Thursday, March 12, 2015

mini projects

How could I have forgotten this DST pic I laughed at?! Yeah, we've adjusted now, but this year I did DST wrong and woke up with 15 mins to get ready for church instead of the extra hour I'd planned on. Whoops!
one set of doors done! That looks nice, and keeps September from jumping up there and clawing her way on our clothes to the top
So one little mini project was moving the hampers to the laundry room from the 'office'. I had one big hamper, and Doug had one. But then I'd still have to go through 2 hampers and sort into my whites/mediums/darks piles. So it was a waste of time.
A sort of 'before' picture:
So one trip to Wal-Mart and $21 later found 3 matching bins. They are more appropriately sized too, so now I can just wait till they are full to do a load instead of cramming the size of my old bin into the washer.
This is more like a 'progress' shot:
I found homes already for my bigger, perfectly good, but now redundant laundry bins. But still need to find a slimmer trash can so we can have an 'overflow' trash that will tuck in next to the laundry tub. I was telling Doug the 'overflow' trash can is called the dumpster outside! But he likes to have an extra place for bigger things. It makes sense I guess. So as soon as we find that our laundry room will be much more streamlined and efficient. We are still planning a bigger project to turn our big laundry closet into a pantry, and re-vinyl that floor in there, but that is scheduled for May. But the little bit of organization helps make it more efficient so I like it.
I have my first full day on the floor tomorrow and I am nervous! There's been so much paperwork, and decisions for retirement and health ins, and computer training. This batch of cookie making was necessary
I guess I've always been a person who gets super overwhelmed at stuff. I remember in high school crying about some paper and my mom helped me with it. (ooooh!) But yeah, I was in training yesterday thinking, maybe I don't really want to be a nurse, I can just walk out of here.... I do want to, and I'm excited for it, but it's scary. And it really sucks the amount of paperwork and charting we are forced to do. A lot of it is necessary to communicate with other health-care members, but some of it is solely for protecting ourselves (and the hospital) from getting sued, and that stinks because it takes so much time away from patient care. So we'll see. Hopefully I can learn prioritization and time management skills early so I don't end up like so many overworked burnt out nurses!

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  1. How did your first day on the floor go?! Praying it went great!!!

    You guys are doing so many house projects too! We should get together and talk about how addicting they are :)