Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jill got married

Friday I rode down to Detroit with another bridesmaid Kim, the girls got dressed up and went to Andiamos for happy hour to do a little bachelorette party. Then back to her hotel room for popcorn and girl time.
Me & Jill's sisters. Sadly preggo Kim was feeling bad so she went to her room.
Jill's friend Erin from Canada treated Jill to a pedicure
the bride!
The next morning we woke up early for breakfast and then went downstairs to the salon for hair and makeup.
They had some kind of screen on the window, but the sunrise over the Detroit river was beautiful
Kim getting made up
Jill coiffed and ready for make up
Jamie getting her hair done
Next we went up to the very top to the Coach Insignia for the rehearsal and rehearsal lunch. One thing that was nice was everything was all inside. The only time we ever went out of the building was for a brief, freezing, windy very-short photo op.
The view from the Coach Insignia. So pretty! We did the rehearsal, had catered Mudgies for lunch, then went back to our hotel room to get ready
me & Kim
Jill was getting her 'getting ready' shots
ready to get married!
Jill and Damon were doing that 'first look' with their photographer around Detroit so the bridesmaids hung out and watched HGTV a bit, then we all headed back up to Coach Insignia for the ceremony.
I was imagining something different at first for Jill's dress but she really looked amazing
Jill's grandma holding the flower girl
lots of shots of Jill's rear, but hey, that looked pretty good too! ;)
her nephew was a 'Thomas the train' bearer
husband and wife!
They also did this cool idea of calling up different groups of people for pictures with them, and then that group would be dismissed over to the cocktail hour
The cocktail hour was sad for Anne, I am particular in my alcohol tastes and pretty much only like peach schnapps with cranberry, or coconut rum and cranberry. Most people would think it was cool they only had alcohol from Michigan, but that meant no peach schnapps or coconut rum. So I had some drink made with vodka from Ferndale, and only a sip because I didn't like it. Also there was only fancy cheeses and odd looking things with no labels, and I'm a regular taste buds kind of person, so just had a couple raspberries and cracker or two until dinner.
For dinner both Doug and I chose the chicken and risotto. The risotto was amazing, and it came with Brussel sprouts. The only thing I wish was different was that there were more sprouts! There was just a small pile of mostly the outer leaves. But otherwise everything was good.
No dancing, so we ate and talked with friends and had a good time.
me & Dougie
me and Emily
the prayer group girls!
We left around 10 because I had to work Sunday. Now Jill is off enjoying a wonderful Cancun honeymoon. Congratulations Jill and Damon!

Friday, February 5, 2016

recent eats

I love these crockpot refried beans!
It's so awesome to make something so easy and cheap and to have your husband request that you make it every week.
little does he know onions are blended into the beans, muah ha ha haaaa!
We picked up these tasty chili-lime tortilla chips, topped with the beans, cheese, avo slices and blob of light sour cream, so tasty!
Another good meal was this stir fry.
I just have to accept that I'm not good at making stir-fry sauce. Tear. The bottle of House of Tsang Spicy Szechuan is by far my favorite. It's like $3.50 a bottle, but that will get you 2 batches of stir-fry, it's probably worth it for amazing taste every time.
I pan fried a little tofu. After eating at Pei-Wei last week I wanted to attempt my own tofu. They must deep fry theirs because it was so good. The box of tofu says to press it between 2 plates to get the moisture out, yeah right, like a drop or two! I ended up pressing it between my hands and almost wringing it out like a sponge. Doug said he liked it better than last time, but it was like a 2 on a 0-10 Pei-Wei deliciousness tofu scale. Once again my dream to work part time as a cook at a delicious stir-fry place is stoked, I'll learn the tricks and then be off to my own kitchen!
So tomorrow is Jill's big day! Doug and I are trying to put up our bedroom crown molding this morning before I head down to her bachelorette girl's happy hour and sleepover. I'm excited and so happy for her.
We picked up the crown molding last night after my shift and good thing Doug happened to look up a youtube how-to, apparently we bought one that has to be put in on an angle! Otherwise we would have just put it flat against the wall like the bathroom trim. Good thing he saw that! Alright, off to help...

Monday, February 1, 2016

weekend update

I can tell by my 3 'weekend update' posts in a row I just haven't been feeling much like blogging. Well it is what it is.
I went and saw Stan (my counselor) a week ago. Just been feeling down, for awhile. We talked about married life (good, Doug, good), and my job (thankful for it, but less good), and future stuff (unknown). It was good to talk to him. I wish there was a quick fix, but probably not. So we'll see, as I write in my nursing notes, "will continue to monitor".
Today I am 34 and a half. I shall bake myself a cookie!
And today is 1 year 1/4 years married, another cookie! jk about that second cookie... or am I...
Anyway, another weekend at home. Doug was feeling a little sick, and I was just feeling lazy. We watched a netflix movie and ate stuff in bed one afternoon. Saturday we went to an event at a local church where men break stacks of bricks and share their testimony, it was cool. Afterwards we went to a friend's for a bonfire.
Sunday we checked out a new church, it sponsors (or runs?) a homeless shelter too so the crowd was a nice mix of people. And the pastor was really good about preaching the truth and not sugar-coating things. I liked the blend of hymns with contemporary music. All in all it was a "will try again".
After church we went to Pei Wei. So good. Did a couple errands and I think came home and watched another movie in bed. Lazy bums!
Doug has become obsessed with pretzel buns so he was making all kinds of combination sandwiches and grilling them in his little quesadilla maker.
Today I went to a hard class at the gym, been working on the budget, laundry, and need to do some homework. This class I'm in now is not very interesting and it's been hard getting motivated. Looking forward to watching Bachelor with my girlfriends tonight.
Also, this makes me smile. I got this flower last summer as a bridal shower prize and today, during the winter, it is still blooming. So pretty.

Monday, January 25, 2016

weekend update

Loving these 3 day weekends.
Friday Doug and I went down to the auto show with Matt and Rachel and their baby. It was kinda cool, I hadn't been in years!
Then we went over to their house and talked while Rachel made us dinner. Super good vegetarian food and a fantastic vegan chocolate hazelnut torte for dessert. Then we played games. Fun evening.
Saturday was pretty busy. We went and got my ring appraised and Doug joined me on a quest for bedroom curtains. Seems getting window curtains is just as hard as finding a shower curtain! I have an idea of what I'd like, the problem is I just can't find it anywhere. Doug does not enjoy shopping, but he came along with me to Meijer, TJMaxx, Homegoods, Pier 1, and Kohls, what a trooper! And we ended up just buying him some more socks. Haha. I ordered some online last night from Kohls, so we'll see. I don't have the energy to go back and forth to store after store.
We also are trying to sell my old ring, and made a craigslist ad. If anyone knows anyone getting engaged and wants a good deal let me know!
Then Saturday evening a couple of Doug's friends came over, we made popcorn and had dessert and played Scene It and Scattergories. It was fun.
Sunday was church and then home to relax for a bit. Then my parents came over, we went to the park behind our house and walked the trails for an hour and a half, then they came back over and we grilled hamburgers, and had salad and potatoes.
After they left, Doug was looking at some youtubes about preparing for 'the crash of 2016' and I found Bridesmaids playing on tv, so funny, it was a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

babysitting Ben

Last week Doug and I had Ben for a couple hours while his parents went out for dinner
He was not amused when he woke from his nap to find himself in new surroundings
Even Doug's mock-fox-attack could not elicit a smile.
We had rented Hotel Transylvania 2 from Redbox (what a disappointment after the super cute and funny part 1!!) And we just took turns holding him and playing with him while it was on in the background.
There's a smile!

Monday, January 18, 2016

weekend update

And by "weekend" I pretty much just mean Friday as I worked all weekend. But Friday was a good day. Jill and Becks came over in the morning for breakfast. Which ended up being brunch as my quiche took forever to bake. It said bake 35 mins, yeah right, it ended up being over an hour and was just ok. Anyway, the time with Jill was nice.
Becks and September remain wary of each other.
Thursday Doug went with me to sign up at LA Fitness. I really liked my personal training group exercise class last week, but when I did the math it would cost me $248 a month. Um, no. So I started thinking about it and found out that LA Fitness was only $30 a month. I think I'll still do the bulk of my exercising at home, but they have cycle and bootcamp classes and I will aim for 1-2 classes a week. I love that it is only 5 minutes away and will get me doing exercises I am not used to while also pushing me more than I push myself. Also those classes are usually 45-60 minutes so that's also longer than I would do at home. I'm excited.
After brunch with Jill on Friday we went to Doug's parents to borrow their van. We were on a quest to Ikea to look for a new couch. Doug's dad wanted to come with us so the 3 of us headed off to Ikea. I was worried with a third person he'd be rushing me or opinionated and I was pleasantly surprised that wasn't the case at all. Unfortunately Ikea did not really have anything really great. Their catalogs look so nice, but in person everything seemed much smaller and sometimes cheap looking. We got lunch there (my vegetarian sweet potato and quinoa meatballs were good, but Doug's meatballs he said were pretty meh) and ended up only buying this cute little $1 mouse for September.
Speaking of mice, chewed bags and droppings have been spotted in our pantry. :( I'm trying to think of a scenario where we can just co-exist. Like storing all our food in glass/plastic containers, Doug thinks they might be in the attic and they could just live up there while we live down here. But then I keep thinking of them multiplying and multiplying until our house is dripping and crawling with them. And I heard they can chew thru electrical wires and stuff like that. So Doug bought some mousetraps. But I saw them on the counter and there is this little drawing of a curious sweet little mouse looking into the trap as the bar is about to decapitate him and I started crying. I would love for Doug to get live traps, and build a little mouse condo and we could stock it with old rags and food and take it out into the woods. He was not as excited about that plan. I think he's just going to kill them and not tell me. Which is not great either, but how many more options are there? :(
So yeah.
We also went to a couple more furniture stores with Doug and his Dad. Maybe those salespeople don't work on commission anymore because no one was willing to barter. So home we went. We ended up looking online and found on the art van website a couch very similar to the one we'd seen, and cheaper than the store prices, we figured it would be close enough to the one we tested and we bought it. Coming in February. So that was good. We have a futon in that spot, but now the futon will go over into the mantle room and the new couch will go in the living room.
Then worked all weekend. Both days I had 6 patients which pretty much guarantees a rushed day and feeling always behind. But there were moments of good times. I had this cute little old man patient who everytime I came in the room he'd ask me if I was married and how many kids did I have, and why didn't I have kids, and I should have kids. Haha. I told him I had a husband and a cat and showed him the above picture and he says "which one is your husband?" and I said "the one that's not a cat!" and kept laughing about that all day. In his defense he is an old man and it was a small phone picture with Doug up in the corner, but I thought it was so funny.
So today I'm back to catching up with bills, groceries, and homework. Always something to do!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

part-time life

I really appreciate being able to work part-time and have time for the rest of life. I'm sorry if it seems I'm rubbing this luxury in all the full-timers faces, not trying to, just saying I really appreciate it. Especially in this season I'm going thru where I feel easily overwhelmed, its nice to have a slower pace and time to recover in between work shifts and time to do things that are important to me like sleep, exercise, read my Bible, and cook for and spend time with Doug.
I've been an steady exerciser for about 20 years (wow!) and I feel strong and for the most part fit/healthy, but I'm carrying around a little extra and it bugs me. This year I would like to lose it. So I went and saw a personal trainer. And today was a group exercise class in the morning. It was tough! I really like my home-workouts and can get a pretty good variety of exercises, but the class was intense and I pushed myself harder than I would at home, so it might be a good thing for me.
I found out about this personal trainer through a girl I went to nursing school with and she was in the class. After class I invited her over for an impromptu lunch and she said yes. So it was really nice to catch up and visit with her.
Then my mom has been asking me for help with making a photo book, so she came over. We designed a flyer for her church, and made business cards, and got her started with making her photo book.
Tonight was supposed to be book club, but a couple of the friends are sick/tired/needing babysitters I guess so we rescheduled. It stinks because I had already bought meat and was preparing food for tonight, but instead I'll cook it for me & Doug, and (our old roommate/houseguest) Thor is coming over and we'll have leftovers.
It was just a nice slow paced day and I enjoyed it!