Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend

This last weekend was very nice. We had a 3 day family weekend off work. One night my parents offered to come babysit in the evening so we started out with a date night and saw I Can Only Imagine. It was so good! Truly moving. I recommend it.
We did a little shopping with our Menard's rebates and I picked up plants for my raised beds. I'm giving gardening one last try this year!
One big tomato plant, two little tomato plants, zucchini, green beans, sugar snap peas, yellow peppers, and strawberries. They look so pretty in the garden bed.
Actual mother's day was a little rushed as our friend's baby was baptized that day and Doug was the godfather. Ended up not being so fun for me as I spent the whole baptism chasing August in the hallway and then Doug got to go to brunch while I had to take August home to nap, waaaaah. But it was ok. I took a little nap and then when he got home I went to use a gift card that I had received for Christmas for a "make up lesson". So it was nice to have some "me" time. I say make-up lesson because it was supposed to be a 30 minute lesson of showing me how to do makeup, like she does an eye, I do an eye. Anyway, it was actually a little disappointing because people kept interrupting to ask her where something was in the store, and she was polite about it like "sorry for that", but it still took time out of my 30 minutes. And she spent some other time looking for "the right color match" in some other area of the store. And then when I asked about eyeliner it was like 'oh out of time'. And she ended up doing all the makeup herself so it wasn't really a lesson at all. The same thing happened that always does when I get my makeup done, it always looks too different so I just go back to normal. And she gave me like super dark eyebrows so all I could see was eyebrows when I looked at myself. Anyway. Would be kinda fun to play more with makeup, but in the words of that famous news lady, ain't nobody got time for that. My bathroom uninterrupted time is extremely limited.
It was kinda late after that makeup experience so we just went to this quick Mediterranean place where I always get hummus/bread, and delicious salad. I love their salads so much, I just never have all those same veggies on hand to chop up!
August ate tons of veggies and loved it.
Here was us at church earlier
My first art from my son! I love it so much. So sweet of his Sunday school teachers to make that for me.
Beautiful tulips, my boys also got me wind chimes and a massage gift card
August checking out the new fern plant
It was a very nice weekend, and I am so blessed to be August's mother.

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