Wednesday, March 25, 2015

gardening finds & organic eating

I cleared out all the leaves from the garden beds in the front of the house. Two huge yard-waste dumpster-fulls. Still the sides of the house and the back and along the fence to go! I found some interesting stuff:
Some weird snake thing, a sign from someone's church event, and an old kitchen spoon that was maybe doubling as a gardening tool?
Lots of work to go!
I made a totally organic meal! (well the meat was grass-fed, non hormone beef, not sure if meat can be 100% organic)
This meal should be called "how to make one of the cheapest dinners (spaghetti) more expensive". Thick noodles from Target $3, sauce from Aldi $2, beef from Meijer $8, kale from Meijer $4, salad dressing from Meijer $4.
And wouldn't you know, Doug said it was one of his favorites!?! Here I am scouring blogs for new ideas and recipes and the man loves spaghetti :)

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  1. Haha! We ate spaghetti this week too and it was a hit! P.S. I'm loving Aldi's right now A LOT!