Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old Mother Hubbard

Since we are leaving for our trip Saturday morning, we have tried not to go grocery shopping. (that and we ran out of grocery bucks, again!) And man, our fridge is b-a-r-e. My poor Hubbs, this morning I texted him to tell him I had a mouthful of dry oats for breakfast, and he wrote back and said he had a spoonful of peanut butter. Nothing like a well balanced breakfast! Usually I pack our dinner leftovers to take to work for lunch and my co-workers will look up from their lean cuisines and say they'd like to move into our house- not anymore. As I sat down yesterday to lunch I warned them that they wouldn't be impressed with my bowl of ramen, and one lady said 'nope, and I wasn't yesterday either!' Apparently I have a reputation to uphold, haha.

So yeah, trying to eek by. The only fruit left in the house is 1/2 cup applesauce and two tiny jars of babyfood prunes I bought to use in brownies... I just can't send those in Hubb's lunch, the shame...

Last night we packed up our backpacks and today we have to get a few more things, mini toiletries, etc. I'm bummed because it said that Peru has an average of 1 day of rain the whole month of August, but when I just looked up the forecast it looked like 7 days in a row! :( so hopefully that won't be true. Mom is going to loan me a poncho so I don't have to buy anything else, I already bought a nice new windblocker jacket (mine is blue) that I think I'll like. And man, gear is expensive! It's worth it because nothing is worse than being unprepared, and cold, and wet - but it's hard to pony up the dough sometimes. Especially now that SeƱor Budget lives with us.

Yesterday I came home and my sweet, amazing Hubbs had cleaned our whole apartment. We had planned on doing it together that evening, but he didn't have anything to do that day so he did it. I felt kinda guilty, esp when he told me he spent 2+ hours alone cleaning our 6x5 foot bathroom. It was nasty.

This lady at work yesterday went out on her lunch break and got her husband a card 'just because'. I thought that was sweet. She's on her second marriage and said she wants to do things right this time. I like her, and I like that attitude. I don't want to take advantage of my Hubbs and all the sweet things he does for me either!

In other news, we've started watching Dexter. I knew it was a show where a guy kills bad guys, but for some reason I thought it was kind of a comedy. False. Some parts were pretty disturbing. But Hubbs wanted to watch a 'guy show' after already sitting with me thru Arrested Development (which he didn't like- wha??!) and Sex and the City (which he also didn't like- wha?!? no, not really, it makes more sense that he didn't like that)But seriously, Arrested Development was like, many a quote are still made.

Anyway, I can't wait to go on our trip!! I'm so excited :)

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