Wednesday, September 16, 2015

painting the bathroom

Blue tape. It can only mean one thing. Time to paint the bathroom!
So Doug's friend Thor finished the mudding/sanding of our bathroom while we were gone and started with the primer. I finished up the primer, and Doug painted the ceiling and then it was finally time to paint.
I've been listening to this really good series about the end times so my painting flew by listening to a couple of these. I painted 2 coats of a gray called 'polished silver'.
It's a really nice light gray.
So then I went to peel off the tape while the paint was still wet...
rrrrr, curse you stupid blue hawk tape!! It peeled off pieces of my new paint and also peeled off pieces of the ceiling paint. So now today instead of moving on to the next thing I am tediously painting on little bits of ceiling and the other paint again.
Also doing patching jobs around the outlets. I guess we didn't notice this while it was still in the drywall/patching phase, but it is noticeable now!
At least we are over halfway now. Pretty soon we can reinstall the light fixture, then the vanity with it's new sink. Hang up the towel bars and shower curtain rod. Then the last big thing will be the floor. We still have to find some tile we even like, and then dad will come over to help us install that, switch out the toilet, trim everything up, and then we're done. We'll see how long that all takes! Never thought we'd be into our 3rd month.
Also I'm super bummed about my garden. When we left my tomato plants were lush and green, I think Doug's friend may have overwatered because every leaf is a shriveled mess yet there was standing water in the pot :(
and then there are a couple sunflowers just about 4 feet high
but all the rest grew so tall and the heads are so heavy they are tipping over
I am growing a couple nice peppers though
I'm looking forward to trying again next year.

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  1. The paint looks so good!!! But that is frustrating with the tape. We had that issue when we painted the moldings. We only use Frog Tape now, ha!