Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Small(-ish) Group

Last night our small group resumed after taking a summer hiatus. They had people at church re-sign up, so this time our small group of 10 had grown to about 19 people. It was fun to meet some new people and I am excited to share life together over the next few months. Our group leader said this is the last group they will lead, because then they are going to move into a small group leader training role next time. And he said that they hope that each 'semester' people would join a different group so they can meet more and more new people everytime. This is probably a good idea but I felt a bit sad. I am more of a small group, really getting to know each other type person. And that takes time. But on the other hand, Hubbs and I have been going to our new church for 9 months now and still really only know those 10 or so people- so it could be good to learn more.

I felt like I was awkward last night though. During the introductions this couple by us said they were also newlyweds, and we asked if they had kids, they said 'no' and Hubbs and I did a little high-five. (even though we want kids eventually- we have been wishing for some more people in our same stage of life now). Then at the end, people were sharing prayer requests and that couple shared that they wanted to start a family but then her job dropped her health ins so they can't afford to right now, and I felt like a jerk. Hubbs said I'm just overanalyzing, but I'd just hate to have hurt someones feelings, esp the first night! So I apologized, but still felt bad. Hopefully they'll get to know me more over the next months and know that while I'm not always tactful, I'm not intentionally hurtful.

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  1. Yayaya for small groups!!! I agree with Andrew, you are probably just overanalyzing. I'm sure they thought nothing of it.