Tuesday, September 22, 2015

another step towards the bathroom

Our bathroom took another step towards being more usable this last week. We ordered tile from Menard's and Dad came over to lay the subfloor with Doug
first got up all the layers of the old linoleum
getting under the toilet
Daddy-o filling in spots under the vanity
might as well put the vanity back!
So our tile has to come in to the store, then mom & dad will come back from Hawaii and help with the floor. But there is progress.
The whole bathroom project has been full of lessons. I think we decided after this just to save up money and hire the work out. It hasn't been fun for Doug, we are so slow, its frustrating to work so hard and then it's still not perfect. If it means working an extra shift or two but then having weekends free to spend actually enjoying time together that sounds worth it.
The vanity is in but the faucet is inexplicably leaking so it's not really usable yet. We ordered a new top for the sink in white, but then it is kind of 'off-white' in real life. Rrr. The mirror is now too big to fit under the new light so I have to have someone cut a couple inches off. I'm really tired of getting ready at the kitchen sink and using the window reflection to get ready in. And after all my hard work sanding and painting the cabinets, all my whites look a little off. So now I'm wondering if I do them all over again or just live with it? It seems a shame tho, all that work to not really like it.
I had been looking forward to using this new shower curtain we registered for, but when we hung it, it looked like the tub was wearing flood pants
so traded it for this one that is also 72" but looks a tad longer??
Mom also came over last week to help me with the outside paint on our bay window
it was a dark gray
but the paint was in rough shape
so first we had to scrape all the old paint off
scraping is not for the weak
Then we re-painted on white kilz primer. And I caulked all the cracks. So now that it's white I actually like it like that. But I'm not sure if you have to paint over primer?? Especially outdoors?? I had already bought a small quart of gray outdoor paint to just re-do it like the last time. (I am apparently on quite the white and gray streak) So I guess I'm just stalling, I'm not sure if I should leave it white or just repaint it gray again... hmmm....
There is a phase 2 planned for the outside of the house, but that will now have to wait for funds to be replenished. We want to put a lattice trim around the bottom of the deck, get shutters, and re-do all the crazy bushes with normal sized bushes and flowers. So I'm thinking spring, I just don't know if I should leave the window unpainted/primed-only till then.
The other big money sucker is after all my car problems in the beginning of this month, the Jeep's engine died. We thought it probably wasn't worth putting $3k in for a new engine in a 99 Jeep, so off it went on CraigsList (sold first day with no engine) and we've been sharing a car until we can find something new.
Goodbye Jeep. I wish your engine would've died before we bought you a new alternator, exhaust system, and struts.
Hopefully we will find something good soon and it will live long and prosper!
A little bit of happiness this weekend:
Reading in the hammock on a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon. (I already finished this fun read I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella.) I had been laying there peacefully reading when I heard my neighbor come out and start working in his yard.... and eventually Doug had to plan my rescue
haha, he came and got me and we went inside and enjoyed the rest of the evening in safety.


  1. I loved that Sophia Kinsella book! Wow I'm just in amazement at all your hard work on the house!!! You are inspiring me to get going on our projects... We took a pretty long break after the kitchen, ha!

    1. Thanks, it has been hard! I always feel like your house is nice and new feeling.