Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tennis & Geocaching

Last night we met up with my best friend and her hubbs. We played the laziest tennis game ever, or maybe I just felt that way since it hardly came to me. My friend's husband is really into geocaching. Apparently it's like treasure hunting in a city using some sort of gps thing. So he gets his fancy phone out and soon we are following a digital compass. We get to a tree and bench outside a resteraunt and start to look around. I've heard crazy things about the treasure being buried underground, in water, super hard to find, etc, not our case last night. Less than 2 minutes later my friend's husband announced he had found it. It was a tiny plastic jar, like what paint comes in w/ the snap lid, and it had a magnet glued to it to hold it under the bench. Sometimes there are tiny trinkets, or coins or something for a treasure inside. This one just held a scroll for you to put your name and date on it. We didn't even have a pencil. So my first experience with geocaching was not really that exciting, but I can see how it might otherwise be fun.

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