Friday, September 18, 2015


I thought these were funny
I'm no super skilled assessor (yet), but already I use my stethoscope to determine if my patients' might need a breathing treatment or have fluid around their lungs, I have heard heart murmurs and valve clicks, and have heard bowel sounds which tells me their digestive system is working, or not.
No one likes having their job belittled, so seeing a lot of nurses upset and posting responses, both funny and just simply providing education has been interesting.
I don't watch the View, I don't need the drivel and gossip, but I looked up Joy Behar to see if I could find out how she has never come across a nurse before. I guess she was a receptionist, a producer, comedian, and then tv host. Fair enough, that is totally a different realm than healthcare. And maybe she has been lucky enough to not be in a hospital yet, however, at 72 that will likely end at sometime, but still not to have visited someone and seen a loved one cared for? Anyway. I saw that there was a challenge for her to job shadow that Miss Colorado for a day to see what it is like in another person's shoes, I think that is a great idea, but pretty sure she won't do it. Interesting.

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