Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter and other happenings

Doug and I had a nice Easter. We saw my parents on Saturday and then Sunday went to Doug's parents church. To me it's just not Easter unless someone says, "He is risen" and someone answers back, "He is risen indeed." So true! So I appreciated that at their more traditional church. Then we went out to lunch with them. Although I do not like going out to restaurants on holidays. I feel bad that if I wasn't there, maybe those people could shut down and be with their own families. I guess Doug's mom doesn't like to cook anymore, and Doug asked me on like Friday if I wanted to host. Ummm.. no. So out we went. The day was sunny and nice so in the afternoon Doug, his brother and I went on a nice bike ride.
Doug has been hard at work insulating our attic. He's been crawling around up there pulling down old gross blankets and weird Christmas santa stuff he found up there. Our attic doesn't have enough insulation. Thanks for noticing home inspector! Fail. Anyway, so we are getting an electrician to check out this burnt looking spot where there is a ceiling fan in the room below, and Doug bought $800 worth of pink fluff to put down. Should be helpful in the long run. And he's had to go around the whole house installing these soffit vents that do something.
I married such a hard worker. Seriously one of those days I was taking a 2 hour nap while he worked!
And then he goes out and buys me this:
mmm... I stretched that puppy out a few days
Lastly I was bitter when Doug's friend got him this quesadilla maker, why not just make them on the stovetop I thought?! An extra appliance to store in a tiny kitchen, but I used it the other day
mmm.. melty cheesy goodness. Stay on my tortilla cheesy river!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life lately

Oh my gosh I need a day with nothing scheduled. All my days off have been filled with appointments, and even good stuff like tonight is book club, but I am just feeling worn out! I was thinking that day would be tomorrow, but then I see on the calendar I have my last graduate nurse class for work (I do get paid for those) and then my thyroid doc. So maybe the afternoon free. Then back to work. Then Easter weekend. Doug and I are still church hunting so I'm not sure where we'll go on Good Friday, I think we are seeing my parents Saturday, then Easter Sunday with his parents. Again, all good things, but I just want to sit around and do nothing. Although I say that, and then see on FB everyone out and about doing stuff and I feel like I should be doing that- but I just more and more need down time.
Some pictures of not much going on around here:
This tiny little squirrel squeezed into my squirrel-proof feeder
my peonies are coming up!
I totally forgot about these tulip bulbs I planted last fall
soon to be daffodils. I hope the freezing rain/snow predicted for tomorrow doesn't wipe these little guys out
Sigh, Michigan
I went to the surgeon with Doug, he is thinking of getting his deviated septum repaired. Not just so I won't be woken by snoring, but at times Doug has said he can't breathe out of his nose at all. That sounds like a problem to remedy. The surgeon said he had a "moderate to severe deviation". In the meantime Doug made me switch sides of the bed (instead of just turning onto his other side!!) so it's a bit different waking up, but not as discombobulating as I thought it might be.
September is so cute when she snuggles into our new rug
I made breakfast burritos for my soon-to-pop preggers friend Kim. Egg and turkey sausage, potatoes, onion and peppers and cheese. I made a couple for Doug and actually they weren't as good as I had hoped. Bummer! Sorry in advance if you're reading this Kim, I would rank them higher than a bowl of cereal, but way below breakfast at a delicious restaurant. Sad thing is a fresh omelet with these mix-ins would have been amazing, so maybe it's the reheating part that messes it up??
Finally, if you like ginger, then go get this at Trader Joe's. Yum. Alright, off to relax for a bit.

Monday, March 14, 2016

2 weeks of family time

Long time no post!
My sister and her husband were in from Florida, and my brother and his family from Colorado for almost two full weeks. I took some vacation time and was able to spend a lot of it up at my parent's house all together.
It was a wonderful time filled with Downton Abby watching, Michelle came with me to my bible study, making cookies, naps, movies, good food, gun shooting, game nights, a trip to Ann Arbor, relaxing, reading, playing with my nieces, mom & dad's choir concert, time with an out-of-state aunt and uncle. One thing we had been planning on was a 70th birthday/ retirement party for our mom. (after being a nurse for 47 years it was time! (actually she said she could've worked a little longer!)) But she totally earned it. It was fun to plan the party together and do something to honor and celebrate her. She was happy. So without further ado, here is a long stream of photos from our visit.
I'm thankful for my wonderful family!