Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 goals

I started writing this post in the end of December, then Kelly's husband died and I've been so brokenhearted for her. I still am, and I still just cannot believe he's gone.
When I think about things from that mindset a list of goals just seems so piddly. However, here I am, and if I'm not intentional, this whole year will pass me by. So I do have some 'goals':
- Plan vegan dinners 2-3 times a week
- Take a trip together. I really want to go to Acadia National Park in Maine. We are thinking maybe early October for a fall colors tour. However, a 15 hour road trip with a one year old? We shall see...
- Finish reading the Old Testament.
- Breastfeed August to 12 months.
- Memorize one scripture passage per month.
- Goal together with Doug, turn this house into our first rental property, and find a new house to move into.
- Spend as much time holding August as possible.
- Hug Doug whenever he wants.
This year I just want to be more intentional about everything. I struggle with being a task oriented versus people oriented person. I find my mind often just thinking about my to-do list and not really on stuff that really matters, people, relationships, what God has for me. Sometimes Doug hugs me and I just half-heartedly hug him and then go off to fold laundry or do something else. And he notices. He's told me, 'someday I'll be gone and you'll miss this'. Ouch. And I know he's right.
And all too soon this little boy will be grown and won't want to be kissed or nap on his mama's chest. I need to be present now.
Last year a friend asked me to think about a word and a verse for 2016, this is what I chose:
But did I do it? I don't really think so. I am thankful for what the Lord has done in this past year, however, I don't know if I've really felt gratitude deep down in my soul. And I want to. And that verse, I want to fully trust God and be so rooted in Him.
Overall this year I want to be more intentional. I want to think on that word and verse daily until it sinks in. I want to meditate on God's word and have it take root in my life. I want my husband to know how much I value and love him. I want my son to know I'll come when he needs me. I want my friends to know I care and want to live life together. I want to be a smart, caring nurse.
This year my word will be grace/gracious. I want to think about this word and have it become a part of my daily attitude and actions. And my first Bible memory verse is John 1:14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

prayers requested

My dear friend Kelly lost her husband yesterday evening. Suddenly, unexpectedly, much too soon. Husband of 12 years, father of 3 beautiful children, son, brother, friend. I smiled through my tears imagining him walking into the open arms of our Father in heaven, but it is so unimaginably hard for Kelly and their children.
Please pray for my friend Kelly in the upcoming days, weeks, months, years. Minute by minute I know she will get through this leaning on God's strength and providence and love for her and her children. There will be so many hard days ahead. Please pray for her children to continue to trust in the Lord.
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. Isaiah 43:1b-3a

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A look back at my 2016 goals

How I did on my 2016 goals:
- finish out my BSF Bible study strong. I wanted to join this study but I never want to do the homework and most of the time don't want to actually go to the study! Altho I am always happy when I'm there. I finished the Revelations study and am now in the BSF study of the gospel of John. I still feel the same, sometimes not wanting to go, but I do think it's definitely good for me.
- read the entire OT straight through. Fail. I only made it through Numbers.
- re-do the front landscape in our yard. Done!
I finished this project last May. We'll see how it held up over the fall/winter. I'm sure I'll need to re-mulch. I'm hoping to have better luck and further growth in the spring, especially with my boxwoods, hydrangeas, and peonies. Doug is really wanting us to move next year, so goodbye all my hard work! It really takes years to develop a garden.
- passport stamp!! Doug and I are in the early trip planning stages. Yes! We went on a 12 day trip to the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, resulting in 2 passport stamps :)
- do a devotional guide several evenings a week with Doug either over dinner or before bed. Boo, another fail. We really need to do this. Although, starting Tuesday Doug and I will be taking an Apologetics course together through the Detroit Bible Institute, so that will be good.
- finish a couple books that I am only halfway through: Emotional Spirituality, Made to Crave, and some marriage ones I have on the nightstand. Geez, maybe next year I should look at these goals more often so I don't forget about them all! I did read some in each of these books, but I don't think I finished any of them.
- find a church to attend and get involved in together, preferably in the first half of the year. Ok, we are at least closer in this decision. We have been attending a church we both like and are getting a lot out of the messages so far, it's not perfect, but it seems pretty good.
- And probably like many others, I would like to lose about 5lbs. I feel healthier and have more energy at that lower weight. Oddly enough, I think I met this goal. First gained 25lbs while pregnant, but lost 30, so guess I did that. I still want to stay consistent with exercising and eating healthier more whole foods and plant based meals in 2017.
Overall 2016 was a great year, of course with the biggest blessing being the much hoped for pregnancy and birth of our son August. We also dreamed and planned together for our future, traveled, had dinner and game nights with friends and family, Doug earned his 4th Associate's Degree, and I am 4 classes away from my BSN. I am excited for all that 2017 holds!

Monday, December 26, 2016

baby's first Christmas

Both of my siblings and their kids have been in town for the holidays and it was great for August to meet his aunts, uncles and cousins!
We spent Christmas eve with my parents and went to the candlelight service, next morning opened presents and had a nice meal together, and then in the evening went and had another nice dinner and opened more gifts with Doug's parents. August got lots of stuff!
Pictures from our family time:
with my niece Elliana
mani/pedi for Molina
Christmas outfits
friends with sons
Dad friends with sons
siblings with spouses
he was more excited to gnaw on his fists than for his presents
he's our best present this year!
love this little man

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

crafts and life lately

Can anyone relate to the extreme sadness of asking your husband to pick up chocolate covered peppermint Joe-Joes and he returns with plain ones? Oh the disappointment. But maybe I'll make it into a icecream pie, mmm.
So my sister sent me a care package with flannel cloth wipes but I had already had cloth wipes so I sewed hers into a quilt. I felt kinda bad because she'd double sided and hemmed them all, but it made it nice and easy for me to make into a quilt and it made it extra thick and warm
I backed it to this ugly blanket that Doug's mom gave us. What about me and my style suggests I'm into blue/yellow/purple polka dots?!? It is nice and soft though and makes a nice quilt backing. I still have to do the top stitching, but it's close to done.
Today was also spent making caramel pretzels for the neighbors. Guess I should've used parchment paper or coated the wax paper with Pam because it was a sticky nightmare!
Here's me dipping it into my dad's patented organ pipe tube/ the pretzel dipper 2000, haha, jk, but it does make the perfect even pretzel coating!
Once I pried them off of there and coated in chocolate they were much less sticky.
Last night went out to dinner with girlfriends. August hasn't taken a bottle yet so he's my ever-present sidekick. And he was slightly fussy. Oh well. Here he is with Aunt Jill.
And by the way, new favorite meal at Panera, LOVE the autumn squash soup but found a new tasty salad the Green Goddess sans bacon, delicious.
other things:
Doug's friend sent us the kid's leash from our registry. Yes we are going to be 'those' parents. But if August is anything like Doug who was always running and hiding from his mom, I'm going to need it! In this day and age of perverts and child nappers, he's staying by my side!
I'm super thankful that so far I've been able to breastfeed. I keep learning all this fascinating stuff like your body makes different milk for a boy baby vs a girl baby; milk is different for a 1 month old vs 9 month old etc; the nipple draws in saliva from the baby then "tests it" and makes whatever baby needs. This is 3 bags of milk over 24 hours, so crazy that it's so different, what is in there!?!
It makes me a bit sad that since those are going in the freezer whatever my body made for him he won't get till I thaw it months later, but on the other hand he is still getting it now too. Catch 22 I guess, I have to pump and save it for when I'm back at work.
August went to his first Elf party last weekend, isn't he the cutest little elf??
other pics:
winter hat model
sometimes taking a binky
little cutie
no mom, not tummy time!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

snow day

The other night we got 8 inches of beautiful snow. Doug made it off to work ok in the Jeep and me and August are still home. Yesterday I get a knock on the door and it's the UPS man dropping off a package. A few minutes later I hear some commotion and then another knock, it's the UPS man apologizing that he bumped our mailbox and moved it. No big deal, our mailbox isn't set in the ground, it's in a big ugly pot that I'd like Doug to replace anyway. So I ask if he's stuck and he says no and goes to drive away. Soon I hear much more commotion as now he is stuck in the ditch in our front yard.
Poor guy!
He tried several times to get out but couldn't. Eventually I came out in my snowpants with a shovel, but what can I really do to get a 2 ton truck out of a ditch!? He had already called the tow truck and didn't need to come wait in the house.
Anyway, they got him out and now we are the owners of these huge lawn ruts.
My neighbor stopped by today to tell me she'd taken pictures of the truck because she didn't know if I knew who did it or not. That was thoughtful! Can you imagine coming home to that and no explanation?! Anyway, poor guy, probably made him so behind in his day.
We had a nice toasty day inside and then later when the roads were all cleared went to book club. We read "A Man Called Ove" this time and it was so good!
While we were gone Doug spent hours building a fort around his firepit.
Hard to see in the picture with the white snow, but 2-3 foot walls off the corners of the deck, his dream is to make like a huge igloo around it. We'll see, of course wife Debbie Downer was asking why spend all that time when it's supposed to warm back up. But boys will be boys :) I have to admit a huge igloo with a firepit inside would be pretty cool. Get building!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

life lately

Made a tasty dinner last night, bad picture though. Veggie burgers, side of roasted potatoes, and spicy acorn squash.
After dinner we ate some brownies and ice cream, listened to Christmas music and decorated the tree.
I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! It's been really fun this year.
So there is a woman I used to work with at my old hospital job and she keeps sending me random gifts for August! It's super kind and generous, altho also a bit strange as I wasn't that close to her. I don't know, maybe she just loves babies and her love language is gift giving! Those little Santa feet are so fun.
Another gift he received were these fun books from my friend Missouri Jill. Moby Dick and Les Miserables, the second one has one page English/ one page French. Pretty cool, except I have no idea how to pronounce the French side!
I saw this one day and was laughing so hard:
Haha! So true! I'm always asking Doug to help me with something.
My brother and his family are coming to town in T- 1 week, so excited! I'm so happy I have this time off to enjoy it and really treasure the family time. It will be the first time they meet him and he meets his cousins, fun!
And now for a stream of August pictures:
blue eyes for now!
I find myself just wanting to remember every detail about him. I love his baby soft hair. It's so short on top and like an inch long in the back. A little mullet already! And it's always all mussed up when he's done nursing or sleeping. So precious.
sweet little baby
he liked his bath bucket more this time
in the family rocker, me and my siblings were all rocked in this chair, and now I get to rock my own baby.
I thought it was so sweet he was blowing bubbles, only later did I realize he had his first cold :( although he seems much better now! Praise God. Even a little cold made me so worried. He looks super blonde in this picture.
such a sweetie.