Monday, August 15, 2011

Parents for the Weekend

Hubbs and I 'babysat' this weekend for the kid I used to nanny from 2.5 to 7 years old. He's 13 now. I say 'parents' but it was more like I was the mom and Hubbs took the role of cool older brother. I still had to do all the stuff like making dinner, clean up, reminders to brush teeth and I could see the two of them out there playing catch, hours of ping-pong and playing video games. I felt like next time his mom is just going to ask Andrew to come babysit and leave me at home!!

It was weird to see him all grown up. I remember him being so small and used to snuggle with me and tell me he loved me. Now he's taller than me, and 'snuggling' just wouldn't be appropriate anymore :) It was such an odd nostalgic feeling. He's practically all grown up!

It was neat to see Andrew in that context. I've seen him with his nieces and nephews and he will be a great dad. And I *hope* we raise our kids to be more helpful, and they will definitely have chores. I'm not doing everything myself! All that playing and cleaning up was exhausting. A long couch nap was had by both of us on Sunday. But it was fun.

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