Thursday, April 2, 2015

things I made

I joined a crochet class!
I've been wanting to learn to crochet forever. I always am laboriously knitting away forever while the crochet-ers breeze through their projects. This was after 2 hours of 'learning'
Although I pretty much got stuck as soon as I went home and printed a pattern. The lingo is so confusing! But next class I take my supplies and pattern and I think she'll help me get started and check in on me.
I also paid $90 to get my sewing machine fixed, ouch! Turns out I was using 'the wrong bobbins'... who knew. I guess that's what that sewing machine guy makes the big bucks to figure that stuff out! So anyway, my machine is useable again and that's all that matters.
I made a grocery holding bag for my friend Kelly.
I like the fancy handle detail
why thank you fancy repaired sewing machine!
Last thing I made
Garlic kale and cashew fried rice. Doug said if it didn't have onions he'd eat it by the pound. What a compliment! And babe, I think 3 bowls probably is a pound, even when you throw the onions back on my plate! I liked it, but recommend an additional shake of soy sauce.
Other things going on around here, I ordered my same exact purse but in black. (Why do I sense Jill making fun of me right now?) But yeah so, yeah so!?! I like the shape, and the leather holds up so well. Not sure about the black, maybe a navy next year!?!
And lastly, a watched flat of seedlings never grows?? What the heck is going on here, it's been over a week seeds!!
Although I'm not ready for them at all, still have to build my 'floating garden', I still would like to see some little sprouts!

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