Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bugs... it's what's for dinner

Dinner started out so well the other night. I was all geared up to make a new Chicken Pad Thai recipe I got from my friend Lindsey. (well tofu pad thai anyway), I had my ingredients all ready
I was browning my garlic and tofu in sesame oil and when it was almost done I thought I'd add a sprinkle of sesame seeds. So I sprinkled away with abandon
And that's when I had to check the sesame seed container because I thought I had bought white sesame seeds, not black and white sesame seeds. I had, I had. And that was when I realized I just sprinkled bugs on to our food. EW. On a *slightly* better note I think they were at least old dead bugs. I had those spices from my old apt and they were in the frozen tundra of dad's barn for two winters while I lived at Jill's in a box I later unpacked labeled "not very often used spices". I'm not sure at which point they died, but they were definitely dead.
So not wanting to waste my sprouted tofu, or the time I'd already spent preparing it, I called in Doug to help me scrape off the bits of dead bugs from our dinner. mmmmmm, who wants to come over for dinner?!?
I'm not sure how I could so calmly do this, I think if they were alive I wouldn't have tried to rescue it at all, I was just not going to let the bugs win this one!!
So we picked and I continued on with the dinner. It was ok I thought (Lindsey, was your sauce really thick?) I think I would have liked a thinner sauce better, but it was alright.
I definitely love Thai food, I wish I was better at cooking it.

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  1. Aw friend! I'm sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted! No, the sauce wasn't thick at all. It was actually thinner than I expected. I'm not sure why yours was so thick. I did use crunchy peanut butter and G whisked it. Not sure that had something to do with it?