Tuesday, March 10, 2015

weekend update

Guyzz?!? Oh theres you are. I'm readdy to come inz now!
September thought we wanted a couple holes in our screen window, oh thanks! Next time maybe you can just 'meow' to come in like a normal cat!
Doug and I got a fair amount of things around the house done and some down time. It was a beautiful weekend.
One thing on the to-do list since getting this cat was to find a laundry tub cover, since September seems to think the laundry tub also doubles as her personal urinal. We've had a big poster over it for months, but we finally got a piece of plastic cut for us at Lowes and then Doug cut a hole for the washer hose.
Yay! Looks pretty much invisible, but blocks out kitty and doubles as an extra flat space for folding laundry.
We also have a project of adding closet doors to our closets. The closet in our bedroom had no doors at all, and the other ones just had these cheap scratched up rectangles of wood. But, sheesh, closet doors are expensive! Thank you CraigsList guy for selling his brand new ones. That helps a bit with the total expense
One up, one to go, add some knobs and this room is ready to be 'officized'.
Thank you handy hubby!
I saw these organic seeds at Lowes and picked some up. I'm going to attempt some kind of small garden this year. It will be tricky because our yard that gets lots of sun is right over the septic, and there is a HUUUUUGE neighborhood groundhog that lives around here and if I don't figure out some kind of raised bed or fence scenario, he'll pretty much just feast on all our organic non-GMO goodness.
Doug and I watched a documentary BOUGHT last week. We have been researching vaccines and stuff for future family preparation, and my cousin had this movie posted on Facebook. (watch free here till March 15th). But don't watch it if you want to live in peaceful oblivion! This one wasn't as vaccine detailed as another vaccine movie we watched a couple weeks ago, but it did talk a lot about food, drugs, big pharma, and money versus health. It was eye opening, but in a scary kind of way. So Doug and I also talked a lot about our health and the food we eat and he is really wanting to steer us more towards organic and looking for non-GMO foods. I am definitely pro-health, but the cheapskate in me has a hard time shelling out the extra money. So we are going to take small steps and keep looking into stuff. It's funny how you hear about something and then start seeing it places. I noticed the back of the Meijer naturals diced tomatoes I had said they were non-GMO, and there was even organic/non-GMO stuff at Aldi. So it is possible.
We also had a couple movie nights. First up, 'All of Me'. Which was pretty much a bad version of The Notebook, complete with another affair, and this time with added domestic violence. We didn't like it at all.
Then Doug got 'Alexander and the No Good Terrible Very Bad Day' which was super cute, pretty wholesome family goodness, and some laugh out loud moments.
A bit more work onboarding orientation and then I go up to the floor on Friday, nervous!!!

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