Monday, August 14, 2017

life lately

Doug and I had a busy weekend around the house. He'd been laying new linoleum in the laundry room, I just got done vacuuming and baby was napping so I finished reading this book my mom loaned me and I read it pretty much all evening yesterday and finished it this morning.
It was really good, and I'd been in want of a good book for a long time now.
However, it was a book with 2 women experiencing loss, and that is hard to read. I was sobbing several times through this book. One of the two storylines is about 9/11. That event never fails to bring tears to my eyes. I have cried through so many stories, documentaries, etc on that day. It's just so sad. I can't imagine the horror of being trapped in a burning building, or contemplating jumping to my death, or being on the ground looking up and feeling helpless, or running for your life as the building collapsed. So horrible.
I feel like the book did a good job of touching in on this woman's life, and it was a story of love and hope overall.
Much more mundane things have been going around in our neck of life.
This is about all I'm going to get from my garden. I have sadly faced up to the fact that I am a gardening failure.
How do some people end up giving away bushels of zucchini when my 3 plants in the top corner just shriveled and died? And I know it looks dry, but I did water them!
August has been introduced to eating veggies since he turned about 8.5 months. Here he is enjoying some spinach and peas. We went out for Mediterranean lunch yesterday after church and also gave him a bit of hummus and both black and green olives. I think it's good for him to get a variety of flavors. Just because mama doesn't like olives doesn't mean he won't, in fact he seems to like everything he tries.
Our neighbors had us over for a BBQ
August had a few days of horrible sleeping. Seriously he woke anywhere from 15-20x the one night, I lost track. In the morning Doug had left for the couch and went to tell me he was leaving and I had to get up with August who was awake. I literally kicked my legs under the covers having a tantrum, and instead just brought August in to bed. I am not a co-sleeping fan, and had even just read another story of a little 8 week old wiggling down to the mother's knees and smothering under a blanket. I had my hand on August's belly, no blankets on him, and he fell right to sleep. Here was us after we woke up 2 more hours later. Doug was really mad at me though. I seriously felt like I was in some sleep deprivation study though, it is so obvious how people make bad decisions when they are tired. I felt like it wasn't really a big deal, but on the other hand, is a little more sleep really worth the risk, even if small? The next night he woke up less, maybe 10 times, then the next night 5, and then the last 2 nights back to twice. I can see he's getting a couple more teeth, and I think he was having some constipation issues. Which is odd, he still is mainly on breastmilk, takes a probiotic, and the food he is eating is all vegetables. He had a huge poop and hopefully that's behind us. Owie, poor guy.
He's such a sweetie.


  1. Hi Anne! I have followed your blog forever! I have no idea how I came across it but I love reading about your life. I have a 13 month old who sounds just like your little guy with sleep!! A friend led me to the website and it saved my life and sanity! So many great tips and the Facebook group for it is also so helpful!

    1. Thank you, that site looks really helpful! I was just about to post again about how the sleep misery continues over here, lol. Hopefully not forever.