Monday, September 19, 2011

feels like fall

Well yesterday felt more like summer... but anyway.

This weekend I went home to hang out with my mom. I wasn't crazy about the hour drive, but I've been missing my parents and wanted to carpe diem. We went to a nearby orchard and picked apples. Then sat and had delicious cinnamon donuts and apple cider. My mom was telling me a story about the bible study she has at our house. She said a froggy (well really 2) had came in the patio door and she knelt down to look under the table to grab him out. And when she stood back up she looked down at her pants and she had knelt down on a second frog and crushed it!! She said she had to soak her pants b/c there was frog juice on them. Haha, so gross, how do you not feel that!?! Then she told me how the next day she was working in the garden and she saw a frog hop into the barn. So she grabbed him and went to throw him out the door- but she said somehow instead of out, she threw him up and he smashed into the top of the doorwall. I was laughing so hard. I never knew my mom was a frog murderer.

We also went and visited my friend who was working at her dad's honey/grape stand. So that was fun. She and I lived only a little over a mile from each other growing up and would always ride our bikes to each other's houses. I love that we are still best friends, 20 years later!

I loved the drive there though, the air smells like fires burning and the sun was setting through the trees and over the lake where I would love to have a house someday. It was really calming.

Came home and made my first batch of butternut squash soup for the season, and my first apple pie in about 3 years. Both were excellent :)

the apples

my pie crust

cut up apples

my crumb top (I don't really like other pie crust)

and hot out of the oven (with squash soup cooking in background)

Hubbs even stopped at Mc Donald's to get me a vanilla cone so I could have some ice cream on my pie, mmmm

It was yummy. I wished someone was coming over to eat some, but Hubbs had to study so I just ate some myself. Pie making is hard work! But it was a nice treat.

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  1. I made butternut squash soup this past Sunday too! I still have your recipe written on a little sheet of paper. I've been enjoying eating it all week :) - Lois