Friday, September 23, 2011

busy weekend

This weekend is going to be pretty busy. Tomorrow morning I have to go back to the eyeglasses place and see if we can work anything out. I'm trying not to plan what I'm going to say, as I usually do in daydreams, because it still makes me mad. But I am hopeful for a resolution.

Next I'm going up to my hometown for "Dryden Fest" where I am going to help my friend sell her stuff. I'm hoping it's not too rainy and there will be a good turnout! I am really proud of my friend. She quit her full-time job to be able to do something that she is really passionate about, and started her own raw food business. I think that's so brave. First of all I don't think I do anything good enough to make it into a business (except my knit baby hats are really cute), but then to be brave enough to actually pursue it. I'm impressed. So yeah, a afternoon to hang out with my bff and eat free guac all day, priceless!

In the evening, I will either be celebrating or consoling my Hubbs. He takes his national board exam on Saturday and on our weekly schedule board he had written: Saturday - exam followed by celebration or depression. And he's not joking. This past week hasn't been very fun as he's been studying every night and getting more and more anxious as the date looms closer. I think he'll be just fine, he's worked so hard and he's just fresh out of school so hopefully some of those answers are still lurking in that brain of his, but he's just so nervous. Prayers are appreciated!

The other task for the weekend is more pantry work. I had ordered a bunch of jars to store our food and keep us safe from future pantry moth invasions, and they arrived. So now I need to wash them, and get everything stocked back up. We haven't seen a single moth since our search & destroy mission, but the fear of them still is there. One morning I saw Hubbs drive over to our apt dumpster and throw away a box of Life cereal. And he made me throw away a brand new box of triscuits because the bag had a small hole. We are paranoid, yes. But eating a larvae would be worse than wasting some money, so it's ok.

Sunday's agenda so far just looks like church and lunch. I'm looking forward to it, our lives have been far too busy and I need a good old nap and movie day!

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