Friday, September 9, 2011

Rotten Potatoes

Now while I knew that potatoes could get squishy and grow eyes when they are getting old- I did not know that they could get a crusty shell and bubbling out insides and leave a dried blood looking stain on your floor, and a smell that your husband describes as "death" as he immediately bagged up and took out the trash.

This is what I grabbed when I went to get a potato last night:

ewwww!!!! what?!?!?!

I wanted to cut it open. I was convinced something was growing inside. I had never felt that texture before. But Hubbs would have none of it, so into the trash it went.

And I continued to get a different potato and made a fantastic omlet for dinner. Potatoes, onions, garlic, chicken, cheese- it was a good one!

Last night we went to a 'how to save for a house' seminar thing. It was a lot of budgeting which we already do and then some on saving for a house and info on loans etc. We came home and looked again at the ol' budget and I immediately felt hopeless. I feel that we are so careful already. We both have old cars, pack our lunches everyday, don't really get much new stuff- and yet we are spending almost all we earn every month. How is this possible?? Not too promising for the stay-at-home-mom dreams. Stay-at-home-mom-living-in-parents-basement maybe! No thanks. So we'll see. I actually feel really lucky, Hubbs is really good with our money and I totally trust his judgment, but it is hard.

And then when we came home I immediately went for the sweatshirt.

I have lots of sweatshirts, but for some reason I always reach for this one. Good old $7 OU sweatshirt. Sexy I know.

Anyway, our 'free heat' at our apartment doesn't even turn on till October so it is already a bit chilly. Or maybe I've just gotten used to it being at least 80 in our apartment!

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