Monday, August 22, 2016

32 weeks

Weight gained: same, 12 lbs
How I'm feeling: A little worse. Bigger, slower, more tired. Still no heartburn but the occasional leg cramp. Short of breath. Also this upper right rib pain. I don't think its from being kicked, but I really don't know. You'd think if it was from a tight bra it would be bilateral? Who knows. I painted my toenails this morning and every time I think it's the last time, but then there's one more time, but seriously I feel like today was the last time, I could hardly bend over enough without losing my breath! My belly is super scaly dry again. Not sure if it was from getting some sun from our Saturday on the lake with friends, or if it's just growing again. Baby was really cramping my lake style, no waterskiing for me, just laying on a floatie, but I did go for a tube ride. It was fun although much slower than I would have preferred!
Cravings: Still with the fruits. Also this week cheez-its and icecream.
Nesting: The windows are mostly in, they had ordered one the wrong size. Afterwards I re-painted all the sills. We still have to re-hang the blinds, but they are so dirty and I really don't feel like cleaning them. So that will wait a bit I guess. Personally I feel like new windows deserve new blinds, but Doug doesn't want to spend more $ and really our blinds are fine, just dirty.
Decisions: We met with the doula yesterday and liked her. I think I'm still on the fence on if I want it to be just Doug and I, but these statistics are swaying me towards hiring one.
And they say an increase in a mother's satisfaction with her labor experience. Pretty convincing. We still need to find a pediatrician. I got some baby name books from the library and I think we are pretty settled on the name. So that's fun.
Reading: Doug finished reading our hypnobirth book! And now he's reading a Dad's parenting guide. I am re-reading Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth and then will read the Hypnobirth book again.
Days till babymoon: 4
Days left till due date: 54. My personal guess is baby will come October 16th. There is a 'supermoon' coming that night and for whatever reason those tend to bring women into labor. In the interest of my own comfort I'd prefer if he even came a bit earlier than that, but I guess we'll see, he's the boss!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Sweet Doug

Yesterday was a pretty busy/bad day at work. I hate when I have 6 patients, everyone gets gypped on their care I feel like with meds being late since all the meds are due at the same time and it is physically impossible for me to be in 6 rooms at the same time; and me having no real firm grip on the doctor's plan for the patient since I have no time to read doctor's notes. I hate those days. There is a small satisfaction in knowing you did your best to time manage and still make it through the day, but it just seems more manageable with 5 and then I have some hope of having a conversation with a patient and/or being able to look into stuff for them. Anyway, when I went for my breakfast break (at noon) I texted Doug that if he really loved me there would be a box of cheez-its at home waiting for me after work. And then, hours later when I walked out to my car I see this:
He had found my car in the parking lot (which is no easy feat in itself) and brought me cheez-its, a coupon for a free sub for dinner, and even printed me directions to the place. So thoughtful. Later he told me he had to go to 5 stores because he couldn't find any cheez-its. The dedication!!
Today is his Friday off and we did an exercise video together. (He won't do the girly ones, which is fine, but I have a good weights one led by a man and he'll do that with me sometimes) love that we can do it together! Had breakfast together, and then he mowed the lawn while I vacuumed, and we did some organizing in our 'junk room'. Which always makes me happy to have things neater.
Then I made a quick lunch
Morningstar spicy black bean burger, mmmm, and fresh beans, tomato, and zucchini from mom's garden. So tasty. My garden seems to be a sad failure. I just don't understand. My tomatoes got a bunch of splits on the sides and then I'm afraid a fly was laying eggs in there or something. Out of 4 zucchini plants I got only 1 zucchini weeks ago, the others blossomed but never made any more fruits, and now one plant shriveled away. So sad.
Anyway. Tonight Doug and I and some of his friends are off to the dream cruise. Should be fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

31 weeks

I think this is finally 7 months.
Not much new from last week.
Weight gained: same, 12 lbs
How I'm feeling: Good. Scrubs starting to feel very tight, but don't want to use the maternity ones yet, they are ugly. Earlier in the week I felt like I could hardly breathe, but feeling back to normal again.
Cravings: Same, fruits. Yesterday had a banana, apple, 2 kiwi, and grapes
Purchases: We used up all our shower gift cards. Man those go fast! I was tallying up the stuff we still wanted and it is like $800. Ouch. Trying to look at how much is 'needs' and how much are just 'wants' right now. I always wanted to be the cheap mom who had the baby in a drawer and just made do, but they really do need some of that stuff and it's so dang expensive.
Nesting: Our new windows were supposed to be installed today but the guy "messed up his calendar", so annoying. Trying to be ready people!!
Doug made this the other day when I came home from work:
(and no, Sam's club pizza is not as good as Di'journos, fyi)
And we took this belly picture:
I practiced rocking with my first baby:
And just because I thought this little guy was so cute laying on our deck:
Days left till due date: 59
My due date is a Saturday and I'm supposed to work that Saturday/Sunday. I am really praying he doesn't come on a day when I'm at work! I really want to labor peacefully at home for as long as I can and it will not be relaxing if I'm taking care of patients and trying to either "kill time" there working or have to wait for a replacement before I can leave. My job is like at the extreme opposite of the relaxing spectrum and that's the whole point/goal of hypnobirthing. Makes me worried...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

30 weeks

8-12 weeks to go??
Weight gained: 12 lbs
How I'm feeling: A little more tired these days. The baby kicks occasionally catch me by surprise with how strong they are and/or uncomfortable when he's doing a full twist or whatever is happening in there. You can see the belly moving from the outside, freaky! I'm also feeling on the frumpy side. I had ordered all these maternity tops from Old Navy back in May when they had a great deal, I ordered my normal size medium, but they are too big in the top/shoulders. So that's a bummer, I was just trying to take advantage of a good deal and be prepared, but now it's too late to exchange. Oh well, there is still a lot of room in the belly so that's good. I can still get away with a few of my regular clothes too so that's nice.
Cravings: Same, fruits. I've been wanting to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies lately, but Doug has forbidden me from eating any more of the raw dough and so that really stomps out most of the craving. Everyone knows the dough is the best part!
Purchases: We bought the cloth diaper covers from the natural baby store. I've read I can get by with 8 covers for baby from 8-35lbs. That was about $112. We still need to buy the cloth inserts which you need more of and will probably cost another $90. We plan to do cloth diapers during the day and at home, and then disposables at night and when baby is being watched by someone else. So hopefully that will save us some money and be better for the environment. We shall see.
Workouts: Still mainly alternating my 2 strength workout videos with walking on the incline treadmill. Sometimes I do the prenatal barre video or look up a prenatal youtube yoga. My parents got me one of those big exercise balls for my birthday so that's been good to have and will also be handy for laboring.
Praise reports: My test results came back, no gestational diabetes! Yay! I guess 1 in 10 women get it so you never know. But I am thankful for that. My hemoglobin was a little low so I've been trying to eat more iron rich foods, but otherwise feeling pretty good still.
Nesting: We've been putting away stuff from the shower and the nursery walls are done! The room is smaller than I was imagining when planning my layout so I'm having Doug move things around constantly to see what I like. Hopefully it will come together soon. Can't believe a little baby will soon be in there!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

29 weeks - & Our Baby Shower

Weight gained: 11.5 lbs
Symptoms: Same. So my mom's official opinion is that my belly button pain is from where I had my belly button pierced and now the old hole is like slitting open from the pressure against the inside of the belly button. Ouch! Can that really happen?! Who knew 18-yr-old Anne's belly button decision would cause her such pain now! :(
Birth prep: Last hypnobirthing class tonight. It's been kinda nice to practice relaxing together. Still no decision on the doula. Doug has been concerned about being made to feel unnecessary as my coach/birth supporter if we had one. I think a doula's main job is to support mom but sometimes that means behind the scenes so dad can do his job as coach. And other times to give dad a break to go to the bathroom, eat something, or sleep. Still not sure. And since I'm the midwife route now anyway (as long as don't turn high-risk) a friend said they too provide a lot of support and she didn't feel a doula was necessary. We did decide to do placenta encapsulation. Also on the fence is maternity photos. I've seen so many beautiful shots on other people's blogs, but I'm not sure, I'm leaning towards saving the money for newborn pictures or family pictures.
Doctor's appointments: My appointment today my midwife said my weight is fine, I'm measuring at 30 wks, and I got my glucose test done. Anxiously awaiting the results! Hope that will be ok. No diabeetus for us thanks.
Baby shower
Last weekend we had a lovely shower thrown by my mom, best friend's mom, sister and a couple friends. I was starting to get bummed because so many people couldn't make it, as seems to happen with summer events, but we ended up with a nice amount of people and in some ways it was even better because then I could talk to everyone.
Some party shots:
We ate yummy brunch foods of mom's tasty Betty's eggs, french toast casserole, pumpkin and banana sweet breads, a yogurt parfait bar, fresh fruit, and homemade cupcakes. And played a couple games of Bible baby name trivia, the string around the belly game, and baby bingo. Doug and I received so many generous gifts.
Including two handmade quilts.
This one is from a lady at my parent's church. So cute! I love the colors, it looks just like something from etsy, and in the quilting are small details like baby bottles, rattles, and rubber ducks.
And a beautiful quilt made by my Aunt Judy. I love this outdoorsy theme, and the rabbit and squirrel at the bottom have fluffy tails!
so cute.
And as someone who has made quilts I can appreciate the time, money, and effort. What beautiful treasures for my baby, I feel so special.
And finally, a picture of Doug being "attacked" by the raccoon puppet:

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

28 weeks, aka the 3rd trimester!

We are in the third trimester!
Weight gained: 10.5 lbs
Symptoms: The belly button pain has taken some time off and been replaced by a couple of those terrible leg cramps I had read about. Charlie horse in the middle of the night where you have to jump out of bed to flex your foot. Ouch! Still waking up once a night to pee. And several mini times a night I partially wake up to roll over, it's not so automatic anymore to heave yourself from side to side! And of course baby kicks, can see my stomach moving now. I heard someone can press their ear to the belly now and hear the heartbeat, but so not true, I can't even hear it with my stethoscope.
Cravings: Still fruit. Probably ate a whole watermelon myself and several cartons of blueberries. Also burgers and icecream. We made one trip to Culvers and one to Smashburger. Mmmm. Baby needs that iron and calcium! ;)
Birth prep: Just a couple more classes of our hypnobirthing class, it's been pretty good. And we are trying to make a decision about hiring a doula.
Purchases: A shower dress for me and coming home outfit for baby boy
Days left till my sister arrives: 2
Days left till our baby shower: 3
Days left till babymoon: 29
Days left till due date: 80 (give or take!) :)

Monday, July 25, 2016

around the house

It's been an expensive month around our house. First we paid for the 7 new windows which have yet to be installed. Then paid for the cabinet doors coming from CA that my dad is going to custom build for laundry room storage. Then our refrigerator has been slowly dying, and instead of yet another craigslist fridge that lasts a year we got a new one. And now our AC is broken.
I guess I can still be thankful that we have good jobs and are able to pay for these things, and that I am blessed with a husband who in 90+ degree weather goes out in the weeds behind our house armed only with crappy harbor freight tools, his laptop of "how to fix your air conditioner" youtubes and a lot of gumption and determination. Yes, I'm very thankful for that. So Doug got a couple new fuses and is planning on installing some other part today to try to fix it. Hope it will work! And the new fridge was delivered this morning.
I can't help feeling down about some house projects that have gone wrong lately. I'm super bummed my deck/porch paint is already peeling. And I had gotten these cool solar bulb lights for the deck and both of them already snapped. Sad! And the violets mom transplanted around the deck have either been eaten by the groundhog or just dried to a crisp in all this hot weather despite my almost daily waterings. Too bad.
Another sadness is our nursery wall we've been working on and is just not turning out as we hoped. More on that another day.
One project that is finally done is the crown molding in our bedroom.
This is how the room looked before Doug and I got married and I moved in:
absolutely disgusting
We painted it "shark loop" grey and moved in.
This year during the late winter we decided to add crown molding. It was a tricky task as it went up on a slant and you had to cut all these inside/outside cuts with the miter saw.
The ol' measure twice cut once apparently does not apply to crown molding. It was like measure several times, cut several times. So often we would measure, cut, and bring the piece in just to have it still be bowing out and too long when we'd try to put it up against the wall. Truly mind-boggling.
yes, this kinda stuff happened a couple times.
We also hung curtain rods and curtains that mom and I lined with old salvation army white sheets to make them more light blocking.
And then we lived with it until the last weekend.
I spent one afternoon puttying all the little nail holes and cracks. Another afternoon painting two coats of white trim paint. A third afternoon applying the caulk between the trim and the ceiling. And maybe I should've stopped there, except our walls must not really be square and I could see cracks underneath the trim and wall that were bugging me. So this morning I caulked that crack. But bummed again because unlike my bathroom caulk job which turned out awesome this caulk looks wavy in some areas and it's just not as good. Hopefully I'm the only one who pays such close attention.
It does feel good to have one more thing checked off the to-do list.
But all these things, and working hard just to have things still 'off' just make me dream of a brand new house.
This last weekend Doug and I went with a realtor to look at a house. All I could see as I walked around was project after project. Maybe if the price were right, possibly, but to be an expensive house and still have tons of work to do, no thanks. I guess it's just as well, I think it's crazy to move now with the baby coming and I want to stick around and enjoy our home improvements and see my gardens grow, at least for now.