Monday, March 2, 2015


I finished up a week + of working for my dad. It was fun. We went to a church to do some adjusting of keys and ciphers (organ stuff) and as we walk into the old huge Catholic church I'm telling dad this is exactly the kind of place I want to explore. Dad shook his head and said 'that's what I'm afraid of having you here with me', haha, it was like I was 10 again.
I asked the little old man caretaker if there were any secret passages, he said there was a tunnel from the church to the school, but it was dank and maybe had critters in it, umm, nah.
Dad did say that usually that little old man is cranky, but since I was there he noticed him smiling and even telling jokes. You're welcome!
So dad and I went out for lunch at Panera
chicken hummus power bowl, yum!
and he even helped hem my new scrub pants for work. Although they somehow got a little too short. Sheesh, hemming pants is such an art.
This week/weekend also seemed to be a weekend of fun facts. I learned that mahogany wood is only real mahogany (aka expensive) if it comes from Honduras or the Dominican Republic. The "mahogany" mostly found in stores and lumbar yards is mostly just an African tree Khaya ivorensis, that is another tree in the same color family. Is you mind blown?!
Also this weekend Doug and I had some free fun thanks to our local newspaper. Friday night we went to this owl program at our nature center. As I was telling Doug that turtles often have salmonella, this ornery man poked his head out of his office and proceeded to school me in turtles carrying viruses. So the truth is, pet turtles often do have salmonella because their owners feed them meat (a no-no), but turtles in the wild almost never have it. Then we had a presentation on Owls, learned a lot, and learned that most birds (except the vulture) can't smell. So when they say don't pet a baby bird or it's mom will abandon it because they smell you, he said that is a myth. (Although I don't know why that myth was propagated in the first place). So then a big group of us went out into the woods and the man made owl call sounds while we looked out into the woods. We didn't see anything, but it was a fun evening.
The next night I had read about an international food/culture event at the grocery store. So Jill and her bf met us there and we walked around together feasting on samples. Fun. Then we went and sat and chatted at Starbucks, it was fun.
Sunday was pretty busy, church at my church, then left early to head to Doug's church to catch the tail end, and be there for the funeral/memorial service of his friends who had a late stage miscarriage :(, we then went down to the hospital to visit another friend of his who had surgery. Busy day.
Today I turned in my paper work for my new job, and I start orientation tomorrow, eeeeek!!!


  1. Haha I learned so many fun facts in this post, I liked it!!

  2. Panera eh? Where's the smashed homemade pb and j sandwich and mock Apple bar lunches? lol. Glad u can help dad out, miss working for wpo

    I like imagining the guy making owl sounds...followed by silence and probably everyone's hope they don't make a noise to ruin it :D

    1. imagine away! yeah it was cool - too many little kids though, there is a big park right by our house Doug and I want to go try our hand at owl noises later when it's a bit warmer :)

  3. Hemming pants can be a pain. The picture of your Dad reminds me of the days when my Dad would fix my dance costumes. Now if I have to hem pants I use hemming tape! Great post :)