Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Speaking of 2...

It's about time this new little one got a proper introduction!
I am 18 weeks today and expecting this little one in April 2019.
Doug and I had wanted another child, I was actually hoping to get pregnant around August's first birthday. However, I didn't even get my period back until he was almost 16 months. About 4 months into trying we had a 'chemical pregnancy' which is where you get a positive pregnancy test and go around for a few days excitedly thinking you're pregnant- only to get your period and be crushed. That was pretty sad. I had a bit of a clue something was wrong when the pregnancy strips weren't getting darker, but you still hope. A couple months later I was looking at this pregnancy app on my phone and thinking I could take a test in a day or so when I realized that my cycles were around 27-28 days and I was already on day 28 so I just took one, and the rest, as they say, is history!
Daddy came home and was greeted by August in this cute little announcement shirt. (ok I totally did not realize when Toys 'R Us went out of business it was taking Babies 'R Us with it!! Noooo! Babies 'R Us was the best, and now all I'm left with is super rip off Buy Buy Baby, bummer)
I tried to keep it pretty quiet in the beginning in case little one wouldn't stick around. It wasn't so easy later because right at 6 weeks I started getting sick. In fact I was at book club and hadn't planned on telling my girlfriends quite yet, but had to because I was sitting there with a throw up bucket on my lap. They were all excited.
Yeah so this time around I felt pretty bad. I'd only had one day of nausea with August and I remember just sitting perfectly still on the couch. With this one I almost always had a before or after breakfast puke and often another 2-3 during the day. And it's not fun being sick when you have a busy little one. I remember August one day screaming "milk!!!" and banging his empty cup while 1 foot away I was puking into my bucket. Mom even came down a day and played with him while I laid on the couch all day intermittently puking. THANKFULLY that petered out right at 12 weeks. And also thankfully I never got sick at work, always at home! I don't know why that was. Maybe too busy? I often did get a 7-Up though from the fridge and started drinking that as soon as I was feeling off, so that maybe helped too. But I do feel like poor August had a lame summer as his mother was mostly laying on the couch all of it :(
Like last time we had the genetic study done since I am older and wanted to be prepared if baby was going to have any special needs. I handled it really hard this time. I was just a bundle of nerves. I was sitting on the couch one day and the phone rang with the results. Her voice sounded like someone with bad news. But she told me the baby was fine. I mentioned the bad news voice to her and she just said she was tired (keep it together lady - people are depending on you for their news!!!). As soon as I hung up I just burst into sobbing tears. I called Doug. And I was telling him the baby was fine, but since I was crying so much he thought I was saying something was wrong with it's spine. Eventually he had me spell out f-i-n-e and then was wondering why I was crying. And I just felt such guilt. I had been hoping and praying and worrying that the baby would be ok, and I think that was coming from a place of not wanting a child who wouldn't be 'normal' and I just felt such horrible guilt. And the grace of a good and perfect gift from God when I don't deserve anything good, and also the knowledge that there is nothing wrong with what God makes. Every baby is fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. So it was just a very overwhelming feeling. We talked for a little while, and I cried, and journaled and prayed for awhile, but this has been a hard thing for me.
One perk of the genetic test is getting to know the gender early. So we had the lady leave the gender on a voicemail and then went to Meijer and picked out two outfits. Then we had the cashier listen to the voicemail and ring up the corresponding outfit while we turned around. Then we went out to dinner and opened it together.
and ta-da!!
Honestly I wasn't too surprised since I'd been feeling so different, but it was still a fun surprise.
So yeah, the story of the second child is indeed true, time is just passing by. But I do look at my little pregnancy app and I see that today she is the size of a sweet potato, and I like reading about her development :) I've bought a couple girl things and her baby book.
I'm feeling mostly better, a little short of breath already at times. I'm fighting the maternity pants, last time I didn't need them till 20 weeks, but at the end of the day I either have my button undone or I'm in sweats anyway, so might as well embrace the stretchy panel!! With all the puking I lost 8 pounds in the first trimester, and almost back to my starting weight now. But you can definitely see a bump from the side, and the end of the day bump is like twice the size of the beginning of the day bump for some reason!
We don't agree on girls names, but still have 4 months to go. And we are planning on having the kids share a room (after she's been in our room for several months during the worst of the night wake ups/nursing months) (NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THOSE). So that will be nice to keep a room free for our use, but is also a source of stress thinking about the kids sharing a closet/dresser/hoping they don't wake each other up. August is sleeping through the night so awesome and I'm scared to ruin it.
So yeah, besides not looking forward to losing sleep, and being super scared of taking two kids out in public, and of course the general terror of the transition from 1 to 2, I am excited. I can't imagine loving this one as much as I love August. And this is from a person that always wanted a girl! I just love my boy so much and I've had 2 years of loving him already! But everyone says you love them all, so we'll see. I'm sure I'll be surprised.
I feel very blessed indeed.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy Halloween

Last night we took out August for his first time trick-or-treating!
He didn't say it, but he was happy to grab the candy out of people's hands, or bowl, and stuff it into his pumpkin. And he always said 'thank you' :)
I don't think he really even knows what he was grabbing. His pumpkin has sat all day on the chair here and he hasn't once reached for it or tried to open any of the candy. Meanwhile... mom and dad have been eating some!
The look of determination as he walked to the house
He was the cutest little Ewok in town.
Doug wanted to spring for the Disney brand costume and I'm actually glad we did, it looked so good, seriously the fur was like realistically rippling in the breeze as he walked. Next year though we'll probably just get something from the Salvation Army!
The trick-or-treating in our neighborhood is from 6-8 so the first hour we went out with him, and the second hour we planned to pass out candy, but then we only got 2 visitors! So not only do we have his candy, but also most of the bowl that we bought to hand out! Haha. But it was nice to walk through our neighborhood and even introduce ourselves to some of our neighbors, we have such kind people in our area.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


(happy birthday dancing arms)
And just like that, my baby is two. It doesn't seem like 'just yesterday' that he was born, but I can say it does feel like he just turned one. This last year flew by!
This boy is talking, running, climbing, jumping, and making us smile, laugh (and sometimes yell) all day long. He loves his pet doggy, calls Doug "Doug", sleeps through the night almost all the time except when binky falls out, he's curious, smart, loves to sing and be teased, and is a joy. We are so blessed to be his parents.
Thank you Lord for my precious boy and these two wonderful, challenging years, we ask for many many more!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Nova Scotia

We just returned from our family trip to Nova Scotia, Canada. I had been there as a child and all I remember was laying in a room watching curtains flutter in the breeze and listening to sea gulls, and that memory alone made me want to go back. So we did! Originally we had wanted to combine it with a Maine/Acadia National Park trip, but we only had 9 days vacation and that just isn't enough time. So we flew to Halifax, Nova Scotia, rented a car, and spent 8 days driving around the country.
We mostly stayed at bed and breakfasts to get in one meal a day and for a more "homey" feel.
I loved this brick oven surround, future kitchen idea!
The first night we didn't do much, tried to go out to eat but August screamed and tantrumed us out into a take-out dinner. He only napped the last 15 minutes on the plane and he had just had enough.
The next day we started our drive up into the Cape Breton area, we went on a chairlift ride (also a screamfest) and then at the top enjoyed the leaves, Doug bobbed for an apple for August, and there was a ceilidh (folk music) at the top, and then you hiked down. It was pretty.
That night if I recall correctly, August was also pretty bad as he had again not had a very good nap despite a long car ride. Doug was getting pretty frustrated and swearing off all future family trips :(
The next day we drove around the other side of Cape Breton, we visited a goat farm where they made goat soap, stuffed ourselves at a delicious cafe and tried in vain to find a place open for a whale tour. I was really looking forward to that, but all the places said it was either too windy or the whales had already gone south for the winter. It was also a rainy on and off day so we did a little running into little shops along the way, but mostly a driving day.
This side of Cape Breton was the most beautiful with yellow, orange, and red leaves everywhere. So pretty.
Our next bed and breakfast was in the mostly French speaking area of Cheticamp. The B & B owner there was a grandma and she had a bin of toys in the room for August to play with. It was awesome. So mom and dad got to relax and watch HGTV while he played on the floor with blocks and this cool French singing lion toy.
The next morning after breakfast we backtracked a tad to go back to hike the Skyline Trail. It was 5 miles and cold, but beautiful. We were hoping to see a moose but no such luck. August did pretty good in the backpack and then walked the last 1/4 mile.
Then we drove on to Pictou to spend the night before our ferry to Prince Edward Island.
Pretty little room. We got some bad news when we got there that all the ferries for the next day were cancelled due to 90km per hour winds. But then we heard the bridge from New Brunswick was still open, so it meant more driving, but we could still go. After a good night's sleep and the best breakfast at that point at the B & Bs, a super tasty egg/potato/veggie burrito, fresh fruit, and fresh baked banana berry muffins, we got on the road.
We had planned to take the ferry to PEI and the bridge back, but we obviously had to take the bridge both ways. It ended up being really no big deal and even possibly saved me some ferry-nausea??
Spent the afternoon at the Anne of Green Gables Heritage site.
The house that inspired the home of Matthew & Marilla
They were doing some construction at the site and only one of the walks was open. The "haunted wood" walk was closed, but the "lover's lane" was open, and beautiful.
Otherwise Prince Edward Island turned out to be a bit of a let down. It was gorgeous on the walk, but the rest of the island just seemed more brown, and so much was closed for the season already. It'd probably be more fair to judge it in the summertime, but I was ready to go back to Nova Scotia.
Well first we stayed at our next B & B on PEI. August loved seeing the barn cats and sheep outside and we caught the sunset in the downtown area off the boardwalk.
Our cheapest B & B of the whole trip, and we even had two little separate bedrooms!
Saying goodbye to the sheep in the morning, and back on the road
August is doing this thing where when it's time to say goodbye to whatever (a person, place, animal, even his beloved binky) he waves and says "Goodbye! See ya!" And I have to say it is just ADORABLE. It's also really nice because instead of throwing a tantrum he seems to just say 'see ya' and move on with life. So I really appreciate that.
This was another day of long driving as we had to go from PEI, through New Brunswick (where we met an amazingly nice chatty lady as we stopped for lunch) and then down the side of the Bay of Fundy back into Nova Scotia. Poor Doug had an episode of being scared to run out of gas and driving through miles of nothing, with of course no cell service, as August and I blissfully napped unawares.
But we did make it. Our next B & B was this old house with these gorgeous floors.
We drove over to the water to see the famous high/low tides of the Bay of Fundy. It wasn't that dramatic for us since we were only there a short bit, but it was beautiful.
We went out for dinner after that, put August to bed, and came down to relax with tea. We ended up spending nearly 2 hours chatting with the B & B hosts who were Christians, and just genuinely nice people.
The next day we planned to spend at Peggy's Cove. Good thing the tie-for-best-breakfast (?) B & B owner told us to go via a city called Lunenburg because turns out Peggy's Cove has nearly nothing else in the area, and that city was filled with little cute shops and things to see.
I had this amazing carrot, sweet potato, ginger soup and when we came home found a recipe that ended up being pretty similar.
Doug enjoyed this donut with hockey players on it. Lol. And then we went to Peggy's Cove. It was crazy windy and hail was pelting us in the face. Poor August was crying so we mostly saw the lighthouse from the gift shop!
Our motel with an ocean view!
View from our fancy restaurant dinner
Cuddling with mama. August was behaving a lot better after the first couple days, so the trip had come around I'd say.
Our last day we explored Halifax
Walked along the longest boardwalk in the world.
My mom had given me the phone # for the couple that we had stayed with probably 25 years ago, that inspired my return to Nova Scotia. We called them in the morning and they invited us for a visit. They no longer lived in that home I remembered, but we came to their new condo and chatted an hour or two. These two are 90 and 91 and I tell you I could not have been more amazed at what great shape they were in and minds as sharp as tacks. What a blessing!
August loved sitting next to her and of course loved being given a cookie :)
Before we headed to our airport hotel they had recommended an area called the Eastern Passage so we checked it out.
Little shops and we went out for dinner.
Last night at the airport hotel, didn't sleep very well, and up early for our flight. Changed planes in Montreal where they confiscated our apples and orange, lunch layover, and then back home!
Great trip and so blessed to be able to explore our beautiful world.