Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it's beginning to look more like Christmas (in our apt)

When I came home last night Hubbs wasn’t feeling good and was napping on the couch. If I had a dollar for every time I came home and he was laying on the couch- I’d pretty much be a dollar richer every day. Must be nice. I feel like I’m always rushing around making dinner, doing errands, etc.

Last night we didn’t go to small group because we got a text from our group leaders that their basement had flooded. Again! They were almost done with their basement remodel after the last flooding a few months ago, and now again. I feel bad for them, that must be so frustrating. So instead I got to spend an evening at home with the Hubbs. That was nice too. For dinner I tried to make this noodle thing that my mom always used to make. It’s pretty much just elbow macaroni, beef and tomatoes. Mine was ok, but mom’s is super good. I don’t know what her secret is. I also tried to make a apple stuffed acorn squash side dish that my friend Liz made last year and was awesome. I’m not a big squash fan, but hers was super good. Mine was good, but not “Liz good”. That seems to be a phrase I often say after trying one of her recipes unfortunately.

Then we played my favorite Christmas music while we set up our Christmas tree. As we’re setting up Hubbs asks me if the songs are in English. I was really surprised because they are singing, but I couldn’t understand how he couldn’t understand the words. Beautiful singing fail. Now our apt is nice and holidayesque.

Also, after our Toronto trip, I am the proud owner of two new squashed pennies for my Penny Passport. The CN Tower penny and the Casa Loma penny.

It's crazy how some pennies get squashed so much longer than other ones!
Behold my collection:

So I was scared when I peeked out the window this morning after all the 3-5 inches talk last night, but there was just a dusting on the car. Soon enough winter will be here!

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