Wednesday, September 7, 2011

California Gurls (and their husbands)

My friend Jill moved away last year. Her husband joined the army and was stationed in California for the first part of his training. So over the long weekend we went to visit.

And what sounds more fun than a 20 mile hike through Big Sur?!?! So on Saturday morning we strapped on our backpacks and headed off

we pumped/cleaned river water with this contraption Jill bought. I was still scared to use it, but didn't get sick. (so far anyway, who knows if something is growing inside me this very minute! *shudder*)

at the end of the first day, we had hiked to an actual hot spring

which was nice and warm, but why was I thinking there would be a smooth pool bottom?? False.

And we camped out and ate our army MREs

and headed back out the next day. Here we are by the entrance to the hike

tired... hungry... cranky and sore. This hike was r-o-u-g-h I don't know if it was because of the packs or maybe combined with too small hiking shoes, but it was a difficult one.

we stopped by the waterfall at Big Sur on our way home

And then to their house to relaxxx. Their super cute dog Becks also came with us on the trail in his very own carrier. What do you think, future family photo?

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