Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Friday was my last day at work, tear. It was suuuper busy and I felt bad leaving a bunch of loose ends for the new girl. But I tried my best! My boss got us that Shish-Ka-Bob place I like for lunch even though I told him not to, he surprised me with it. It was so tasty. Then after work the office girls went out for chips, salsa and drinks.
I got some coconut cocktail: rum, coconut cream, lime and ginger. Too much rum, need more lime! But it was fun to hang out with the girls.
Friday night me, Jill and 2 of her friends went down to Oktoberfest, sat in the beer tent, got some beer.
Jill's friend putting his booty in my 'ombre' beer picture
But we didn't stay long, we came back to the condo and Jill made popcorn and we played Smart Ass. It was fun.
Saturday I got my oil changed.
It's a good thing I was out there talking to oil-change guy because look what I saw
Wah wahhhhh
So he fixed it for me, and I took this creeper picture, haha
It's ridiculous how excited I was to see him again, but then totally failed at flirting. It's probably just as well though, God has one rule about dating and it's don't be unequally yoked, so no real getting around that one. But I did like him. And it made me sad when he told me he HAD called me when I was in Guatemala, I just never knew because my phone was off and it only tells me if they left a voicemail. Anyway, he high 5'd me and that was that. Big sigh.
Jill says maybe I get excited about him because I know he's not a real option, and the guys that potentially would make good husbands make me nervous. I don't know. Or maybe I just don't like those guys. Who knows.
After that I went to The Healing Garden with Jill. A woman has these beautiful gardens and a few times a year she opens them up to the public and has Bible verses and you wander around and read the verses. There are places to sit and rest and journal and read your Bible. It was really nice. And such a beautiful day. Much journaling was done about boys, and my future, and asking God what He has for me in every area of my life.
Later at home Becks and I enjoyed some more fresh air and watched the world go by
I also finally installed the deer whistles on my car
what the heck scissors?!?!
Saturday night I did homework and Jill's friend came over. More popcorn was eaten, more Smart Ass was played. Fun.
Sunday, church. Then I went up to my parents for lunch. Good talks with Mom & Dad. Dad told me that I need to quit comparing everyone to Andrew. He says this perfect version of Andrew that is still in my head somehow is a fictitious version that does not exist, and probably never did. I know, I know, I just don't know how!! It was good talking to them though, I really value their opinions and guidance. This was a big popcorn weekend because we had popcorn as well (mom and I made kettle corn, mmmm) and we played Trivia Pursuit. Fun times.
And fall is on it's way!
Tomorrow I go to "on-boarding" for my new job and I start on Wednesday! Yikes!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I never learn

Ok I have GOT to stop making dinner on night-before-exam-study-nights. I already got home late yesterday from work due to traffic lights being out. It turns into a 4-way stop people, not hard! And by the time I let the dog out to pee, made dinner, ate and cleaned up, let the dog out to poop, it was 8pm.
I always think it’s going to be something I can just whip up, or stick it in the oven while I do other things, but it never is. Always when it’s in the oven, I have to use that baking time to chop something else or clean up the first part of the dishes. Sigh.
So anyway, I hope today’s exam will go well! I kept dozing off when I was going through my notes :/
My nursing school friend posted this on facebook, not that I was looking on there when I should have been studying...
If only it were that easy! Lol

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Time for another one of these already!
Friday my boss took me out to lunch and then bought me these
Wooo! That movie is so cute.
Friday night I went to a fundraiser for some people at church who are raising money to build an orphanage in India. It was ok. I actually felt really lonely and went home after and had a good cry. I haven't had one in awhile - but I'd had a real bad missing Andrew day. I felt somewhat better saturday morning when I got up, but I mean, it is what it is.
Saturday went for a run and then hung out with these ladies.
The prayer group girls reunited in the same state again at last! We met at the condo, talked, and then went downtown for icecream and a walk. It was nice.
Jill and I were excited for the fall edition of pumpkin icecream, and made our creations
I made these pb/choc chip cookies later to take to my friend's birthday bonfire that night. That was fun. We ate good food and talked and sat around the campfire. Then our friends had brought those lantern things and we went into the park to light them. Mine totally failed, but it was funny because there was a rip in the tissue paper and my friend Tom quickly chewed some gum to repair the tear- but it was both too heavy, and by that time the light burned out, fail! But we had a good laugh. A cop came over thinking we were hoodlums up to no good, but I think he quickly saw we were adults and then didn't even care and was joking around with us. That was cool.
Sunday was church and I went out on a date. It was very casual, low-key. I had a good time and this guy was really nice and was really attentive to what I was saying. We had a few jokes. But I'm having a hard time figuring out how I feel about any of it. I just don't know what my problem is. I feel like I either want to date the guys that completely don't even like me, or the ones that are no good, like that 23 year old guy. I see Stan tomorrow, maybe it will be good to see what he says. And maybe Jill's right, maybe I'm not ready to date at all. Most times I feel ready, I just don't feel all that excited about it, wah wahhh.
Sunday night went over to a friend's for yummy pulled chicken sandwiches and a bday get together. And we Totally Redeemed Ourselves with the lanterns! Then watched Pitch Perfect. Good times.
And I feel real bad about this:
Oh my gosh, isn't that the saddest thing you ever saw??
My co-worker Cristy got me this plant on Monday as a 'congratulations you got a new job' and because she knew I wanted dill for this potato salad I love. Anyway, I can't even keep a plant alive!! :( I transplanted it into a bigger pot and it was living in the hallway. Key word, 'was' living. Jill looked it up and it said it likes full sun and doesn't like to be transplanted. Noooo! How does it even know?? Why can't it just appreciate its bigger pot?? So I feel bad about that, and don't want to tell Cristy!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Recent Foods

Another day, another time blow drying my hair at work
Slept in a bit this morning, I was having a random dream about Andrew. I've been thinking about him so much less. During the divorce I thought about him like 99% of everyday, and now most of the day goes by before I think 'huh, I haven't thought about Andrew today at all', until just then when I think about him to realize I hadn't thought about him yet. But I still miss him, the good parts anyway. It's been over a year now since I last talked to him. It always strikes me as crazy how he so easily erased me from his mind/life. I'm jealous.
Recent eats
This may look unidentifiable and/or disgusting, but when blended, it is the most delicious drink ever. Oh my gosh I love this thing. Overnight you soak oatmeal and chia seeds in almond milk. Then add pumpkin, a frozen banana, spices, molasses, and I add a scoop of protein powder. So good.
The other thing I made this week was Chicken Enchilada Pasta. Yum.
Simmering in the pan
With a side of mom's garden green beanies.
I really need to find recipes that make a lot of stuff but are still cheap. That pasta makes probably 6-7 servings, but once you tally up all the ingredients it costs like $16. And I made a big pot of chili and same story, like $14 for all the ingredients, but it made about 8 servings. It's almost cheaper just to go to Wendy's. And their chili is better than mine!
Today my boss is taking me to his favorite Mexican restaurant for the laaaast time, and then next week will be my last week as a paralegal. Tear. Then on to the next life chapter as a nurse tech!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Yesterday I went for my pre-employment physical and I failed the respiratory fit test :(
Apparently they "fit" you for a mask to use when a patient comes in with TB since it is an airborne droplet transmission disease. So the nurse put this hood over my head like a hazmat person, and then had this diffuser that she put a chemical on and then she squeezed it and I was supposed to stick my tongue out and breathe and tell her when I could taste/smell it. She said that it tastes bitter and she can always tell when it gets to them because they make a puckery face. So she's squeezing and squeezing and I'm sitting there waiting and waiting.
Then she takes off my hood and asks me if I like spicy food, and I say 'yes' (and in my head I'm thinking how I want to answer like "no---- I LOVE it"). And she says that most people only need like 5 squeezes and I had gotten like 40. So it wouldn't work on me and I failed. I was surprised because don't most people like spicy foods?? She told me almost all Indians fail the test too, lol.
All it really means is that IF we ever get a TB patient (they are rare), I can't just wear the cute little mask everyone else will be wearing- I'll have to wear a huge spacesuit helmet thing with my own air tank. I can just imagine it now me bumbling around doing darth vader impressions :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cider Mill

Another weekend come and gone much too quickly.
Friday night I watched this 9/11: the falling man documentary, free on hulu, about the people who jumped from the world trade centers vs burn to death. Oh my gosh, so sad, I was crying. I don't know what I would have done in such a terrible moment I can't even imagine. Some families were angry and said their loved one would have 'never jumped', as if they chose to die that day, so unfair. I liked how one documentary guy worded it as instead of struggling to breathe thru the flames and smoke- he imagined they breathed deeply and stared at a perfect blue sky.
Saturday mom and dad stopped over for a quick visit. I miss them. Never get to see them enough. As usual, mom dropped off an armful of fresh garden produce. Green beanies, beets, carrots, a butternut squash and tomatoes. Yum. Thanks mom for keeping my grocery bills down!
Later my friend Cristy and her dog Nelly came over. We took the dogs for a walk, and then went to the cider mill and got cider and doughnuts. SO GOOD.
I thought it was hilarious Cristy came over and we were wearing rivalry shirts!
Becks stole the show on the walk
She went home, I did some homework and then got a text from an old church friend inviting me out to fireworks. I have been making more of an effort, and especially the last couple years of being alone, to say 'yes' to the things people invite me to. I do like being with people, but it is sometimes hard for me, especially new people, so I have to force myself to sometimes. But I really felt like I was back. So I called Cristy back up, and she came with me. It was fun. I don't even remember Sunday, I'm going to guess it was church and homework, sounds about right!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Busy week

It feels like it's been such a long week. But a good one.
Monday night friends came over for dinner, then took me out for froyo, that was nice! (then I studied) Tuesday I hung out with Liz who made me dinner and we caught up on Dexter. (then I studied)
Wednesday I spent like an hour cooking dinner, when really I should have been using every second to study for my Thursday exam. I do like cooking, don't get me wrong, but I really need to find some quick and easy stuff. Especially for days like that. What was I thinking?? Yesterday I took my exam, it went ok, and then went over to my co-worker friend Cristy's house and she made me dinner, yummy turkey tacos, and then we watched Now You See Me and drank mango muscato, it was a fun night.
This weekend I am looking forward to relaxing, working on a craft, hanging out again with Cristy and a friend from school and going walking and to the cider mill, and finishing up this book:
I got this book last Christmas and had it on the shelf forever waiting until the year anniversary passed until I would consider dating again. I started reading it this summer and am close to being done. It's pretty good, and I really want to be doing everything I can do to make healthy choices as I start dating again. We'll see, I think I've made good choices so far.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Free Day

This morning as I was getting ready to go to clinical I turned my phone on and had about 5 messages telling me our instructor was sick and we don't have to come in today. Yay!
The heater noise is back already, and that combined with trying to get to bed earlier last night, worrying about not waking up in the morning, and 'busy brain' kept me awake long into the night and I would have been a huge grump anyway.
So now I am at the computer, with a little Pomeranian on my lap researching clocks for deaf people. They have an alarm clock called 'the sonic boom' which I'm not sure I want. And they have ones that put a little vibrating thing under your mattress and shake your bed awake. But might be a good idea, then I can sleep blissfully unaware of all these noises with my ear plugs in, and still not worry about sleeping thru my alarm, and missing school/work/etc.
In other news, I got a new job!!! My friend from church literally created a job, asked the hospital to approve the position, and recommended me for it. WOW. So next month I will start in the hospital as a nurse tech. I got the official call this morning and am very excited. It will be great experience and really be a great foot in the door for when I graduate. I am a bit sad thinking about leaving my paralegal job. I actually like what I do, and am good at it. And I love my co-worker Cristy. I will really miss hanging out in her office everyday and talking to her so much. I hope there will be some nice people at my new job!
This weekend was a good one. Hung out on Friday night with my friend Liz. Saturday I had an awful migraine for a good part of the day, so random, but it had cleared up by the time a few friends came over for game night. We played Mad Gab and Smart Ass and ate this White Pizza Dip I made. Sunday I helped out with my church baptisms, I really didn't do much, but it felt good to be a part of a church where Jesus is moving and bringing people to Himself. Like 10+ people made decisions during the service to believe and be baptized. Awesome.
After church I made corn chowder with donut croutons. I just found the chowder recipe online, and toasted donuts Liz gave me from the cider mill. I wish my soup was a little thicker, the recipe called for 2 potatoes, but I didn't have any and used butternut squash chunks which didn't really break down like I had imagined. But it was tasty, quite tasty in fact with the donut croutons :)
Mmmmmm... fall food!

Friday, September 6, 2013

food and thoughts

I'd say the best thing about my dating experience last month was finding this new recipe that is AWESOME. He took me to this restaurant named Granite City, and I got Asian Chicken Salad and it was wonderful. I tried to recreate it last week based on this recipe I found online, it was pretty close, and super good.
First I marinated the chicken in pineapple juice, soy sauce, a bit of olive oil, and minced garlic. Then I made the salad base of shredded cabbage, romaine, cucumber, orange peppers, tomato, cilantro and carrot.
I bought this sauce because I didn't want to mess with all their ingredients in the recipe, and I stirred in some peanut butter
I made the lime and sesame dressing (altho I think I used plain oil) and I added some fresh ginger
I pan-fried the chicken its marinade
and then chopped it real thin like the restaurant did
Plopped it on the salad, and topped with the dressings. At the place they had the greens in the first dressing and the brown sauce swirled on top, but mine was too chunky with the pb, so I ended up just combining the 2 sauces and putting it on.
Oh my gosh, so good. Theirs was prettier and better, but mine was tasty too. I invited my friend Liz over to help eat some. And I got to make something good for her for once!
So this morning my mom called me and said she thinks she understands what he was talking about with the 'cynical' bit, at least with my humor: when we went up north last weekend mom and I were walking in to the rest area and I see a poster advertizing Flint as a tourist destination. (and all my MI peeps are like, whaaa??) So I make a comment to mom like, "Flint!?! Yeah, if they want to see gangs and America's fattest city" and she laughed for a split-second before giving me an elbow jab and telling me to be nice. So this morning she called and reminded me of that and said she thinks that could have been what he meant. And I told my mom that I thought it was funny, but it was also true.
I even found these facts this morning
2013: Flint was named the "most dangerous city in America" by Business Insider in June 2013, based on FBI statistics.
Here's a list of the 10 most obese metro areas, with those ranking highest having the greatest obesity rates.
3) Flint, Mich.: 33.9%
So yeah, I do appreciate my mom encouraging me to be nicer, and I think I only quietly said my joke to her, but anyway, to each his own I guess.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Vacay

This weekend I went up north with my parents to visit my grandparents and other family. It was a great weekend. Their city was putting on a Christian music festival with free concerts, testimonies, etc. I went out two nights with some aunts and cousins and sat on the lawn and heard wonderful music. The first night was
(is he using a tiny head as a period in this picture?? that is odd)
This guy that used to be the lead guy from the Newsboys. LOVED it, it was a like a blast from the past, and we were all singing along. It was really fun.
The next night was 10th Avenue North
They were good and the guy had a really great testimony, but my favorite was the Newsboys guy. It was just more fun.
It was a really great time to catch up with cousins that I don't see very often, and to talk more in depth with my aunts and uncles. My aunt was telling me that she was proud of me, and I felt really affirmed and good. It had been a bit hard feeling like all I saw were couples everywhere I looked at the festival, but I have to put it to rest knowing God knows my heart and my desires, and to keep my focus on following Him.
So then yesterday was back to school for a 'lab day'. I got called into the hall for the second time by my teacher. This time it was for saying something about how I was hesitant to use restraints on patients. So the next thing I know I'm being grilled by my teacher in front of everyone and she went on and on about how I'd just let them die if I didn't restrain them. In the hall she said that she could fail me for this because "I wouldn't help people". I was quick to assure her that I would, I'm just hesitant because all they ever taught us so far was that we have to ask permission before we ever touch a patient (and legally if you touch someone against their will that's battery) but now they're saying I have to tie them up and shove tubes wherever necessary --- which one?!?! So she said I have to forget everything I know about paralegal and that if I did have to ever go in front of a jury they wouldn't care if I had to restrain someone, if the end goal was saving their life. So now I have to write a 5 page paper on restraints. So that stinks, but I've been researching all morning so hopefully it will be a kick-a paper and I'll finally know the truth about restraints :)
But it was scary. I don't want to fail! :(
It was such a long day and I came home with a horrible headache. So quick, easy foods were in order.
turkey bacon and green beanies with my staple spices of S & P, garlic powder, and cayenne
rolled up the bacon with a fried egg and cheese
cut up these peach my friend Liz gave me for a crisp
the crisp toppings of oats, spiced walnuts, coconut oil, cinnamon
quite tasty!
and I vegged out watching The Bodyguard, which I didn't really care that much for, but it was a nice break from school work!