Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I tried a new video this morning:
I've heard a lot of good stuff about this workout on this fitness girl's blog so I asked for a dvd for my bday and tried it this morning. Instantly the lady bugged me 'look how good your thighs look,' a rediculous looking 'thigh dance', and personally I prefer the word 'butt' to 'seat', but it did seem like a good workout. Now the only trouble is to figure out when to do it. You'd think as someone with a minor in exercise science I would have no problem designing myself an exercise program, but it's actually tricky. Hubbs has said he would run with me, so we are planning on 3x a week, and so on the other 2 days I would like to strength train, but then what about this workout? I'd like to do it more than once, but I still need one day off a week. So I'm not sure... I only got the 30 min dvd b/c I don't have an hour in the morning, but I'm thinking if I like it, maybe I'll get the hour long one for Saturdays. The 30 mins today just flew by. So far I think I'll like this dvd, it was expensive though- $25 a pop and by the time tax and S & H are added it was $35. Luckily I didn't pay cause it was a present, but if I get anymore it seems it'd be better to buy them 2 at a time, or a set.

Anyway, on to the best news of all, Andrew got a job!!! Remember the suit? It worked its magic (and Andrew is awesome anyway). He was offered the position yesterday and he is very excited. We are very thankful.

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