Tuesday, March 17, 2015

food wknd

This weekend we celebrated my mom's 69th birthday.
I made a chocolate cake with strawberry filling
Doug and I went up to my parents, Dad grilled chicken and veggies and we had the cake and presents, it was nice.
Later that evening we went to Matt & Rachel's for a vegan potluck with Mark & Liz. I have pretty much been waiting 4 years for my favorite chefs to come together in the ultimate cook-off, but a potluck is a close second I guess.
Rachel made homemade bread with bruschetta, some kind of sweet potato cakes with homemade chutney, a Tex-Mex casserole with cashew sour cream, a white bean kale soup, salad with maple vinagrette, Liz made some kind of pumpkin spinach lasagne, and a variety of vegan chocolate muffins, I made a beluga lentil/quinoa/asian pear salad, and Rachel made this amazing vegan carrot cake with the most delicious cashew coconut frosting. SO good. Vegan food is awesome.
I've had a couple weekdays with no work, so I've been organizing stuff, working out in our messy tangle of a yard, and today off to visit some friends.
Last night I started our new book club book
I couldn't put it down and then when I went to bed, I couldn't stop thinking about it!


  1. That cake is so pretty!! Also, I'm adding that book to my must read list! I love when you can't stop thinking about a book.

    1. WAIT!! I posted too soon, the first part was really good, part 2-3 got less and less good. I still had to finish it, but it wasn't as good as I first thought it was

  2. Bummer! I hate when books get less good as you keep reading!