Friday, August 12, 2011

Fail- aversary

So, last week was my 1st year anniversary with my Hubbs. I gave him a box of goodies for his present, mostly little stuff: fruit snacks, twix, a running watch, a couple travel games and some cds I burned. Andrew for the past several months has kept a running list of songs he likes on a notepad in his car, whenever he'd hear something he liked he'd write down the name or a sentence from it... anyway, one day while he was out running I snuck in his car and feverishly wrote down all the songs. He actually came back and saw me in there, but I said I was just looking for something. Smooth, real smooth. Anyway, so I went online and found the songs and burned him 4 cds of what I was sure were gems. False. Over the past few days he has told me that a couple of the songs were covers, or live versions (which seem to always be bad), or only half a song. But last night in the car, I heard something that really put my cd burning skills into shameful perspective. There I was listening to the cd while he was out pumping gas and 'Hey There Delilah' came on. Except, wait, that doesn't sound like the Plain White T's?... no, in fact it was some lame-o kareoke version of some no name girl singing it with the real song quietly in the background. What?!?! I was laughing so hard I was crying as I opened the door and had him come listen. Complete cd fail. Then last night we started playing one of the new games, a travel version of Clue with cards. We played 2 rounds and both were over after the first round of questions. Wow, so suspenseful. Needless to say I felt like a big gift giving failure, although he said he appreciated the thought and would take a 'make-up' cd :)

Anyway, finally some pictures from our year anniversary mini get-away:

walking downtown

on the beach - we saw 3 couples get married on the beach in the 2 hours we were there! congrats fellow August 6th-ers!

fireworks for our anniversary (I mean the Coast Guard festival)

copying the statue ourside our B & B

can't hide from me babe!

my new present

with our wedding date 8-6-10

the happy couple!

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