Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Last night we left California from visiting my friend and her husband who live out near Monterey. We had a nice Labor Day weekend. Well, actually it was exhausting. We did a 20 mile hike in Big Sur and it was rough. I thought since surviving the Inca Trail in Peru last weekend that I could handle it, but it was hard. It could have been that this time I was carrying a 25 lb pack?, but it was quite strenuous. There were blisters. There were falls. There were tears of frustration. But there were also good times with friends and good memories made. Maybe pictures tomorrow if I have time to upload.

So no sleep on the flight from San Jose to Phoenix, maybe 1 hour as Hubbs and I lay on the floor in the terminal waiting for our next flight, and probably 2 hours sleep on the flight from Phoenix to Detroit. And then straight from the airport to work. Not the most refreshing way to start the work week, but it's really hard to plan because you lose so much time flying East and it was the best way to maximize visiting time.

And that appears to be the end of our travels for 2011, sadly. I have used all my vaca time, and Hubbs has just started his new job and has to accrue, but they were good ones!

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