Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The other day I was chopping up celery for making chili and I saw a tiny black bug nestled in the crook of the celery rib. Still wiggling his little legs. It wasn't as bad as when I found this guy a month or so ago:

A sluggy looking little guy that proceeding to crawl his way off the celery and onto my cutting board. I was so grossed out. That thing had been living in my refridgerator for weeks, happily munching on my celery. I thought about killing him, I was holding a knife at the time, but just thought it would feel so gross. So I carefully carried him outside to live under a tree instead.

But the bug yesterday went down the drain.

What is it with finding bugs in my apartment now?!?! For the first 9 months of living there I never saw a single thing. Then, on the very day I bragged about this fact to my book club girls, I came home and found a spider on the window blinds. And then the other day, when hubbs was conveniently gone, I saw some other spider/bug thing... sheesh. Well, at least they're not roaches!!

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  1. Did you know that in homes where there are fewer spiders, there is significantly more insect-carried disease?! My new recipe for success (easy since CO has so many spiders) is not to kill any of them I see in our home. 99.99999% are harmless and they all kill other bugs that DO carry disease.

    Not sure they woulda got 'ol sluggy here, but just sayin'