Thursday, August 14, 2014

notes and eats

The other morning I walk out to my car at 6am to go to work and I see a note on my windshield. I get in the car and read this:
And yes, I was slightly offended, or rather, irritatingly amused. There may be some guilt of the parking example on the right, I back my car in to the spot and don't want to scrape the curb so I might not be all the way in, but I do NOT park crooked like that middle guy! And even if I did, the spots are larger than most spots so who cares. Who is this parking critiquer anyway?! The whole thing was kind of creepy.
Otherwise another good busy week. Doug and I met up a couple of my cousins at a vegetarian restaurant and then went to see a documentary about the Nuremberg trials. It was interesting.
I don't know if people know this already, but an umbrella also doubles as a way to sneak a take-out container of delicious peach crisp, complete with icecream, into a movie theatre...
Doug and I also picked a church for the wedding! It's not too glamourous inside, but it works, and most importantly it will let me bring in my pastor to marry us. Yay! He's great.
Then we drove up to the place we are having our reception and looked at it again. It's so beautiful, I kind of wish we were getting married in the summer. But my favorite season is fall, hopefully it will be nice in November still. Not counting on it though, it has been a chilly summer!
I get the feeling there are a lot of variations of what seems to be Doug's favorite pose in my future...
And I made my favorite veggie burgers again. This time Doug baked us some sweet potato fries and we had green beans from mom's garden
And again tonight with a pickle and corn on the cob. I have always loved my corn so peppery that my lips are tingling afterwards, mmmm
And then tonight I baked some chocolate chip cookie bars with cut up pieces of dark chocolate I got for my birthday. I have been making lots of vegan cookies lately, but they ain't got nothing on these. Real butter, white flour and sugar, eggs, and lots of chocolate, mmmmm

Monday, August 11, 2014

life lately

Doug and I have been so busy planning. I go back to school in 2 weeks and I'm not ready! I feel like all I did was work this summer. I did go to CO and FL, and have one more weekend up North this weekend, but seems like too much work. And crazy, I'm working harder and longer than at my law job and not making as much money. That stinks. Oh well, good for the resume building and future so it's worth it.
Doug and I checked out some suits last week
no hats!
He wants to still check out another place, so we have to do that. We also went to sample a caterer and I'm glad we did. They weren't great. Even the rolls were not that great, if you can't make a good roll, that makes me very skeptical! So now trying to arrange to meet a couple others. I really was hoping to have this out of the way before school started.
We also planted little pumpkin plants and gourds for our table decorations. The packet said they grew in 109 days and I think I planted them at like 106. So we'll see. Maybe they'll be small?? If it works at all I save some money, if not, I only spent $3 on seeds. And maybe I'll have a late November gourd/pumpkin sale of my own! haha
I was growing these in the sunny spot at the condo on top of some electrical box, but they went up to be transplanted to mom's garden. Grow little babies grow! We also planted some at Doug's house, so maybe we'll get some. Fingers crossed.
One thing I noticed that I loved was Doug and I were planning on meeting at his house to carpool somewhere and he said "see you at home" awwww.... it's our home already!
We also had a nice date night this week where wedding planning was limited, yay. He came over with belated birthday flowers
And when we came back after walking Becks and picking up a library movie, we came back to this nice surprise
awww, I'm going to miss my roomie!

Monday, August 4, 2014


I turned 33 on Friday.
..or 3 and 2+1 =3, same thing
mom and dad brought over birthday dinner and we ate with Jill and Doug and had cake, icecream and presents. this was actually a couple days before since Jill and my parents were both going to be gone on my actual bday
Doug gave me a fine assortment of dark chocolates, mmmm
My actual bday I had taken off work. I don't really like working on my birthday, and I feel like that soon won't be a choice anymore, but it was this time! I slept in, made myself some pancakes (with melted chocolate bar and some of mom's jam, mmmm)
The rest of the day was kind of boring actually. I always want a day to myself, and then midway I get kinda lonely. Doug came over for dinner, and we went to his friend's mentalism show that night and then to BWW.
The next day Doug and I had planned a day together in Ann Arbor walking around, going to my favorite restaurant, and shopping/browsing. Our plan was somewhat slowed down by the Manchester United game that was going on, and record breaking attendance made getting into town very s-l-o-w. But we got there! We had lunch at my favorite Afternoon Delight
mmm, so good, everytime
We visited with my cousin Sarah who lives in the city, and did some shopping in the downtown stores. And then we met with our photographer for some engagement pics!
I crushed Doug's dreams when I said he couldn't do this pose
Our photographer posted this one on FB today, I'm excited to see how the rest turned out!
I think 33 will be a great year :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

dragonmouth casserole and a concert

After bookclub last week I begged Liz for the recipe of another delicious thing she made. She sent me this:
I think the only thing missing from my pic was 1 lb browned beef, or turkey. I used chicken. Layer them all up, bake and eat.
Mine ended up hot because I used 2 adobe peppers, but very good.
A couple months ago I begged my old boss for tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert. He has a connection. And I didn't hear anything until the night before the concert, but he got us free tickets! There was a brief hold-up at will call, but we got our tickets and were randomly seated just a few rows behind my friend Jenna. I sent her this text when we first got there, but my bad cell reception didn't send it through until she'd already seen us, boo! It would have been really funny.
Me & Jill
Our tickets were pretty good, and better yet, free! The concert was fun (altho I liked last years with JayZ better). This time Justin had this awesome scaffold thing that moved the entire span of the stadium so he passed by really close and people in the back got to see him too, that was really cool.
Otherwise this week has been really busy. Tomorrow is my birthday and I took the day off. I don't like working on my birthday, and this may be one of the last times when I have the ability to not work on it- so gosh darn it I'm not going to!
My parents, and my 2 besties are out of town, and Doug's at work. So my exciting plans are to get 8 hours of sleep, make breakfast, probably lay on the floor and watch Catching Fire DVD Jill got me, work on some wedding stuff, maybe use this massage coupon Doug got me for Christmas, and then later we are going to a magic show. Sounds pretty good to me.
I am ready for a long weekend, today at work was a come home, skip the workout, and make cookies kind of day!
The last time I made these they were tasteless and mushy, and I'm glad to say today's were better.

Monday, July 28, 2014

dashing young warrior

Yesterday Doug ran in the Warrior Dash and he wanted me to go watch him. He came to pick me up bright and early in his "running suit":
We headed over with a couple of his friends for the race.
And here he was after:
He was a celebrity in that suit! I kept hearing people say, "look there's the suit guy!" and he was high 5'd so many times, and several people took pictures of him. It was fun. He even got pulled aside at the end for a professional photo which went onto the main website. Under his name it said: "when we asked Doug why he chose to wear a suit he replied, "because I wanted to look stylish, and I had a job interview after this". Haha, yup that sounds like him! :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

2 years later

Today marks 2 years divorced. I realized the date as I was signing papers at work. It is amazing how fast time flies.
Two years ago I was at the courthouse coming down the elevator with mom (and Andrew) and taking off my rings. One year ago I was picking up Joel and Michelle from the airport and getting ready for Elizabeth's wedding, and starting to think about dating again.
The hardest part is far behind me. Almost the entire first year from New Years Eve 2011 when he said he wanted the divorce, to New Years Eve 2012 when a full year had gone by- I was divorced, and had survived, and I had spent an entire year doing things on my own, that was the hardest part. But making it that first year showed me that I could do it. It showed me what loving and supportive friends and family I have. That God had brought me through. That He still had plans for me.
I don't think I'll talk about divorce forever, but it is a part of my past, and hopefully has shaped me to be more compassionate to others who are hurting, and more appreciative and loving to the people in my life. And to be more thankful to my God who is so good to me, and never let me down.
So yeah, I remembered when I saw the date today, but mostly I thought about how today is 99 days until my wedding. And how excited I am for my future.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fly Hero

I went to Doug's house last night and I saw a little fly trapped in what I thought for months was a birdfeeder. So I asked Doug if he would rescue him and let him out. Then he told me that was a bee-catcher because he was getting bees in his house. But he let the little fly out and took down the catcher, with the condition that if bees were coming back in, it would go back up.
I was too late for all these flies
(attention birds, dried fly carcass feast!)
But I was happy to save that one fly. I hate the thought of anything suffering, even if it is a pesky fly.
This evening Jill and I had a roommate hangout that seemed loooong overdue. I made bean-kale veggie burgers (ok, but not great so won't share recipe)
with a side of roasted potatoes, and made strawberry shortcakes for dessert (not pictured because I gobbled it up too quickly)
We watched an episode of Call the Midwife, and went for a nice long walk through the park and talked. So nice. I miss the days where we used to just sit around and talk and eat popcorn, life is too busy!