Tuesday, February 21, 2017

weekend update

Last weekend I worked. I caught August's cold and just felt m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e. Sunday morning I was dawdling around the house and looked at the time and I needed to leave 10 minutes ago. Luckily Doug (and August) hopped in the car and sped me over there, saving me lots of time parking and walking in from the employee parking lot. I made it through the weekend alright, but there was one point where I was sitting in the manager's office pumping, sneezing, coughing, and got a nosebleed. It was a low. I emerged from the office all disheveled with a bloody tissue hanging from my nose. Who wants me to take care of them?!
Doug came to the hospital in the afternoon to drop me off some cough drops and he put some reese's hearts in there for me. Such a sweet guy. Drove 3 times to the hospital for me that day total.
Anyway, now I have several days off. August and I walked yesterday outside it was nice, but after a day or so to get caught up at home I start to get bored again. Making plans with a couple friends.
Speaking of breastfeeding, I hit another mark on what I imagine is a 'breastfeeding mother's list'. I already checked the box of nursing while using the bathroom, today's was nursing while answering the door. (I honestly thought the mailperson just dropped something off and rang the doorbell, but she was still standing there waiting for a signature when I opened it). Still to hit on the list: rude breastfeeding comments (haven't gotten any of those yet), and nursing on a plane. That second one should be reached in the fall as I just ordered our plane tickets to visit my sister over Labor day. Yay!! I hate my siblings being so far away. We all saw each other for Christmas, but there's no other plans to see them, as of yet, for 2017. So at least I'll see her. My brother is building a new house, so I thought if I can handle August alone with me on a plane, maybe we'll go out there end of the year.
Recent pics:
When mom wears a baby:
when dad wears a baby:
owwwz my neck!
baby blues
August rolled back to front now so I stopped swaddling him at night. Then he hasn't done it again. He's still in the side-sleeper but it's starting to make me nervous every night. We put one of those crib bumper things (the mesh one) around his bed so he couldn't roll into the crack or onto our bed, but I woke up last night to see him on his side with his face pressed deeply into it and I panicked. (He was fine.) So Doug put books under 2 legs so he'd slant towards the other way. It's just not ideal. But still waking up 2-3x a night, so I still want him close rather than me having to walk down the hall several times a night... I don't know. Baby problems.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentines Day

I woke up to some nice treats from my sweetie.
a trifecta of salty/sweet deliciousness
The past 2 years I made a heart shaped pizza for Doug. Equally loved both years. So I went to make it again, but somehow fumbled the pan when I went to put it in the oven....
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I almost cried tears of sadness. There was a brief moment of thinking if I could rescue it, but it was completely uncooked and laying inside our Craigslist oven... nah
So Doug and I instead went and got Chipotle, a redbox, and then went out for icecream, and it was a nice Valentine's day after all.
August had his first Meijer horsey ride
and he's grown big enough for this hat made by our friend Megan- who just today had another baby boy of her own :)
just 3 months ago he was smothered in it
my baby is growing so fast, waaaahh!
and tonight was take 2 success for the heart-shaped pizza!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

weekend update

Sometimes being married means you come home and see your husband has purchased something for the house:
not that it can't be useful tho...
This week had a couple food fails in it:
this was a crockpot coconut quinoa that was super blah
these were 'black bean noodles' found at Aldi and made into a coconut curry (am I sensing a coconut curry theme!?!) with peppers, but the noodles altho full of protein were the consistency of rubber bands and pretty much tasted like it too
Some good things this weekend:
pancakes for family breakfast (altho a fail compared to my dad's delicious pancakes)
I keep buying fruit at the beginning of the week for Doug's lunches, but then it's never ripe until the weekend! So we had fresh pineapple. And the bananas got too ripe again, which I don't mind because then I make another loaf of the vegan banana bread, so good!
Also new spring kitchen towels :)
This evening we are going to a friend's for a visit for her bday, then Doug is having his friends over for a bonfire. We don't have superbowl plans so looking forward to just a day home relaxing.
And of course, some pics of August:
When he doesn't have one and/or both hands in his mouth he is now taking a binky. I like the binky, I also like he can use his hands when the binky falls out so he won't be one of those babies who screams when it falls out hopefully
Doug likes this cheap mustache one, I prefer the expensive organic rubber one haha
this 'sunny day family walk' was very short-lived, too cold!
cutie pie!

Monday, January 30, 2017

3 month update

August is 3 months!
He's doing great. Still eating well, slept 7 hours last night, and is generally a pretty happy guy.
We have been doing the cloth diapers since 6 weeks or so, I forget, and it is going good. I have to do a load of diapers maybe every 2-3 days, so that's not bad, it's easy. The only problem is his diaper pail was too small to hold more than a days-worth. So we still use that pail for the disposables he wears at night, and then just have a trash can in the corner of his room with a wet bag liner, but it doesn't close so by the 3rd day it is smelling pretty ripe in there! I could've gotten a trash can with a lid, but since I wanted it to fit between the wall and dresser none of them were wide enough. Oh well.
I went back to work last week. One day he was with my mom, and the past weekend he was with Daddy. Everyone did great. I came home and Doug had kept a little chart of when he ate and slept and then the next day it was pretty close within a half hour! So today I tried to keep one, but he's super off. He was only sleeping 45 mins for Doug, and it just hit 2 hours over here for me. Every day is a bit different!
He hasn't gotten any colds again, and he's made it to 3 months without getting Pertussis so we are pretty thankful for being out of the super dangerous window and feel ok about our decision to delay his vaccinations.
I wish he liked to cuddle more, I try wearing him in the Ergo but he's not super excited about it. So then bought another carrier (since my Ergo won't let baby face out) I almost like this one more and it was only $25. But he still doesn't last too long in it either.
it looks like he's trying to see how he looks in the camera :)
His neck is pretty controlled now, he's been sitting in his Bumbo chair
He was going to town gnawing on that thing.
Still fits in his 0-3 month clothes, all the torsos are a little too short for the cloth diapers but we're making it work. Maybe someday I'll either make or buy some of those onesie extenders.
That little hat! When Doug and I got the gender test results back at about 9 weeks we had the nurse leave it in a voicemail, then we went to Baby Gap and picked out a pink hat and a blue hat, asked the cashier to listen to the voicemail and then ring us up for the right gender while we weren't looking. Then we went out to dinner and opened the bag, that's how we found out we were having a boy. Seeing that little blue hat in the bag that day, and now seeing it on my precious baby boy, oh the feelings!!
He's such a cutie.
2 cuties! I'm very blessed.
I'm starting to see the resemblance to his daddy in the eyes/eyebrows, took me awhile to see it.
So anyway, we are all doing very well :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

the nursery tour

I guess I never did a post on August's nursery, here it is:
here was the room before
I put the pallet wall up myself. Real pallets can be dirty and full of chemicals, so we used wood from my dad from a old pipe organ crate he had made. I cut all the boards in the garage with a saw and used the nail gun to put them up
I went thru with "stainable" caulk and patched hundreds of little nail holes. Then we stained it to discover it wasn't stainable at all! It looked awful. It was almost polka dotted. So then Doug went thru and with a pocket knife scraped out all my putty and put in this wax crayon stain that matched the color of the stain we used. It was a huge pain. But looks great now.
I got this lantern online, it had been a kerosene lamp but they altered it to be electric. I wanted navy, but when it came it was a bright teal blue. So then I spray painted it this nice hunter green, turned out great I think!
We painted the walls a soft light brown. We chose an outdoorsy theme so lots of wood and nature. The park posters were from Amazon, and I did some free Bible verse printables. I got all the frames from Wal-mart. There is our little mushroom bank from Austria. The Jesus poster Doug had already, it's really cool, His whole face is made up of Bible verses and some tiny drawing of like a shepherd with his lambs.
The crib was Jenny Lind from amazon, I got the mobile pieces in a garland and strung them into this mobile myself- it plays 'the teddy bears picnic which my Dad always sang to us, and the quilt was handmade by my aunt.
more National park art over the changing station.
Bookcase and rocking chair from Craigslist.
Doug made this curtain rod from an old paddle.
This is how his room looks now, with the rocking chair that I was rocked in as a baby!
I love this sweet little room. I used to go in there before he was born and rock the cat. Look at all his tiny clothes. Look at his books and imagine reading and singing to him. Look at the art and hope he'd be a little boy going on adventures with us. I get so sad every time Doug talks about moving.
Such a cute room and he hasn't spent one night in it yet. We use his room for changing and getting dressed, but so far he sleeps in a little side bed in our room.
My friend Liz's husband made this side-bed for their son and we're borrowing it. It's so great having him close. Doctors recommend babies be with mom and dad until 6 months, supposed to make them "feel more secure", and lessens the chances of SIDS. I love having him close. I'd planned on transitioning him at 10 weeks into his own room before I went back to work, but he's still getting up 1-2x per night, so I haven't. It's pretty easy, I hear him stirring and wiggling, just change his diaper, nurse, and we go right back to sleep. He's never really laid there crying, so that's great.
A mini tour of this crib, haha, a pad to catch diaper leaks, mostly catches spit-ups; a pile of diapers and wipes by the feet, a trash bag hangs at the end for dirties; he's swaddled at night and gets a blanket on top; he's got a little turtle mirror there he can admire himself; little mittens for when he wiggles his hands out and they are cold; and a flashlight we used to use a lot when he was little to peek at him; a white noise machine (we already sleep with a fan, but sometimes if he's fussy he gets the waves too); and recently a piece of cardboard wedged between our beds. A couple times I've woken up to see he's inch-wormed himself into the crack, he definitely can't fall through, I just worried he'd smother himself in my covers.
Anyway, I love having him close. I stink at side-lying nursing so still have to sit up and get the Brest-friend pillow and nurse, but it's super quick and easy. I think if he was in his own room by the time the monitor picked him up he'd be crying too loud and it would be hard to calm back down, I love how quick it is to grab him or sometimes just reach over and pat his head and he'll go back to sleep. I don't think he'll stay till 6 months, but when he can sleep thru the night, out he'll go. Doug says we can re-do the wall at the next house, but it was so much work! We'll see.