Monday, August 1, 2011

30... Flirty... and Thriving

Ok, so maybe just 30 and thriving... So, today I am 30. I'm ok with this so far. Ever since 13 going on 30 debuted in 2004 I was looking forward to 30. It seemed so glamourous and grown up. And I couldn't help but notice many of the celebs actually got better looking with age!

Anyway, I remember being afraid to turn 20 because I thought all the fun and craziness of my teens would be gone. And my 20s were great, and still packed with fun and craziness! Taking a look back, I realize in that decade I accomplished a lot of things: massage certificate, bachelors degree, paralegal certificate, learned to snowboard, traveled to India, Singapore, Venezuela, Mexico x2, Costa Rica, Honduras and got married to the love of my life! Pretty good things indeed!

The 30s are looking very promising. In this decade I hope to experience many new adventures such as parenting, being a homeowner, perhaps another degree(?), new hobbies and much more travel- starting with our trip to Peru this month! Yes, I think 30 will be just fine :)

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