Friday, August 19, 2011

almost time...

Here's that bare fridge...

Good wife fail. But there is beer, so maybe I'm still a good wife, eh?

Anyway, tonight we go to the hotel by the airport and tomorrow we leave for Peru! The hotel deal is great, you get one night stay and then we got 10 days parking for just over $100. You pay that much in parking alone, so it is nice to get a hotel room out of it and avoid the 4am drive to the airport :) of course being driven by a friend for free is even better, but we felt kind of obnoxious asking someone to drive us that early, so we will enjoy our night of cable tv :)

And I actually have a good non-peanut butter sandwich or ramen noodle lunch today, we went out to Maggianos last night. It's pretty pricey, but we had a gift card and they have a deal where if you get something off their pasta meal, they give you another choice to take home! Bonus! So I got some kind of chicken pasta thing last night, and I get another pasta today. The only bad thing was that I thought it said there was broccolini, but all I can see is noodles, basil and sun dried tomatoes. Where's my greens!?!

Anyway, one last day at work and then FREEDOM!!! whoo-hoo!

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