Monday, May 6, 2013

May the Fourth

This weekend was a busy one, I didn't get hardly any of my chore stuff done, but did get lots of hanging out with friends and family done.
Friday I went to the BBQ of a guy from church. Another girl and I were wondering why he invited us, because I hardly know him, but he is a friend of another friend. Maybe that's why. Anyway, I get there before all my other friends so it's him and a bunch of his co-workers. I felt kinda oddball since I barely knew him anyway, but it worked out. I used to dread that type of scenario, and it's still not my preference, but it has been good to get me out of my shell. His co-workers were all super nice, one lady took me under her wing, and people were just really nice. I brought tuna steak to grill and it was delicious, and made a great omlet the next day!
So it was a nice time, even though there was a mix of people there it did make me again hate being divorced and being single again. I feel like I'm at a place where I'm 'ok' with it, but mostly because there is no other option. But I did cry to Jill that it sucks, and I don't care if no one says life is fair, it's not, and it sucks.
Saturday I did some helping out at my grandparents house that is being sold and de-junked after 50+ years of them living there. It was fun hanging out and working with my aunts and uncles.
Then I went and crashed a Star Wars party. Good times. My favorite is the last one- and I love the music and everything, but the versions we were watching were these stupid updated ones and they changed the ending!! >:( Any true Star Wars fan would like this one better.
Becks you're not looking!
Sunday was church and then I spent almost the whole day sorting, packing, and visiting with my parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents and working on the house. It was nice. Mom and I did take a quick trip to the grocery store to get some stuff to grill for dinner and when we were checking out the guy says to me: "wow, you're just too beautiful". I didn't hear him, and said, 'what', so he repeated it. Then I was laughing to myself cause that's the exact thing my brother would make fun of me for, wanting to hear a compliment twice, but I honestly hadn't heard! Anyway, what I was thinking was, wow, that's the first compliment I've gotten in a year and a half, but what I said was: thank you :)


  1. Aww Anne, you ARE beautiful! Inside and out!!!

  2. Surprised you didn't say "Go on..." ;) That was nice of that guy!

    George Lucas used to be my hero, then he made those terrible movies, messed up the good ones, and gained 800 lbs. I don't respect him anymore, though he could probably buy a small country, he's so filthy rich.