Monday, July 18, 2011


wow, last month when I wrote about my hot apartment, I had no idea the inferno that it could become. I miss the days of 82 degrees. Our thermostat needle is now buried below 90. Woke up last night at 4:20am by Andrew tossing and turning, complaining about the puddle of sweat he was laying in. So we put a fan in the window, turning our room fan total to 3. I was reluctant for a window fan- our apt window faces the parking lot so we have a super bright light outside the window and a family of birds that wakes up in song right around 5. But it really did help. Bird family songs must have been drowned out this morning by our fan trifecta.

We mostly like our apartment. There are inconviences like having 1 kitchen drawer, something I did not notice in the walk-through, and our neighborhood isn't that great for running, but it is a good area for us workwise. We got our lease renewal notice last week. When moving in they said after a year we could go month-to-month, but they didn't mention it's $100 extra. So we'll probably stay another year. And hope that hubbs is able to find a job, and that we aren't just trapped here by a lease. We're trusting it will work out. But seriously, this heat is making me almost want to look elsewhere. For an apt that doesn't face the setting sun without any buildings to shade it. What we gain in sunsets, we lose in sleepless nights. Pretty soon fall will come, this year is going so fast, and I'm sure it will be fine.

This weekend was a busy one with a Tiger's game, going out for Mexican, yum!, church, going to the viewing for Andrew's professor's wife, out for Italian, lots of laundry and cleaning our apt. Making these delicious cupcakes, and now back to work!

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