Tuesday, March 31, 2015

hair today ----- gone today

This is my beautiful friend Ana
and her wonderful hair
Ana has been my "hair role model" for several years now.
check out those gorgeous locks!
I mean, come on!
I would often brush my hair imagining that someday it would be as beautiful.
I finally faced that facts that it just won't. Maybe it's my English to her Mexican, but my hair is so fine that it just breaks off and is full of splits- I don't think it is meant for great lengths.
I've been thinking about it awhile, and today was the day.
So goodbye 10 inches of my hair.
I won't miss you draping unprofessionally onto my patients, or getting caught and pulled in chairs, or laid on and pulled by Doug. I won't miss spending hours with scissors nipping off all your splits (finding sometimes as many as 7 on a single hair!).
I will miss the very seldom times you actually looked good, which usually took all morning twisting you around my finger. I will miss putting you in a high bun. I will miss Doug loving you for some reason although honestly you were in rough shape.
Goodbye hair. I hope you will work nicely as a wig for children with cancer. (sorry about the splits kids!)
So yeah. The last time I really cut my hair was in 2009 right as I starting dating Andrew, and I donated the first time to Locks of Love. It's taken 5+ years for my hair to grow 11 inches. My google research says hair is supposed to grow 0.5 inches a month, or 6 inches a year. Another reason I am just not meant to have long hair!
But I think maybe shoulder blades would be a good new goal. That'll probably take me 3 years! It is a bit too short in the back, but yet it feels so good all those new cut ends with nary a split in sight. If only I could keep it that way!
One nice thing is the hairdresser lady said my hair is very soft (which is true, but also why it tangles so easily) and she said that when people come in asking for brown, this is the brown they want. So that was nice :)
Anyway, I'm hoping Doug will still think I'm pretty. (I'm not kidding, he realllly loves long hair)


  1. I love it so much!!!!!!!! Gorg girl!!!!!

  2. I love it too!! So cute! I know exactly how you're feeling, mine is fine and grows so slow that I hate asking for a trim because it always ends way more than that and twice as long to grow back, rrrr. I do like how soft it is though :). One time we got stopped by one of those mall vultures and guy was like "you'll never feel softer hair without our products" and Johnny was like "uh, have you felt hers?" And walked away, lol

    1. haha, I'm imagining you tossing your hair in his face as you turn and leave.... "you're right-- it is soft!" he says as it slaps across his cheek