Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Club Goes to the Movies

Last night our book club girls (-1) went to see

Based, of course, on the book 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett. It was good. They never seem to be as good as the book, but they did a really good job, and we all enjoyed seeing such a great story brought to life. I wonder how it would be to be watching the movie as an African-American woman. As someone who might have had a grandmother, or great-grandmother who once lived that life. But I can't know.

It's cool they are turning so many of the books we've read into movies. So far we've read, and then seen: The Secret Life of Bees, Water for Elephants, and now The Help. It's funny how the lead character is never someone you imagined, but everyone has really done a great job. What book will become a movie next?!?

It was really fun to get together and hang out in addition to our 'monthly meeting'. We usually read a book a month and then rotate houses for dinner. Our husbands tease us for talking about the book for 5 minutes and life for the next few hours. But it is a great time. I'm really thankful God has provided me more women to share life with. Last nights topic of conversation seemed to be a lot on 'the first year of marriage- good vs bad'. I love that I have friends who are so open and honest, it really makes me feel like 'yes! I am normal!' and I appreciate that! I can't wait to grow more with Hubbs over the years, it will be so fun to see how our marriage changes and grows.

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  1. Oh my gracious Anne- I totally agree! I LOVE having bookclub and just having a scheduled time to be with you girls on a regular basis, to feel normal, and share everyday good and bad times. Love you all- Kelly