Monday, September 26, 2011

It was a good weekend

He passed!!! Hubbs passed his board exam with a 91%, smarty pants, and so now he can legally work in Michigan. We were very happy. We went out to dinner at Olive Garden, and then met up friends at a brewery, and then went over to their house to play games. It was a fun night.

Sunday we went to church, and then met up for lunch with my friend from book club- and her husband who plays basketball with Andrew. And then the girls watched the boys play basketball.

When we came home our Moth Annihilation plan was resumed. The other day we found a moth on one of those traps. So we had to hunt for more. This time the moths were in a can of steel cut oats. I checked that can last week, and it was all clear- so they must have been eggs then, ewww. I don't understand these moths, they must have a really quick life cycle cause that wasn't very long ago! And of course they were in my other box of Red River (that was also sealed). My friend at lunch told me that her parents had those moths and 'they never could get rid of them'.... nooooo!!! Hopefully our system will work though, we now threw everything boxed away and now things will be jarred air-tight...

So I got all my jars unpacked

Washed them

Hubbs made stir fry

Then loaded up the jars

And here they are nice and put away

Although I ended up with too many small jars and not enough bigger ones. I should have known this, but apparently fluid ounces are much smaller than dry ounces, so for example a 8oz thing of panko would not fit into a 16 oz. jar, and barely even into a 32 oz. jar - so I need to see what I can do. And we haven't really thought of what to do about cereal boxes either...

The rest of the night I made a roasted tomato, onion, garlic and tomato soup, yummy

Talked to my brother on his 28th birthday, and relaxed with popcorn and The Bourne Identity... and this guy...

Good times. So this morning on the way to work it was super rainy. And as I got to work I saw something out of the corner of my eye and it was rain coming into my car from the sunroof! The roof was all the way closed, but it is somehow getting in. I could see the overhead light compartment thing was full of water. So that can't be good, but not really sure what to do about it either! Dad, help!!!! :)


  1. YAYAYA Congrats to Andrew!!!!

    Your cabinet looks SO organized! Love it!

  2. you were able to comment! :) so yeah, it's easy to look organized when you had to throw everything away and didn't have enough 'grocery bucks' to replace everything, haha

  3. Nice labels on the jars. Reminds me, I'm out of tape for my labelmaker. NoooOoOoooo!

  4. LOVE the BLOG! i'm a huge fan of your writing style :).

    BIG congrats to Andrew! Whenever I need an x-ray done, I know who to call! I'll make sure to bring the x-ray tho.