Monday, March 20, 2017

weekend update

Not a lot new going on over here. Doug and I are still busy with our Apologetics class. I'm back in a nursing class, he's taking a welding class. Working, seeing friends, making food, and raising this baby.
Liz and I went over to hang out with Erin a couple days last week
August hanging out with Ben
Daddy/son bedtime story
Tisiphone came over to meet August and hang out, it was nice to catch up with her
yesterday was a first: first time baby toes on the grass! Then Doug held him while I picked up sticks from the windstorm last week. About 45 mins and only like 1/5 the yard cleared!
My mom said when I was a baby our house in Detroit didn't have a yard, so the first time my toes touched grass I was afraid and cried. August didn't seem to care either way.
Mama/son time while daddy went to the movies with a friend
This weekend Doug and I had the opportunity to go out to dinner and a movie with Liz and Mark while his parents watched August. I'm sure that this wasn't our first time out, but it really seemed like maybe only the second. Liz was like "do you miss him?" *cricket cricket* can't lie, kind of nice to be baby-free for a bit.
And the movie Hidden Figures was awesome, I highly recommend it. Teared up a few times.
Yesterday looked out the window to see a little kitty hiding in the crook of the tree hoping a bird would come to the feeder. I made Doug go get her down so she couldn't pounce on anything!
This morning woke up to find this little guy halfway under the mesh barrier between our beds. It may be time to move him to his crib. I was really shooting for 6 months. And especially on nights like last night when he woke up 4 times, I really do not want to be trudging to another room to get him, it's so nice having him close. But I don't want it to be dangerous for him either. We shall see.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

August's 4 month update

This little guy is growing up fast!
Today he had his 4 month doctor appointment. He's 26.5 inches long (95% percentile), and 14lbs 10 ounces (50%), he's gained 6 lbs since birth. Normally a baby should double their birth weight by 4 months, but his doctor said they worry about that less when they are born over 8lbs. She said he's doing great and meeting all his milestones. The downsides of the visit: he has some dry dry skin! So no more washing all our clothes together, I need to try washing his alone with a no dye/no perfumes. Bummer, extra loads of laundry. But hopefully that will help.
The other issue was at this appointment she noticed a heart murmur. So now he has to see a pediatric cardiologist. She said she's not really worried since he's not blue or short of breath or anything, but I still cried on the way home. My baby! I've been praying for a friend's baby who has to have open heart surgery this month, so of course my brain went there for August. But I really should be so thankful he is likely healthy and to keep lifting up the precious children who really do have serious medical needs.
Other than that he's doing good. I love our pediatrician, she is so awesome. She's super into health promotion and boosting the immune system. So now August is on vitamin D drops, a probiotic, and baby DHA. Seems kinda weird to have a little baby on those supplements, (and he smells so fishy after the DHA, ew!) but the evidence is there in the research that it does help. He's had 2 colds so far, but otherwise doing good.
And now for a slew of pictures:
August and grandpa
his little teething goat (no teeth yet, just lots of putting stuff in his mouth)
that smile!!!
reading books with mom.
so this little hat I bought "for my future baby" when I was probably in high school. To see it on my real baby like 15 years later, I totally teared up
rocking his 3-6 month clothes already
little nursing feet. he's always kicking off his socks
such sturdy little legs!
playing with his friend Miralie while Doug and I went to our Bible class
sweet little messy mullet
celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's birthdays!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

weekend update

typing for my life as the baby naps next to me. I'm feeling very busy with being back to work, back to school, still trying to exercise, keep a clean house, good meals, and looking at houses too.
This was a very tasty vegan mac and cheese, I can't find the recipe online anymore, but it was good.
Made goulash with a side of roasted brussel sprouts. Bonus, sprouts at Aldi are already washed and trimmed!
This weekend I spent several hours talking and eating on the couch with my friend Jill while Doug watched August. It was so nice to catch up.
We also put in an offer on a house (and lost), so the search continues.
Last week our neighbor had invited us over for dinner, she should've said a feast actually, she made so many different things!
She gave August an envelope with $100 in it, um, that was generous!
Us with our boys, our neighbor is pregnant again with a little girl. Things that make me feel sad when we talk about moving!!
Also speaking of babies, we went to visit a friend's new little one
Little Luke. I felt like August seemed so big compared to him! I miss the newborn stage already (well without the torn lady-parts and feeding every couple hours). August mostly gives me 3-6 hour stretches at night now.
I'm missing this guy:
It seems like we hardly have any quality time to ourselves anymore. So busy! The other night he put August to bed, pulled out the futon bed, set up his laptop to play this youtube aquarium scene and we laid there and talked. It was actually really nice. His parents said they'd come sometime this week and we can get out on a date night, that'd be a treat.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

weekend update

Last weekend I worked. I caught August's cold and just felt m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e. Sunday morning I was dawdling around the house and looked at the time and I needed to leave 10 minutes ago. Luckily Doug (and August) hopped in the car and sped me over there, saving me lots of time parking and walking in from the employee parking lot. I made it through the weekend alright, but there was one point where I was sitting in the manager's office pumping, sneezing, coughing, and got a nosebleed. It was a low. I emerged from the office all disheveled with a bloody tissue hanging from my nose. Who wants me to take care of them?!
Doug came to the hospital in the afternoon to drop me off some cough drops and he put some reese's hearts in there for me. Such a sweet guy. Drove 3 times to the hospital for me that day total.
Anyway, now I have several days off. August and I walked yesterday outside it was nice, but after a day or so to get caught up at home I start to get bored again. Making plans with a couple friends.
Speaking of breastfeeding, I hit another mark on what I imagine is a 'breastfeeding mother's list'. I already checked the box of nursing while using the bathroom, today's was nursing while answering the door. (I honestly thought the mailperson just dropped something off and rang the doorbell, but she was still standing there waiting for a signature when I opened it). Still to hit on the list: rude breastfeeding comments (haven't gotten any of those yet), and nursing on a plane. That second one should be reached in the fall as I just ordered our plane tickets to visit my sister over Labor day. Yay!! I hate my siblings being so far away. We all saw each other for Christmas, but there's no other plans to see them, as of yet, for 2017. So at least I'll see her. My brother is building a new house, so I thought if I can handle August alone with me on a plane, maybe we'll go out there end of the year.
Recent pics:
When mom wears a baby:
when dad wears a baby:
owwwz my neck!
baby blues
August rolled back to front now so I stopped swaddling him at night. Then he hasn't done it again. He's still in the side-sleeper but it's starting to make me nervous every night. We put one of those crib bumper things (the mesh one) around his bed so he couldn't roll into the crack or onto our bed, but I woke up last night to see him on his side with his face pressed deeply into it and I panicked. (He was fine.) So Doug put books under 2 legs so he'd slant towards the other way. It's just not ideal. But still waking up 2-3x a night, so I still want him close rather than me having to walk down the hall several times a night... I don't know. Baby problems.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentines Day

I woke up to some nice treats from my sweetie.
a trifecta of salty/sweet deliciousness
The past 2 years I made a heart shaped pizza for Doug. Equally loved both years. So I went to make it again, but somehow fumbled the pan when I went to put it in the oven....
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I almost cried tears of sadness. There was a brief moment of thinking if I could rescue it, but it was completely uncooked and laying inside our Craigslist oven... nah
So Doug and I instead went and got Chipotle, a redbox, and then went out for icecream, and it was a nice Valentine's day after all.
August had his first Meijer horsey ride
and he's grown big enough for this hat made by our friend Megan- who just today had another baby boy of her own :)
just 3 months ago he was smothered in it
my baby is growing so fast, waaaahh!
and tonight was take 2 success for the heart-shaped pizza!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

weekend update

Sometimes being married means you come home and see your husband has purchased something for the house:
not that it can't be useful tho...
This week had a couple food fails in it:
this was a crockpot coconut quinoa that was super blah
these were 'black bean noodles' found at Aldi and made into a coconut curry (am I sensing a coconut curry theme!?!) with peppers, but the noodles altho full of protein were the consistency of rubber bands and pretty much tasted like it too
Some good things this weekend:
pancakes for family breakfast (altho a fail compared to my dad's delicious pancakes)
I keep buying fruit at the beginning of the week for Doug's lunches, but then it's never ripe until the weekend! So we had fresh pineapple. And the bananas got too ripe again, which I don't mind because then I make another loaf of the vegan banana bread, so good!
Also new spring kitchen towels :)
This evening we are going to a friend's for a visit for her bday, then Doug is having his friends over for a bonfire. We don't have superbowl plans so looking forward to just a day home relaxing.
And of course, some pics of August:
When he doesn't have one and/or both hands in his mouth he is now taking a binky. I like the binky, I also like he can use his hands when the binky falls out so he won't be one of those babies who screams when it falls out hopefully
Doug likes this cheap mustache one, I prefer the expensive organic rubber one haha
this 'sunny day family walk' was very short-lived, too cold!
cutie pie!