Thursday, September 29, 2011

not much going on

Yesterday was a good, but not very exciting day.

Came home and the Hubbs had ran 20 miles. He is training for the marathon in a few weeks and so it was his longest run yet. My sweet Hubbs ran 20 miles after work, and then made dinner for us so it'd be ready when I came home. He made a recipe for Green Chile Chili, I don't remember where I got the recipe, but it was pretty tasty. It had one bottle of dark beer in it, so I could taste that a little, but mostly it tasted good. It was called green chile chili b/c it had salsa verde and green chiles in it, but it wasn't green at all!

After dinner we watched the end of Modern Family and then I made him sit in the tub filled with cold water. It wasn't ice, but we thought it'd be good to prevent swelling and too much soreness. Poor thing instantly started shivering when he sat down, it was sad to see! That was pretty much our night :)

Oh- I did get my glasses refunded! But they did charge me the 20% "re-stocking fee" even though when I went in last weekend I said I didn't think that was fair because they should have known the lens they chose wasn't right. I had looked up the medical codes they used and it said that lens they used was for up to -7 and my glasses prescription was a -12 lens. So how is that right?? Anyway, he wouldn't do it, so lesson learned never to go there again. I do think that's crap though, I'm sure they could have covered it and I think that it would have been in the best business interest to have a happy customer.. but I guess they disagree. Now is the kind of time when I wish I knew more internet stuff so I could write a review, but I don't. Anyway, glad to be done with that!


  1. Grrr stupid glasses place! I'm sorry they wouldn't back down, totally lame!

    I am in awe of Andrew running 20 miles, wow! Crazynees!

  2. YAY for running 20 miles! great idea about the freezing cold bath too. when he runs 20+ make him an ice bath, it'll be great for recovery :). granted i'm too wimpy to actually get in a ice-filled bath tub, but maybe andrew is more disciplined than me :).

  3. Hello Anne. In case you wondering why you can't get your glasses as thin as before is because your sight crossed over the -10 threshold. We can do wonders with polycarbonate but after -11 we have to go to with 1.67 1.74 index or a new lens called 1.9 lantel glass to achieve thinner lenses. If you are a -12 then I would suggest the glass lenses for the thinnest look possible.