Monday, July 11, 2011

My Weekend As A Single Girl

So Hubbs went away on the weekend on a guy's trip. Last summer he did his bachelor's party camping and tubing down a river, and liked it so much, they decided to go back.

I think we've only been apart 2 nights since we've been married, so I was worried if I'd feel lonely, but I was ok.

Friday my BFF Liz came over and we had dinner, went on a walk, watched a movie and had a sleepover since her hubby was also out of town. It was fun! I miss those sleepover days! Saturday after she left I did feel kinda lonesome for a bit, but I made a to-do list and in no time was super efficient and busy. Sunday went to church and then Hubbs was back, so we were back to our usual Sunday routine of laundry and naps :). In all, it was survivable. I wouldn't like him to be gone more than a weekend, and I like fun mini-trips too! He said next year it'd be a couples trip. So yeah, it was nice having some "me" time, but mostly I like "us" time!

We made this recipe from my friends blog and they were soooo good! Super spicy. I use a half can of the chipotles instead of 1/4 can, and it was HOT. We also made this corn that had a sauce of 1/2 stick butter, zest of a lime, little bit honey, and a chopped jalepeno. Oh my gosh- cutting that jalepeno I touched my tongue with my finger and suddenly my lips were burning too. But simmering it seemed to cut the heat down (almost all of it) and it wasn't spicy at all. It was ok, you could taste the lime more than anything. I think my favorites corn-on-the-cob toppings are still just plain old butter, salt and tons of pepper. Mmmm, love summer food!

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  1. Oh man, you're just like Michelle. Doesn't know what to do with herself with that "me" time... so she just keeps busy! Sometimes the boys gotta get away. :)