms up for a good 10 minutes
1 month already!!
play date girl-time
outside watching brother
he can't get enough of this car
Mother's day brunch :)
sweet baby
She's like "you sure you got me?!"
play date this morning at a play place.

Monday, May 13, 2019

monthly recap

What a month! Baby girl is one month today already, and it has been busy. Some of the big things:
First bath!
First Easter!
This little hat I got in Peru back in 2009, and just saved away for a little wanted baby someday.
I'm pretty sure this was his first ice-cream cone all to himself!
Big brother turned 2.5, so fast!!!
Her little onesie was the one we bought for the gender reveal for ourselves, when we found out she was a girl <3
Like big brother, she also has a heart murmur. Had to go to a cardiologist to get an EKG and 2D echo, thankfully all normal findings. Praise God!
I made this sunbonnet for my neighbor's little girl and she gave it back to me :)
Baby Jeanie meets her namesake, my college friend Jeannie.
August's room got a little updating, I bought and framed this super sweet Etsy print about treasuring your children. Makes me tear up. And we hung his banner of him from birth to 11 months.
I love his room, we are still planning on the kids sharing several months from now, but he still has his own for now.
My matching jammies photo shoot didn't turn out as I planned, and both kids are almost too big for them!
My cousin got married last weekend, a couple family shots:
4 generations! Spanning 1 month to 98 years old!
our family (minus my siblings)
Big brother playing in her swing.
Ok, got to go, kids needing attention :)