Friday, July 29, 2011


Last night was a complete gorgefest a.k.a. our anniversary dinner courtesy of Hubb's parents. It probably didn't help that a friend was in town and so before dinner we met up with them and got my favorite drink cranberry/peach schnapps, and fried pickles. Note to self- always ask if they are spears or chips! I could have saved myself $4 and more room in the belly if I had asked this question. Pickle chips, no me gusta.

So we met up with his parents at Andiamos. His mom used to work there so she wanted us to try her favorite appetizers. Beef tenderloin tips in their signature zip sauce, (to me I thought 'zip' would mean a spicy marinara, but it was more like a super buttery rich gravy) and we got risotto rolled around mozzerella cheese, fried and topped with marinara. Yum!

We also had bread dipped in olive oil, basil and capers. I usually don't like capers but you couldn't really taste them. So I liked it. We had our salads come out with the house garlic parmesan dressing. And finally my main course of gnocchi with creamy marinara sauce. Which I could only eat like 3 bites and get to enjoy the rest for lunch today :) We were all too painfully stuffed to even look at the dessert tray. It was weird though, it sounds like a lot but it was really just a bit of everything. I think my stomach is shrinking- I used to be able to really pack it away. So maybe that is good?

So yes, it was delicious. And it was really generous of his parents to take us out and celebrate our anniversary with us. We are very blessed!

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