Friday, September 30, 2011

New Chair

I had been searching for a 'reading nook' chair for our bedroom for awhile. Well, not really actively searching, but wanting one. I was originally thinking about a white overstuffed chair.. they were just so expensive though. And then after seeing a nice leather chair on pinterest, I starting thinking about leather. (except not for $4k... who the heck?!?!)

I'm afraid of getting cloth things off craigslist. Unless it can be completely washed- I don't want whatever cat hair, cigarette smoke, or bed bugs could be lurking inside. But leather I felt could be 'washed' and isn't really as penetrable (read stainable) as other fabric. So I started looking and then found this beauty.

It was a good arm/back/quads workout to haul it up into our apartment, but now there is is.

Geez, our room looks so blah... someday I'd like a Pottery Barn looking bedroom, but until then, it is what it is.

I'm not sure if I love how it looks in our room yet. Maybe the cream would have been better. But it's a quality chair (so what if there are some scratches on it and the craigslist lady didn't tell me that the reclining foot part doesn't quite go all the way back in!), I felt like it was a good deal for the money and maybe if we didn't want it in the bedroom someday it would be a nice extra living room chair for our future house. It'd even match our brown couch.

But for now I have a reading chair :)


  1. So cool, I love it!!! I think it looks great in the room!

  2. Aw, I think your room is adorable! :) I love the blue and whites with the chocolate. :)