Thursday, March 19, 2015


I feel like all my days off will soon be just 'errands days' :( I miss the days of lounging around watching tv or movies! Although I did lounge around and read my book club book the other day, it was at the expense of other things I should have been doing. Always so much to do!
I worked my second full day (on 2.5 hrs sleep since my stupid brain wouldn't turn off). I do feel a teeny bit better than the first day, so maybe, just maybe I can do this nursing thing!
Doug had snuck a handful of chocolates into my lunchbag :)
And it hasn't all been errands. Today I had a lovely friend date with my friend Jenna. First chatted at Starbucks, and then more chatting at the Menchies next door. Very tasty, and nice to see my friend.
And the other night I went and hung out with Jill. We collaborated on an amazing greek salad, and then walked downtown to the cupcake place. As I was sharing about Doug and I's tithing and church talks, a guy came to sit by us. Let's call him Drunk Mike. Drunk Mike proceeded to talk to us, which instantly made me clam up, while Jill amused me by keeping up a witty conversation with him. It wasn't bad except for when Drunk Mike insinuated we had 'let ourselves go' (since we were eating a cupcake?) and the storeowner was asking him how he was going to get home and he was, drunkenly, arguing with her. Then Drunk Mike's hopefully-not-drunk-friends, texted to ask if he needed a ride and he was telling us he didn't know what to say. But I took his phone and told them to come get him. So Jill went to the bathroom and when she came back the cops had arrived. The store closed so Jill and I walked home, and we will never know what happened to Drunk Mike, but were glad he wouldn't be driving himself home. When people talk about 'how fun' it is to get drunk, I guess I just never understand, it looked pretty sad actually.
Anyway, on my way home from meeting with Jenna I did do a couple errands. One was stopping by this awesome little produce store close to our house.
All this for $4.32!
I never thought I was a person to eat food that was sold at a counter, but one day in there I saw this old man eating something and asked what it was and it was a falafel ball. He proceeded to offer me one of his, but I bought one ($0.25!) and it was super tasty. They also make this fresh bread in one of those fire wall ovens. $0.20 each!
I came home and made quite the tasty little sandwich
Now off to do some yardwork. I was supposed to trim these crazy bushes Doug has in the fall/winter, but it was always too cold! So I have to hurry before spring officially comes :)

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  1. That bread and falafel look AMAZE!!!! I want a place like that by me, ha! :)