Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Review

This weekend was a busy one. Started off Friday night with a girl's night with my friend Liz. We had dinner, watched an episode of Switched At Birth (pretty good). She had bought this tiny pineapple

which was marketed as being sweeter. It tasted good to me, but $3!? No. This girl is too cheap for that.

We also made Almond Butter in her Vitamix. I guess I need to watch a tutorial on this. All these blog girls are always talking about how good almond butter is. And it tasted pretty good, but mine was like Almond Dust when I went to get it out of the jar this morning for my toast. And we had even added coconut oil! I don't get it. They must buy theirs already made. But again, I'm not paying $7 for a jar of AB, although I guess I paid close to that for raw almonds... anyway. Girl time was nice.

Saturday I went in to work for my old boss to do some filing, then went to my grandmas to clean their house, met my parents there and we went to the local "Arts and Apples" festival. Every year I search for caramel apples, and every year there aren't any. One caramel apple isn't too unrealistic to expect from an apples fest is it? Apparently it is. Luckily good old Meijer had one when we did our grocery shopping on Sunday. Mmmm

After the festival we went to a friend's birthday party, and then met up with Hubb's parents and aunt & uncle at a bar and then went over to their house. Sunday was our return to church. We hadn't been at all in August, every weekend we were on a trip somewhere! So it was good to be back. Then we did our grocery shopping and saw this guy

No way will I ever be buying a tub of trans fatty chemicals, but it did get a laugh from both of us.

Yay, a full fridge again!

We got some lunch at Qdoba and then did our typical Sunday afternoon of nap and laundry. We both got in some studying

I made granola

Hubbs made eggplant parmesan

With a marinara made by his mom from stuff in her garden, and fresh green beans and broccoli from my mom's garden. Neither of us really like eggplant that much, but he breaded and baked the eggplant slices first and it was actually pretty good.

My mom also has been stopping by my office almost weekly and giving me beautiful flowers from her garden, thanks mom!

We ended the evening watching American Gangster, (ok), and then into bed and ready for the upcoming week!

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