Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my 30th birthday

Since we had a bbq, volleyball, badminton get together with friends on the weekend- my actually birthday was spent with my honeybuns. (well the first half was spent at work, wa-wah!)

I came home to a delicious homemade taco dinner. After dinner, I opened my presents: I got lots of socks for the upcoming Peru trip, waterproof matches, gear sacks, earrings, a picture frame, gift cards, and some very nice cards. I saved Andrews present for last. It was a card leading me on a scavenger hunt through our apartment! At each stop I would find a sweet rhyming post-it clue and a present. I ended up with 2 visa check cards, a 5-year journal and a city pass to 5 places here:

Toronto!!! Guess we have another trip coming up :) I haven't been there since the 7th grade field trip, so that should be really fun!

The next phase of my bday we went out for ice cream at a place where they have my favorite:

Eskimo kisses ice cream. Coconut icecream with fudge rivers and chocolate truffles. Delicious! I told Andrew I wanted to get a ginormous waffle cone and eat it all. But I ended up getting only one scoop, and deciding I don't really like waffle cones b/c you scrape your tongue trying to lick it out of there. Lessons learned! It was delicious though. We played a round of Farkle and then went home to watch the Bachelorette finale. It was a great relaxing birthday!

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