Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pebbles in my Shoe

To go along with yesterdays post, a few things that irritate me:

- that I risk my life every morning getting to work as I have to get on the expressway at the exact same spot where people are exiting onto another expressway and I have to cross through like frogger every single day

- that my center stone on my engagement ring is loose again after we just took it for it's 6 month check up. Seriously Jared, you have one job, secure diamond to band, is it that difficult?

- my wedding gift blender only blends things to a certain smallness before stopping, and then as I'm drinking my shake I keep getting large clumps of frozen strawberries falling towards my face

That's about it for now. I am saving for a Vitamix, they are just so dang expensive! Hubbs said at work all his co-worker lady friends were talking about expensive purses their husbands got for them. They were shocked when he said he'd never get me a purse that expensive, but then also shocked to find out that I have no interest in said purses, and instead would rather spend $500 on a blender :) to each their own!

On a happier note, I got to hang out with these beautiful ladies (Xena Warrior Princess and Posh Spice) from a few Halloweens ago)) last night at the new mexican resteraunt. My friend was back for a visit (she moved to CA when her hubbs joined the Army) and the 3 of us reunited for dinner. We 3, (plus one more now in NYC) were in a ladies prayer group together over several years, before everyone moved away. Good times, miss those nights! And those ladies!

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