Tuesday, November 25, 2014

everyday life

The studying has officially begun!! Hooray! And I have signed up for the exam. So that's good. I was thinking and looking at my calendar and study plan and thinking about a date, and when I went to the state exam sign up site, only one date in all of December was available, and it was the day I had chosen, so that worked out perfectly!
I am still setting up things here around the house.
I tested out my new mixer with some Peanut Butter, Banana, Honey & Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies.
they turned out quite tasty!
I also tested a Brussel Sprout salad
you haven't known misery until you have tried to stir a jar of tahini
rrrr.... annoying.... I did find that microwaving for about a minute softened it up. Anyway, the salad was good.
And September has recovered from her brush with death! I am happy to report she is a little sweeter after we nursed her back to health. Even if that included shooting antibiotics down her throat 2x a day and eyedrops 3x a day, she seems to still like us!
she's eating!
would you look at that?!? - she's snuggling with me!
she's my Becks-substitute study buddy
and mommy's little helper
Otherwise life is studying and house fixing up. I ate some of Liz's delicious goodness. Sunflower cranberry (mock tuna, SO good) spread and jalapeno-cilantro hummmus. Mmmmmm
I'm feeling more and more homeowner-like every time I have to pick this disgusting leftover crap from the drain so our septic doesn't clog. Santa, PLEASE bring me a dispos-all!
I planted these sweet little succulants
doncha go dying on me!!
A couple nights ago we got Thai with Doug's friend(/my bridesmaid) for her belated birthday dinner. I got this Panang Curry. SO GOOD, must recreate!
The restaurant had these really cool tables that the waitress said a guy there had made from pallet wood. I have been planning on scouring craigslist for a table/chairs but am now thinking about asking that guy to build me one. Only downside- I really wanted a table that could add a leaf for guests, and I don't think his design would work that way
Last night Doug and I went downtown for the annual Christmas lighting ceremony. We saw real reindeer and window shopped. And also stuffed our faces with kettlecorn :)
it was fun

Thursday, November 20, 2014

we're home!!!

Doug and I got home Sunday afternoon after a couple hours sleep on the flight back. My parents picked us up and brought over dinner. We sat on folding chairs and looked at our pictures together. The plan was for me to start studying for the NCLEX on Monday. But mom offered to come over on Monday and help me unpack the kitchen, so we did that. Then Tuesday I unpacked my clothes and bedroom stuff. Wednesday lots of errands and finding bins for storing things. And today I took little Miss September to the vet. Poor thing. We noticed her eyes were a bit runny, and she is usually all over the place. I have to admit I liked her a little calmer and snugglier, but then I felt awful when the vet today said she had a really high fever, and an upper respiratory infection that has moved down. Poor little girl. So now we have to buy her canned cat food for awhile since she was dehydrated, and give her antibiotics and eye drops.
I do feel a lot more settled and ready to get to work now. I know my mind would have just been wandering thinking about all I had to do anyway. This has also taught me that I am not meant to be a housewife (stay at home mom, maybe, as I'm sure that's busy!). I am enjoying setting up the house, but I've been speeding right along, and when that's done, I know I will be bored.
I think too I am intimidated by this exam, and so maybe the unpacking was some of my procrastinating coming through, but now I'm ready! 4 of my classmates so far have passed, 2 have jobs, and I need to get cracking. My study buddy who already took the exam told me today she thinks I don't even need to study, but I think it will help with some of the test anxiety.
I also want to start posting some blogs about Hawaii, which Doug calls "Anne's Everyday Life - the Honeymoon Edition". But for now, some little things from this week.
plagued by saggy boots?
this handy gadget, and...
And I really am a cat mom
wet food, paaaaartay!
And our front door. So pretty. I love wreaths. Here is my new wreath with our new welcome mat. And our wedding pumpkin is still going strong! Actually it's frozen solid, but it still looks pretty :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hawaiian honeymoon

We are here in Kauai! My phone won't let me add pictures :( but we are here and having a good time.
Right now I'm laying in bed and listening to the sounds of Hawaiian music on the radio and my husband making me breakfast before we head out on our hiking the Nepali coast adventure!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

future MRS thoughts

3 full days until the wedding day.
I feel like I've been so busy these last weeks with finishing school, finishing work, and now packing and moving, and always with the wedding planning, that I haven't had that much time to blog, or journal, or even self-reflect.
I'm sitting in my room surrounded by half packed boxes and feeling overwhelmed and thought, what a perfect time to stop for a blog break :). Haha. Moving in to Jill's condo I had mixed feelings. Mostly I felt so depressed being newly divorced, and just feeling like I had 2 years of my nose to the grindstone for nursing school. (although part of me was looking forward to living with my friend!) And moving out I feel so different. The only thing I won't miss is Jill's toaster, aka "toastdor the burninator", haha. But I have actually loved this season of being here. It has been healing, and strengthened me, and such a beautiful time of friendship and growth. I will miss it.
I am very excited to marry Doug.
2 years ago I never would have even believed I might be getting married again. I never dreamed that God could out-do what I thought to be the best at that time. But this feels, and IS, so different. I just feel a greater commitment, and a deeper intimacy that comes when you choose someone who loves God first as you do.
I also feel a little afraid. I know that we are 2 imperfect people coming together, and that we will hurt each other. I know that I will fail in how I respond to Doug at times. But I am looking forward to the joys ahead, the adventures, and the trials. I feel that we will be able to face them together and that God will lead us through. I pray that I will be a wife who respects her husband, and honors him, and seeks to put his needs first. That will be difficult as I have had to become self-sufficient over the last couple years, and I was proud that I was able to do that. And not anything weird like I'm not a whole person without a husband, but that I need to think first of him, and 'us' and not me first. God will have to help me.
I'm so thankful for this journey. Wow, God is so good. Thank you everyone who has prayed for me and been on this journey with me!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

one week to go!

another busy week.
I took my last exam and now I am a graduate nurse!!
Doug took me to Chili's for dessert to celebrate and we had a good time playing Plants vs. Zombies on their tabletop computer things.
So addicting!
Other happenings this week:
The cutest little girl in the world turned 1!!
Oh my gosh I'm so sad to be so far away while she grows up :(
I went up to my parents and made desserts for our dessert buffet.
my favorite ginger molasses cookies and Hershey's chocolate cake
my grandmother's hot milk sponge cake
while I was home I harvested the crop of gourds we planted for our wedding. A bumper crop it was not, but how cute are these little guys!?
Friday night Doug came with me to an unofficial pinning ceremony with my nursing cohort. I guess our school used to do a ceremony but they don't anymore. Lame! So we did our own. This girl has this awesome barn and we all went over and brought food and drinks and bought our own RN pins and pinned each other. It was fun.
They had remodeled the barn and had this wall made of old MI license plates, it was really cool
We're so proud! 26 out of our class of 40 came while we were there, it was pretty fun. Those 2 years flew by! Now to pass the NCLEX and get a job!

Monday, October 20, 2014

sweetest day

My sweetie brought me some treats for sweetest day.
Fun flowers and chocolate covered strawberries, mmmm
I had made this cauliflower alfredo from my favorite food blog girl.
I had that cauliflower in the fridge a couple weeks, I just never felt like making the recipe. But no grocery shopping in a couple weeks has made me desperate, and so I cooked it up. It was quick and easy. And honestly it was delicious the first time. But Doug didn't love it, and it wasn't quite as good the next day, so I'm not sure if I'll make it again.
Speaking of my favorite blog people, food blog girl had a baby and has been much less active, another favorite blogger has almost completely dropped off the face of the internet, and my very favorite home blog has decided to stop blogging after 7 years. I applaud their decision for their family, there were some definite sacrifices being made there, but I'll miss it. And just when I'm getting a home!! Alas. I do still have a few more blogs I really like, I hope they stay! :)
Sunday I spent most of the day studying
Jill cooked up a feast
it was glorious
she made chicken stir fry from scratch and chicken biriyani from a starter packet (I will definitely be buying that, it was so good!)
And today was my LAST exam!! (of my ADN program, I still have to do the BSN completion program) I ended up passing this last semester with an A and a B+. Woot.
Seems like this 2 years flew by. I remember my first day, and my first exam where I sobbed in the hall after it, and many many times saying 'no' to stuff so I could study. I can't believe there was a time where I thought I would go to nursing school and not tell anyone till my surprise graduation. Haha, I think that stemmed more from a fear of public failure, but I'm glad I let people in, I have needed this support and encouragement!
October 2014 future RNs:
Yay! We did it!

Friday, October 17, 2014

sweet dreams

I knew people at work were giving me a luncheon today, I still have a week and a half left, but today must have been a good day.
What I did not know was that they all chipped in for the cost of materials, and one of the ladies at work made me a quilt!
(thanks Jill's bed for modeling)
This lady has won awards for her quilts, and having made one quilt myself (and never another, SO time intensive) I could really appreciate how much work went into it. I was really touched they all did that for me!
And this sweet little tag
Doug and I had registered for our shower and also said if people wanted to contribute towards a mattress that would be great, and people really blessed us. We went mattress shopping this week and it will be delivered just in time, I'm looking forward to seeing how the quilt looks in our room. How fun!
This job has been such a great opportunity for me as I've been going through school and I'm going to miss it!
I would've liked to stay a bit longer, but for the 'nurse tech' position you have to be a student, and as of next monday I will be done! So it seemed a good stopping point to be right before the wedding. Now we can get married, honeymoon, and come back and study for my license exam, and then hopefully find a job somewhere!