Monday, November 28, 2011


Anne and Andrew’s trip of fun (and hunger and dehydration). Andrew and I went to Toronto for the long weekend. He had gotten me a city pass back in August for my birthday, and this was the first time we could go. So we packed our bags Friday and headed up to Canada. We did not pack very well. We had plenty of clothes, but the snack bag was not well thought out and I had a hungry Hubbs on my hands! Plus what is up with Canadians not drinking water!? Everytime we went to get something to eat we’d ask for water and would receive a tiny Dixie cup of water. And there was hardly a water fountain in sight any touristy place we went. So yeah, the first night had a pretty bad headache, but otherwise a great trip.

On the bridge to Canada

walking around town

The first night we went out for Thai food, yummy, and walked around the city a bit. The next morning we started out at the Royal Ontario Museum, and then walked to Casa Loma and toured there. Then we took the subway (our dogs were barking!) downtown and went to the CN Tower. I remember when I went there for the 7th grade field trip that there was a “ride” (pretty much a big screen, but the chairs move so you feel like you’re on a ride) and it was the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom mine scene. I was so excited to see if they still had it. Well, 15 years later, you are now a mined log on a journey to the river. Why anyone would build a roller coaster for their logs…. but hey, I guess the designers got to use the same code. I think my stomach is a bit touchier than when I was a kid because it made me a bit nauseous. But it was really neat to see the Toronto skyline at night. Pretty!

Tiger at the Royal Ontario Museum

Casa Loma

CN Tower (the ever flattering neck view ;))

on the CN Tower observation deck, so windy!

The next day we went to the Toronto Science Center. It was my favorite museum. There was a lot of hands-on fun interactive stuff. Really neat. We then went to the nearest grocery store to get some dinner and to find my favorite Canadian cereal Red River, which we could not find. Tear! It’s yummy, and only available in Canada. Since my last box of Red River fell prey to the pantry moths I have been needing another box, but alas, cannot find.

Rats, google says Red River had a recall because they had undisclosed soy in there. So slap a sticker on it, don't deny people who don't have soy allergies!!

science center

same picture- in bubbles!

a side trip to the Taj... jk

Anyway, another great trip with my favorite traveling buddy!

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